Two of the best gay marriage ads ever made (video)

Both of these ads/videos in favor of gay marriage surfaced this past year.

The first is from Ireland and the second is from Australia. They’re both simply wonderful. I think we’ve posted both in the past, but I ran across them against this past weekend, and they were great to watch again. Hope you agree.

The one from Ireland:

And the other from Australia:

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  • hollywoodstein

    It really is so simple.

  • tember2

    Was just thinking that, thanks.

  • uwyoalum

    The ad from Ireland is a remake of an ad MTV ran years ago as part of a series of ads in support of gay marriage. This was the original

    This was the other really good ad from the series
    Sorry for the poor quality, but it was the best I could find.

  • FLL

    The Irish ad, although a few years old, is brilliant. I think it gets the point across of walking in someone else’s shoes better than any other marriage equality ad to date. People will often change their mind if they see themselves in someone else’s place.

  • rerutled

    That’s the power of the ad. It all just washes past you until that last scene, where you’re left thinking, “Of COURSE they’re getting married.”

    I hope you’ve got a GPS now. The number of relationships those little boxes have helped out is astounding.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Oh geez! I just didn’t see it. I swear I wasn’t drinking or smoking anything funny.

  • S1AMER

    The ad from Ireland is at least a few years old, and I remember seeing it when it first appeared on the web. But it’s still wonderful, so please do what you can to get more people to see it and pass it around to others.

  • rerutled

    The scene you’re describing happens 0:38-0:44.

  • Straightnotnarrow

    Yeah. I cried a little bit with the aussie one. Damn aussies. Great ads!

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    There must be a longer version of the Australian ad out there. I remember a scene where he’s fighting over directions on a map. That was my husband’s and my biggest fight. He decided I was not giving the directions properly. He tore the map out of my hand, and it took him several minutes to admit that I was correct. He knew he would be on single hand KP duty and chauffeuring the kids for awhile. Thus I loved that part of the ad.

  • 2patricius2

    Wonderful ads.

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