Drive-thru “invisible driver” prank (video)

I may have tried a number of silly pranks when I was a kid, but nothing like this.

The reactions are great, including the sour-puss manager who doesn’t seem pleased with the joke.

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  • Ajay Prasad

    this was fun, especially because there was no malicious intent there. The reactions he got from the various
    people were worth his effort. In this day when people play pranks that hurt
    others, it was very refreshing to watch this young man do something so
    creative. I am sure he had no other intention than just pure fun. Enjoyed
    watching, it brought a smile to the face.

  • HolyMoly

    In one of the clips, the drive-through attendant threw the food in the car and he drove off. So when did he pay for the food?

    Funny, but like John said…the prank where he pretends to keel over and die could lead to problems, such as someone calling emergency services. They’d be responding to his “medical emergency” when there might be someone out there who might have a delayed response to their REAL emergency due to having to reroute and reassign response teams. Could mean the difference between life and death.

    But he DOES have a couple of other videos I liked. The floating cup was great (even though it’s just hanging from a string) and the poltergeist prank (which I guess could be considered cruel, but hey, we all like to mess with our roomies from time to time).

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Meta comment for John, since I am not sure of where or how to submit a meta comment: design of the page might want to consider whether the little pop up recommending articles to me should not use time date stamps. I am being prompted for articles that are two months or more old. Just FWIW.

    On topic, the video really was entertaining. I liked the fact that it was in no way malicious, or could have created real fear or problems for those being spoofed. I do not feel that way about the one in which he pretends to fall over dead. Not good, such a thing can be really disturbing for those viewing.

    In the context of which, I was thinking last night about the two jerks out on the west coast, I think it was, who decided to walk around carrying their Bushmaster .223 autos, to, as they put it, “show the peoples how safe and cool it was”. I wondered what their thoughts would be when I walked up to them, pulled out my handgun (for which I have a permit), pointed it at them and demanded they drop their d*mned weapons while someone calls the police, promising to shoot them if they did not, then proceeding to do so. Such a scenario would PRECISELY match their wet dream fantasy which they use to rationalize their carrying their big weapons around. In our society, you are NOT supposed to walk around doing every day life events carrying military grade weapons.

    If I see you carrying one, I am going to assume one thing, that you are up to something no good that will threaten life of others. What the Hell else did they expect anyone to think? How truly deluded these fools are.

  • True. He has another vid where he acts like he’s just died. That one strikes me as cruel.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    That was fun – thanks.

  • laketahoeblue

    This is cool, but it migh have been fun to put a giant stuffed teddy bear in the driver’s seat smiling and looking out the window. Great prank!

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