Busted. Adorable giggling penguin baby wasn’t giggling after all.

I’m pretty sure I’d previously posted this video of Cookie the Penguin who lives at the Cincinnati Zoo.  But at the time I didn’t know the rest of the story, as they say.

Now, after googling the back-story, it’s a little weirder.

You see, in the video below, Cookie wasn’t giggling from being tickled. Cookie was – how shall I say this – happily flirting with Mr. Hand.

From Cincinnati.com:

We spoke to the zoo, and — as someone suggested on Facebook — dear Cookie is not giggling in video, but engaging in typical breeding behavior. “Some penguins are more vocal than others,” said zoo spokeswoman Tiffany Barnes. Now I feel a little weird watching this.

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11 Responses to “Busted. Adorable giggling penguin baby wasn’t giggling after all.”

  1. Jim Olson says:

    I’m still going to think that the baby penguin is just ticklish. And you can’t convince me otherwise. *lalalalalalalalalala*. (fingers in ears)

  2. FunMe says:

    “cochino!” … dirty birdy!

    I sure wouldn’t want to be filmed while doing that. LOL

  3. karmanot says:

    Still, very cute!

  4. I totally forget about Mr. Hand with Mr. Bill – that’s probably why the name came to me. Funny.

  5. OtterQueen says:

    When I was about 6 or 7, I had a male parakeet that was very… shall we say “attentive?” to my hand. My older sister was mortified, but I thought he was just giving me kisses. In a way, I guess he was. :-/

  6. BeccaM says:

    At least Cookie’s relationship with Mr. Hands is far less abusive than Mr. Bill’s.


  7. tardigrade says:

    Hey, all our behaviors are variations on the good bad and the ugly of our mating behavior. It all begins with the stuff that is essential for life, and then as life got longer and become more varied we/critters adapted those basic behaviors to fit new situations. It’s all good.

  8. citizen_spot says:

    Love the hand your with. ; )

  9. Hey I had simply planned to repost it again because I found it so adorable. But thought I’d google for more back story to add some value to the post. Oops.

  10. JamesR says:

    I feel so betrayed.

    Yet happy the little thing can experience pleasure where he finds it…

  11. karmanot says:

    More info about the baby Penguin that I needed to know. :)

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