PPP: Congress less popular than lice, root canals and colonoscopies

Yes, a new PPP poll show that Congress is less popular than colonoscopies.

One would think that negotiating with such an unpopular group would be easy enough, no? If you can’t win over the public when you’re up against such an unpopular group, you either are a horrible negotiator or you really aren’t that far away from their unpopular beliefs. Which is it?

Public Policy Polling:


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We’ve seen poll after poll after poll over the last year talking about how unpopular Congress is but really, what’s the difference between an 11% or a 9% or a 7% favorability rating? So we decided to take a different approach and test Congress’ popularity against 26 different things.

More of PPP’s findings:

  • Lice 67 Congress 19
  • Brussel Sprouts 69 Congress 23
  • Colonoscopies 58 Congress 31
  • Root Canals 56 Congress 32
  • Used Car Salesmen 57 Congress 32
  • Traffic Jams 56 Congress 34
  • France 46 Congress 37
  • Genghis Khan 41 Congress 37
  • Donald Trump 44 Congress 42
  • Cockroaches 45 Congress 43

On the positive side, Capitol Hill is more popular than gonorrhea, Ebola and communism, so they have that much going for them:

By relatively close margins it beats out Lindsey Lohan (45/41), playground bullies (43/38), and telemarketers (45/35). And it posts wider margins over the Kardashians (49/36), John Edwards (45/29), lobbyists (48/30), Fidel Castro (54/32), Gonorrhea (53/28), Ebola (53/25), Communism (57/23), North Korea (61/26), and meth labs (60/21)

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One Response to “PPP: Congress less popular than lice, root canals and colonoscopies”

  1. cfox says:

    I would suggest that the data is in error–after all, almost all incumbants got re-elected! If people hate them that much, how come they re-elected them?

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