8 signs your cat is actually a dog (video)

I’m not a cat owner, only a cat uncle – Chris and Joelle are the cat parents.  But I’ve seen enough cats in my days to appreciate the 8 signs in this video.

I won’t spoil the “signs” by telling you what they are. Okay, maybe one.  When a cat fetches, he’s a dog.  An old friend, Hap, used to have a cat that we took care of once.  The cat fetched.  Hap had mentioned this once, but I’d forgotten.  Well, I’m sitting back on the couch reading a book and all of a sudden cat plops on my chest and drops, in front of my face, a Hershey’s kiss that was previously sitting in a bowl on the table.  I look at the kiss, look at the cat, and got the distinct impression the cat wanted me to throw the kiss.  So I did.  The cat ran and grabbed the kiss, brought it back, and plop it went back on my chest.  I was blown away.

Hap’s cat also really liked to be chased around the house, again like a dog. I call cats like this “dog-cats.”  I’m told there’s a particular breed of cat that acts more like this, perhaps you cat-lovers know more about this.

This is a very cute video.

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