Why can’t we bring guns on planes, or into Congress?

AMERICAblog reader John writes:

It really is f’g twisted.

We all have to remove our shoes every time we board an airplane, because one guy, one time, tried (and FAILED) to set off a small explosion in his shoe.

We all have to turn in our beverages at airport security because, blah blah something something hypothetical about liquids and explosives. Something, again, that has never happened because a passenger carried a drinking beverage onto the flight. But we all have to do it. Because the authorities decided.

Meanwhile weapons that are designed to kill other humans instantly, from a distance, are legal and in the hands of all kinds of people (some well adjusted, some insane, some kinda in between). All kinds of people, all owning guns, all around us. And tragic murders from gun violence happen every day.


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It’s also interesting to note that we trust all these people to have guns everywhere else, but not on planes. Why not? Wouldn’t we all be safer if everyone on a plane was armed? (I haven’t googled it, but I’ll bet the gun nuts have already argued this very point.)

And for that matter, why don’t we let all these Red State gun nuts (and a few Blue States) with them, bring guns into Congress?  I mean, that would make Congress safer, not more dangerous, if all the tourists were packing heat, right?

Someone should ask the newly appointed Teabagger Senator Tim Scott, who’s a huge gun fan, how he feels about offering legislation to let tourist pack heat inside the halls of Congress?  Or is Tim Scott a NIMBY when it comes to the Second Amendment?

I wonder if visitors to the NRA are permitted to carry guns – and do you have to declare it at the door, pass through a metal detector, because that would be kind of rude, wouldn’t it?

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  • Evan D Morgan

    Have there been any instances of homicide on a plane other than 911 in the last 11 years? No. I’d rather leave guns in the hands of the “good guys” i.e. air marshalls. Think about it–that’s the only way to avoid a fire fight in a tube of steel at 30k feet, because if guns are allowed on planes, “bad guys” will bring them on. You might say, well then the “good guys” will fire back, but people will get killed in the crossfire inevitably. The only way to avoid this is to completely ban firearms from airliners.

  • Naja pallida

    Don’t give them any ideas. Next they’ll be demanding we legalize Wile E. Coyote-style bombs.

  • Buford

    No one will answer this question, but I sincerely want to know – if it’s OK to allow citizens to have semi-auto assault rifles with large capacity magazines, why is it silly to suggest that those same citizens should have access to hand grenades…?

    Any pro-gun folks want to explain why those guns are OK but hand grenades are not?

  • bpollen

    Guns have been brought into congress…


    Nobody died, but it wasn’t for lack of trying…

  • Mike Meyer

    Those Girls were killed in Afghanistan

  • Mike Meyer

    On Saturday, TEN LITTLE GIRLS, AGES 9-10 YRS OLD WERE KILLED by a mine of some sort—-NO 24/7 on TV about them. WE KILL innocent people everyday in the Mid East and NO 24/7 ON TV. WE don’t hear these folks name, children included, nor do WE learn their families stories of pain and woe 24/7 on TV. Some AMERICAN kills HUMAN BEINGS that are NOT AMERICAN, and it seems not to matter. Kill other Americans and ,UNLESS ITS ON THE PRESIDENT’S ORDERS, and WE never hear the end of it. Kill ANYONE ELSE, Presidential orders or not, and WE don’t discuss much about it at all. HUMAN BEINGS ARE HUMAN BEINGS, people of equal value no mater what their nationality. I chalk it up to our institutionalized racism/nationalism.

  • Mike Meyer


  • colleen2

    Right, because we Americans need to understand that weekly murder sprees and dead children are the price we pay for freedom and it’s just so RUDE and irrelevant to talk about ways that we can prevent senseless slaughter. Besides, the spree murder of 20 small children and 6 brave women is just a minor regional tragedy, nothing like that ever happens anywhere else in the US. Anyone who claims otherwise is just a liberal gungrabber.

  • Oh sure – first you want guns everywhere. Constitutional right. Next you will want to let all citizens vote. Constitutional right. Where does it end?

  • Litterbox

    False equivalence is false….. C’mon John, you’re sharper than this.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello caphillprof,

    Yes the courts do but in Texas their job is defined to do what the Rethug party wants and not what is in the Constitution of the US or the Texas constitution.

  • Brian

    Have to say this is the best post. Had been an avid Americablog fan for a long time, even donated money to John. This constant gun bashing is a huge turn off. There are so many more important issues,and your right the progressive press is giving too much focus on what is simply a regional tragedy.

    So with the terrible new blog format, and Avarosis’s obsession with guns, I really don’t see much point in coming here like I used to.

  • condew

    I despair. Not because 26 children were killed, though that is a tragedy of major proportions. No, I despair because most of the people who I consider my political allies are such losers. Shake a shiny object in front of them like a tragedy they can exploit to push gun control, and they forget everything else. We got the the gun control nuts to sit down and shut up for a few years and we won a few elections; but now they are back, showing the right that the left lies; that Obama does indeed want to take their guns. All the progressive press is 24 hours a day “gun control now”. Yeah, right, this time for sure. So much for strategy from the left. Obama and Boehner could make a deal that kills Social Security and Medicare; kills the dream of ever retiring for most Americans, and the left would not even notice, because, of course, the whole world stopped when this tragedy occurred, and nothing else will happen until the press has milked this story for all it’s worth. Hope you enjoy the Republican President we’ll get in 2016.

  • Sweetie

    Because getting mowed down by guns, like taxes and the law, is for the little people.

  • LosGatosCA

    Archie Bunker beat everybody to it back in a conversation with Meathead about skyjacking back in the 70’s – every one should have a gun on board. Issue them when the passengers board and take them back when they deplane. And it someone tries to hijack the plane – immediate feedback that it’s unacceptable behavior.

  • RepubAnon

    They let the flight crews carry guns on planes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Flight_Deck_Officer

  • A reader in Colorado

    Gee. Maybe because people actually don’t want to be around otherwise disinterested citizens packing heat?

    Maybe because every argument the gun nuts pose about how safer everyone would be if everyone entering a baby nursery was packing is TOTAL CRAP?

    It’s all fun and games until a Congressman has his eye poked out by a bullet or an airplane crashes.

    It’s ok for drunk patrons to enter a bar with concealed weapons because those people are considered scum.

  • Think of England

    Why not consider a minor extension to this: If weapons are good for defense then why not for nations? I mean, if possessing nuclear weapons keeps us safe, and if a well armed populace is a safer populace then what’s wrong with countries like Iran, Mexico, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Congo getting nuclear weapons?

  • caphillprof

    But why should the courts be exempt? Don’t they know the Constitution?

  • jakethesnake

    It’s my understanding that in Texas, the only state buildings that can stop people from carrying concealed handguns are courts. You can already carry in the capitol, DPS (DMV of TX), and other state buildings if you have a CHL.

  • Nylund

    The interesting thing to note is the one time something close to bringing guns into Congress actually happened. If you recall, on May 2, 1967, the Black Panthers entered the California statehouse caring .357 magnums, .45 caliber pistols, and 12-gauge shotguns to protest the Mulford Act, the law banning carrying loaded fire arms in public in California. The Black Panthers were inspired by Malxom X’s proclamation that ” “Article number two of the constitutional amendments provides you and me the right to own a rifle or a shotgun.” If you recall, the Black Panthers used to follow around the cops with loaded weapons to “police the police.”

    It was the hero of the right, Ronald Reagan, who was against such a notion. Governor Reagan said he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” He called guns a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” He signed the Mulford Act into law.

    You see, conservatives aren’t actually so keen on people walking around with loaded weapons when those people aren’t white.

    It’s a weird bit of irony that the right adores Reagan so much, but hates gun control when Reagan’s signing of the Mullford Act and, of course, Brady, who was paralyzed during the assassination attempt on Reagan that played such key roles in the development of gun control laws in America.

  • Vogrinch

    Whatever happened to Four Loko? And why…?

  • Sounds like a great amendment to offer to proposed ALEC/NRA-backed legislation at the state level. If guns are allowed in schools, hospitals, bars, and churches then they should also be allowed in state capitols, governors’ mansions, constituent meetings, NASCAR and other professional sports events, political conventions, aircraft, convents, strip clubs, courthouses, etc.

    Connecticut has had some other disasters that have substantially affected public policy. There was a horrific crash at a toll plaza many years ago on I-95 which spurred the quick abolition of toll booths throughout the state. The Hartford Circus Fire spurred fire safety legislation and banned “big top” circuses (which have moved to safer arenas and stadiums). A fatal shooting in a Connecticut family court resulted in decent courtroom security. Hopefully good lessons will be learned and applied from this awful crime.

  • Because…”Overall, Branas’s study found that people who carried guns were 4.5 times as likely to be shot and 4.2 times as likely to get killed compared with unarmed citizens. When the team looked at shootings in which victims had a chance to defend themselves, their odds of getting shot were even higher.”


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