Obama approves deferred action applications of 154,000 DREAM Act kids

Spanish-language organization Univision is reporting that the Obama administration program DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) has approved the applications of over 154,000 DREAM Act kids, undocumented youth seeking permission to live and work legally in the US.

This is incredible news following President Obama’s pledge to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year, and an executive order in 2012 effectively stopping the deportations of DREAM-eligible youth.

While the Hispanic Pew Center estimated that about 950,000 undocumented youth would be eligible for the program, about 400,000 have applied for deferred action since DACA became active in August 2012.

Photo via Shutterstock.

Photo via Shutterstock.

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11 Responses to “Obama approves deferred action applications of 154,000 DREAM Act kids”

  1. rockethot says:

    All Puerto Ricans are US Citizens..

  2. treci says:

    Exactly, Congress needs to stop legalizing the illegal it becomes
    unconstitutional… Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Mexicans and Latinos need
    to be sent back to their own country. They are invading the United
    States and taking over, living tax-free, getting good education without
    proof of citizenship, occupying millions of jobs. If Congress sends
    these millions of illegal immigrants to Mexico the United States will
    see an increase in JOBS! I am tired of seeing SPANISH stores, shopping
    malls, plazas, television shows, gas station like Valero it seems like I
    live in Mexico a foreign country not GA or the United States. They
    claim that they deserve freedom like African Americans and praise
    themselves on being much better than Blacks, but they are illegal! I had
    a job interview with a Hispanic for a major telecom company, she didn’t
    qualify to be in HR but I noticed that she was giving all Hispanic
    people forms inviting them to come back for training and spoke in
    Spanish. When she got to me and another woman, she told us that she will
    notify us within a few days for a second interview. The three Hispanics
    were smiling as she talked with them and we left. They stick together
    and look out for their own people and are racist when it comes to being

  3. dakotahgeo says:

    If we are lucky, and the republicans/TPods haven’t learned their lessons from 2008, 2012 elections, they won’t be a party to deal with by 2014-2016 elections. It does not look good for them.

  4. dakotahgeo says:

    This is indeed good news and I am proud of President Obama for taking this position! I look forward to many more great things things to take place in the next four years! Kudos to the President, Vice President and their Administration!

  5. karmanot says:

    I wouldn’t count on the President. This current one has embraced all the powers of the unitary presidency.

  6. 2patricius2 says:

    Quite right. We must support progressive, supportive candidates, and do what we can to keep right-wingers from rolling back the clock.

  7. UncleBucky says:

    Maybe, but in the case that a future right wing President or his goons do that, we ALL are gonna be in trouble, from progressives to liberals to democratic socialists to LGBTIQ people to ferringers to people of colour to atheists to humanists to artists of degenerate art to mentally or physically differently abled to those who simply say NO. ;o)

    Um, so we want to continue the push against any right-winger gaining office, even as dog catcher, eh? If we let up, it will happen. It did in 2000, with George the Lesser. It did in 2004 for President Pretzel. And it did this past year, when we DIDN’T get the House (thank goodness we got the Senate and Executive Branch again).

    So, let’s be out there for our candidates in 2014, eh?

  8. UncleBucky says:

    It’s not just Hispanic kids, btw. I believe it includes young people from many more backgrounds. Young people who still believe in hope, young people who want to succeed in life and especially young people who want to work productively.

    Now, some nativists might grouse, but their ancestors did the same thing, to come here for all that. While the circumstances might vary from the stereotypical norm, NO ONE got here by walking except the ancestors of Native Americans (América, de Iqaluit, NU, Canada a Tierra del Fuego, CL) , millions and millions and millions and millions now. So, 154K is nothing at all in number to the number of us who are here now, but a wonderful number in terms of the future!

  9. S1AMER says:

    Wonderful! Truly wonderful!

    (But, I confess, I have a nagging fear some future right-wing Republican president might use lists of these people to round them up. I hope I’m just paranoid but, then, can one be too paranoid around today’s GOP?)

  10. karmanot says:

    Good News!

  11. FunMe says:

    Except for American Indians, no one is a “native” of the USA. Great to hear the good news. :-)

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