Why can’t we bring guns on planes, or into Congress?

AMERICAblog reader John writes:

It really is f’g twisted.

We all have to remove our shoes every time we board an airplane, because one guy, one time, tried (and FAILED) to set off a small explosion in his shoe.

We all have to turn in our beverages at airport security because, blah blah something something hypothetical about liquids and explosives. Something, again, that has never happened because a passenger carried a drinking beverage onto the flight. But we all have to do it. Because the authorities decided.

Meanwhile weapons that are designed to kill other humans instantly, from a distance, are legal and in the hands of all kinds of people (some well adjusted, some insane, some kinda in between). All kinds of people, all owning guns, all around us. And tragic murders from gun violence happen every day.


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It’s also interesting to note that we trust all these people to have guns everywhere else, but not on planes. Why not? Wouldn’t we all be safer if everyone on a plane was armed? (I haven’t googled it, but I’ll bet the gun nuts have already argued this very point.)

And for that matter, why don’t we let all these Red State gun nuts (and a few Blue States) with them, bring guns into Congress?  I mean, that would make Congress safer, not more dangerous, if all the tourists were packing heat, right?

Someone should ask the newly appointed Teabagger Senator Tim Scott, who’s a huge gun fan, how he feels about offering legislation to let tourist pack heat inside the halls of Congress?  Or is Tim Scott a NIMBY when it comes to the Second Amendment?

I wonder if visitors to the NRA are permitted to carry guns – and do you have to declare it at the door, pass through a metal detector, because that would be kind of rude, wouldn’t it?

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