Elderly Canadian flash mob sings “Can you feel the love tonight?”

A mostly-elderly Canadian flash mob, of sorts, sings “Can you feel the love tonight?”

All I know is that this is at a Tim Horton’s in Canada.

Love it.

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  • Love it. Just love it. This stuff makes me smile, and home-made music is the best music. Gotta say, though. Just because they’re making music in public doesn’t make them a flash mob.

  • Brian2234

    People wish to be settled. It is only as far as they are unsettled that there is any hope for them.

  • Cletus

    Thanks for filling us in. I was going to tell John at their age it’s called a “club”, not a “flash mob”.

  • I just saw this video and thought it was wonderful, so posted it before others had it :)

  • Nice!

  • kingstonbears

    Actually rather nice to see something other than damn rednecks killing children.

  • LOL

  • Feeling the love!

  • Naja pallida

    Slow news day? :)

  • Hue-Man

    YouTube comment: “…these fine singers are´╗┐ proud memners [sic] of The Entertainers. The Oakville
    Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. They meet every Monday for
    general rehearsal and follow it up with a coffee & donut at the Tim
    Hortons.” (Oakville is a tony suburb of Toronto.)

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