Another cool video of a guy skiing everywhere he shouldn’t

Might be filmed in Canada, might be US – though my bet is on Canada – seems he’s Canadian.

This is apparently a promo for a larger film, but the description on Vimeo has left me confused.

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  • LoriWisconsin

    Music cool, creativity cool, cheap sport also cool.
    Not cool: kids will die trying this, dangerous with traffic (for folks walking, on bicycles, in cars/busses and of course the skier), dangerous with trees, etc. Worst part is the nonconsensual danger – those skiing kids can’t stop if traffic comes on the street. Selfish and stupid fun. Really dumb idea.

  • Dan in Houston

    Googling the street sign at the start of the video suggests its in the UK, in Euston.

  • Tatts

    Cool music.
    LCD Soundsystem (Google is my friend “Dance Yrself Clean”)

  • That is some of the most beautiful camera work I’ve ever seen… and yes, the skiing is awesome. Guy must run through several pairs of skis each winter though.

  • If you look close there is a label that pops up in the video lower left corner near the beginning of the video.

  • Trail BC :)

  • Kartoon

    The bus is certainly BCTransit. The tall stacks suggest Trail BC in the Columbia River valley just north of the border. There is a big smelter there which melts down discarded electronics gear amongst other noxious things.

  • silversalty
  • tomtallis

    Uh, John. The bus that pulls up at the end says “BC Transport” on the front. Definitely Canada; definitely British Columbia.

  • mirror

    Even without the skiing, it would be worth watching for the camera work alone. beautiful

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