“For all you do & in memory of your team mates, this meal is on us.”

The University of Iowa AirCare team, basically a medivac service, lost three members in a helicopter accident on January 2.

After the memorial for those who died, a number of coworkers decided to have lunch at a local Applebee’s in Mason City, Iowa. When the launch when over, instead of a bill, they received the following note written on a napkin:


The program’s medical director, Dr. Azeem Ahmed, who was at the lunch, posted a photo of the napkin to Facebook along with a quick note:

Today, the AirCare team attended the memorial service for the Mercy Air Med team in Mason City. Afterwards, all 13 of us had dinner at a restaurant and when we went to pay the bill…an anonymous person had already paid our entire bill and left. They left this note…how amazingly thoughtful.

You can read more about the note here.

It’s nice that there’s still kindness in the world.

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3 Responses to ““For all you do & in memory of your team mates, this meal is on us.””

  1. mike31c says:

    I would of been more impressed if they did NOT have lunch at that bigoted place called applebee’s. :p

  2. Cletus says:

    There’s plenty of kindness in the world, John. It just doesn’t get as much coverage as the other kind.

  3. Must have been a “liberal” who paid it…A “conservative” would have written:

    “For all you do and in memory of your team mates, we paid 53% of your bill…
    The remaining 47% is all yours”…

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