Dad threatens to “spill blood” over way kindergarteners say Pledge

Nothing says “I respect what the flag stands for” like threatening an Elementary school to spill blood because you didn’t like the way kindergartners said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Because if this guy is going to threaten murder every time a kindergartener maims the English language…

The Daily Herald (in suburban Chicago):

[Colin McGroarty] said Wednesday was the first time he was there to hear the kindergartners say the Pledge of Allegiance. He thought he heard the word “liberty” removed. But more importantly, he said, was that the pledge was immediately followed by students’ recitation of the school creed. In it, students are asked to treat others with respect, follow school and classroom rules and “to try their best.” He said he was upset they pledged this while still holding their hands over their hearts and facing the U.S. flag.

There should be a break between the pledges, he said, and students should not be facing the flag. He called it “conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority without knowing what is in the rules they are promising to obey. “In the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement, people made similar promises,” McGroarty said.

When he emailed school officials that he had “spilled blood before” and would do so again to defend freedom, McGroarty said, he was not threatening violence; he was speaking as a military veteran who had sworn to protect the U.S. and defend its Constitution. Veterans, he said, will understand that.

Yeah, the crazy ones.

kid with gun pledge

Kid with gun via Shutterstock.

Interesting that the article doesn’t mention whether “blood-spilling” dad owns a gun.  Outbursts like this should be immediate cause to lose any right to own a gun.

If the gun nuts are serious about cracking down on “the crazy,” then let’s start with the crazies in their midst.  Because there sure seem to be a lot of them.

This reminds me of that infamous Nazi propaganda commercial from 1973.  Note the child’s imprecise diction. I’ll bet Goebbels liked his bologna too.

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  • DesertSun59

    Indeed. In fact, it is a German word.

  • DesertSun59

    Oh, yes indeed. Veterans will understand this quite well. This former US Marine is absolutely positive that that man is in need of medication, a mental illness eval and to have any children removed from his sphere of influence.

  • Interesting that the article doesn’t give the actual statement made. Just highlights a portion of the statement, quite possibly out of context. Not saying what the guy said is right, just saying that we have no idea if this article, as with most articles on this site, is giving an extremely biased and inaccurate portrayal of the facts to fit in with their ‘bash guns and anything right winged’ mentality.

  • You couldn’t be more wrong. We are compelled to follow all lawful orders. Lawful orders and orders are two very different things. An officer ordering me to do anything illegal would be informed of the legality of their command and would also be informed that I could not carry that order out.

  • pappyvet

    “Treat others with respect,follow the school rules and do their best,”

    Jungvolk Oath (taken
    by ten-year-old boys on first entering the Hitler Youth)

    “In the presence of this blood banner which represents our Führer, I swear to
    devote all my energies and my strength to the savior of our country, Adolf
    Hitler. I am willing and ready to give up my life for him, so help me God.”

    More aggrivated rhetoric. Maybe it would be best if these hateful people did go into their buried shelters in their backyards.

  • Buford

    … I can’t understand how someone as paranoid as him about the ‘Hitler Youth-ification™’ of American kids got past the fact that ‘Kindergarten’ sounds pretty German.

  • rainman1921

    Blindly follow authority, it’s that wht all of our service me are suppose to do? Follow all orders given by a superior officer without question.

  • theoracle

    Yep, those in the Nazi youth movement, and among the Nazis in general, pledged to “respect others.” Yep. Yep. Not.

    I served in the USAF during the Cold War. I also remember Civics classes growing up, learning about our democratic form of government, about respect for others, about our representative government, about civility. Then, a certain political party decided Civics classes had to go, because how could they launch a class war, and teach their children to grow up to wage class warfare, if kids were being taught to “respect others” and treat others equally and civilly. And this certain political party has now morphed into the Tea Party. Go figure.

  • citizen_spot


  • I believe we have our 1st bona fide mentally ill candidate to be kept away from all weapons at any cost.

    How does it feel to be the first name entered in the new database?

  • cole3244

    just because you can procreate does not make you a dad or father, this ass bag verifies that .

  • No more than any other politician though, and definitely no more than McCain or Romney are.

  • Honestly, as a former Marine, I believe him. That’s just how we talked. He wasn’t saying he was going to kill kindergartners, or the administrators or anything… he was saying he had been called upon to defend the country, and he would gladly do it again (either if he was called again, or if he had to do it all again.)

    Stupid way to say it with recent history and all… but this wasn’t meant to be a threat, it was meant to be a statement about how much he loves the country.

  • Karma, yes McVeigh was an Army vet.

  • I think we all know having to comport yourself to meet the expectations of someone with a gun is the very definition of Freeeeedooooommmmm!

  • dakotahgeo

    If that be the case, we need a LOT more T-Martyrs!!!!

  • dakotahgeo

    GD crackpot with a gun… not gooood! But we must remember his 2nd Amendment rights to blow half a school up and then say the Pledge, oh yeahhhhh!!! Stupid jerk!!!

  • TheOriginalLiz

    People who make the kind of threats this idiot made are not patriots, they aren’t warriors. They are cowards and bullies. Very good at talking big, shooting small children – but they’d wet their pants if ever confronted with a real threat.

  • jm2

    come on, John. you were born & raised around here. look where the guy’s from. Rockford is the quiet Peoria & not exactly a bastion of open-mindedness & actual thinking. ya always have to consider the source. you should have also said that the police have stationed a car outside the school since he made these remarks. an NRA dream?

  • GoBlue

    Schoolchildren typically recite the Pledge every day, which makes me think that if they can’t remember from one day to the next that they love their country, there must be something wrong with them, or the Pledge, or their country.

    There’s a great short story by James “Shogun” Clavell called “The Children’s Story.” Google it.

  • GoBlue

    I remember Wes Cooley of Oregon, who was elected in the 1994 Gingrich tsunami. It turned out his wife was a veteran’s widow who kept collecting survivor benefits even after she married Cooley. A widow’s survivor benefits are supposed to end if she remarries. So either the Cooleys were cheating Uncle Sam, or they weren’t really married at all, just shacking up–not a great example for a member of the “family values” party to set. He finished out his single term and was never seen in Congress again.

  • Outspoken1

    Under the ruling by the Supreme Court on ‘Stolen Valor”, he does not have to prove he was a Vet. Anyone can claim they were a Vet.

  • Outspoken1

    To learn more about the Pledge of Allegiance, which was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy ( ), included a salute that now looks awfully Nazi ( ). US switched to teh ‘hand over the heart’ on December 22, 1942, during WWII.

  • This kind of stupid is why everyone laughs at America.

  • tomtallis

    “…conditioning a child” to blindly obey authority…” WTF does he think making the kids say the pledge of allegiance does? The stupid! It burns…

  • This sounds like a very necessary case for proactive intervention.

  • slappymagoo
  • Wasn’t Timothy McVeigh a veteran

  • But, Obama is a fascist—that’s the irony.

  • CSStrowbridge

    Keep putting the spotlight on these nuts. The more people hear them talk, the more likely sensible gun control laws will get passed.

  • Alex

    Wow. This man must be pretty blind or unabashedly a hypocrite. The moment we start school, whether its public, private, or home, it starts an indoctrination process called SOCIALIZATION. This is how societies are built. If he is a veteran he should know that is what the did in his boot camp training. They broke him down and rebuilt him psychologically, socially, and physically.

    I am so tired of people who are ridiculous in their paranoia. We definitely have fewer liberties due to the Bush administration and Obama;s maintenance of those changes, but they are kindergartners. They most likely forgot words and forgot to take their hand off their chest. Makes me want to spit because its obvious there is no screening test or training class people have to take when they become parents.

  • PeteWa

    I hadn’t thought about the Dickensian sounding name, but thanks, got a good chuckle out of that… sounds like the heartless man chosen to be in charge of a workhouse.

  • AttilatheBlond

    Good call. Didn’t we have a congressvarmint or two who pulled that stunt?

  • Indeed, that’s the most hilarious detail, of which I’m sure McGroarty (a rather Dickensian name, doncha think?) is entirely ignorant.

  • AttilatheBlond

    He is psychopathic, ignorant, and weirdly pissed off at school and five year olds. Something tells me he has a lot of old issues he should be getting help dealing with instead of going off the rails about the morning routine of some school kids.

  • HolyMoly

    And a minister/preacher who left the word “God” out of it.

  • HolyMoly

    Isn’t the Pledge of Allegiance itself a form of conditioning? I guess it’s okay as long as it’s conditioning that HE likes. Hell, when I was a kid, I thought that the Pledge was “…one nation, INVISIBLE…,” and that I was a “human BEAN” and my neighbors lived “next STORE.” Glad this guy wasn’t around back then, before e-mail…he might simply have just acted instead of issuing threats.

    And he goes on with the obligatory Hitler references, without realizing that his own belligerent behavior is reminiscent of the Brownshirts. I would have said that this was just another case of projection, much like the evangelists who moan about homosexuality because they can’t accept their own sexuality. But that’s not what we have here: The guy is simply psychopathic and ignorant…a terrible combination.

  • PeteWa

    I’m sure he’d be proud to know that it was written by a socialist.

  • I’m sure Mr. McGroarty would prefer we go back to the way the Pledge used to be recited…

  • citizen_spot

    Why, in the fenced off “free speech zones” of course. ; )

  • GoBlue

    Has he submitted discharge papers to prove he’s a veteran? It’s not unheard of for someone who was never in the military to claim he was, to make himself sound more macho.

  • Dano2

    Foamers gonna foam.



  • KingCranky

    Another key portion of the article

    “The mother has since obtained an order of protection against McGroarty, and the children were returned to her. McGroarty has been banned from school property.”

    Also, caterwauling that kindergartners should ask their parents about the Nazis doesn’t indicate an extremely stable mindset in the context of whining about the correct order of Pledges.

  • caphillprof

    Attending Mass does not make one a good Catholic and reciting the pledge does not make one a good patriot. Where is all this “freedom” that the Republicans and right wingers talk about?

  • thaneb

    Sure scared the mother of his kids: was granted a protective order. She and those authorities just must not be veterans. Hope all turns out will with this one.

  • Hue-Man

    The pledge of allegiance is as “real” as the British royals’ pageantry; there is something profoundly warped about American school-kids acting like Nazi automatons while they’re TeaParty/GOP parents spout off about Obama the fascist! Somehow, I don’t think George Washington would approve.

  • He thinks the Pledge of Allegiance is something other than conditioning children to blindly follow authority while he himself is the perfect example of said conditioning.

  • monopole

    It’s an interesting variant of “working the refs”. Tea party militia types doing shit that would land anybody else in jail at best and dead at worst, and being treated with kid gloves lest they are seen as martyrs.

  • keirmeister

    “…He was speaking as a military veteran who had sworn to protect the U.S. and defend its Constitution.”

    But I guess that doesn’t include the First Amendment – unless it’s for HIS freedom of speech.

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