The next fiscal “crisis” — plus four National Security stories to leave you sleepless

I’m embedding this because Matt Filipowicz and I had a great discussion about the fiscal deal, looking forward to the next crisis opportunity — the debt ceiling “crisis” coming two months from now. You can listen to that segment starting at 17:50 in the clip.

But before you do, listen to the show’s intro — it’s excellent. Note the four news items Matt mentions:

1. Executive assassination. A federal judge rules that the Obama administration doesn’t have to tell you what the legal justification is for … ready? … executive branch summary execution — assassination by the king, in other words. Executive assassination is a kingly right, and you can’t know why the executive branch asserts that authority; you can just know that they do. Successfully, it seems.

Your ignorance, blessed by the judicial branch.

2. The NDAA which authorizes executive-ordered detention (and which we’ve written much about, for example here) was reauthorized and signed by President Obama. His dabs on this bill. Nice going.

3. The same NDAA now allows the government to propagandize its citizens — meaning you. This has been illegal (supposedly) since 1948. Now violations of that law are now made legal. Get ready for even more Pentagon psyops (psychological propaganda operations) along with that football game drive-by para-drop. U-S-A dude — revel in submission, if you’re so inclined.

4. FISA extension — the law that allows unlimited digital and electronic spying by the government has been extended. This was Obama’s first progressive betrayal, by the way, which Matt appropriately notes. Obama, Betrayer of Hope & Change. Wonder if Will-I-Am is available for comment…

A truly righteous rant. Lovely, and a great listen. (Obama, Betrayer of Hope & Change … did I mention that? Legacy tour? I think we’re onto you, sir.)

About the fiscal “crisis” discussion — the “Petit Bargain” — the reference post is here  and again, the discussion starts at 17:50. Please listen through. The second segment of this show (or the third) is a great discussion about Rape Culture. Well worth your time as well (for the very obvious reason). Thanks.

(UPDATE: Embed fixed. Also, in my discussion with Matt, I mention the importance of rebranding. Click to see that argument made more fully.)


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