Gaius on Angie Coiro, 10am ET today, discussing Obama’s second term

Another programming note: I will be on In Deep with Angie Coiro at 10 am ET today discussing prospects for Obama’s second term and what progressives should do.

The panel includes seasoned host and interviewer Angie Coiro; Sarah Jaffe, an excellent labor writer at and other places; and Guy Saperstein, a strong and committed progressive with an amazing résumé (do click; you’ll be pleasantly surprised).

We taped on Thursday, the discussion was fascinating, and I was honored to be included with these greater lights. Angie’s show is a two-hour show, and I’m not sure in which hour our three-segment discussion will be placed. (Segment 1 included Angie, Sarah, and Guy. I joined for segments 2 and 3.) The kick-off for my comments is this post:

Is the Democratic Party still the “lesser evil”?

A special treat in each Coiro show is the politic0-comic stylings of GottaLaff, a pro comedy writer who also blogs at The Political Carnival. Enjoy her at the start of each weekly episode.

In Deep is broadcast in Washington D.C. by one of the best progressive radio stations in the country, WPWC 1480 AM, also known as WeActRadio. You can listen live by tuning in at 10:00 am Saturday. There’s a rebroadcast of the same show on Sunday, also at 10 am.

For those not in DC, In Deep is broadcast elsewhere as well. For Internet fans, there’s a listen-live link at WeActRadio — click here to go to it. Please listen in if you can. Thanks!


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