Potential GOP “no”-votes on Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal

The effort to get to January 1, with no damage done by the fiscal cliff deal, continues. No matter what the next Obama-Boehner deal contains, progressives will have a net win with No Deal. Even if the next offer does not contains Chained CPI, a raise in the Medicare eligibility age, or any of the other ways to knife the signature social programs, it will likely contain a surrender on the Bush Tax front.

For example, letting the Bush–Obama tax cuts expire raises the top marginal rate to 39.6%. Obama wants to exempt the first $250,000 of income from that rate. The net good effect on federal revenue is almost $1 trillion dollars ($829 billion, to be exact). Any change to either the percentage or the threshold raises significantly less money. For example, changing the threshold to $1 million and keeping the rate at 39.6% gives away almost half of that revenue. I’m almost certain the next Obama–Boehner deal, if there is one, will give back some off that trillion.

Let’s not do that. Let’s keep all of those dollars in the federal purse. In addition, let’s not hurt any social program. No Deal is a good deal, say I. Keep the pressure on the Republicans to blow this thing up.

How to help Republicans say No to Obama–Boehner

Call them and tell them that’s what you want. It’s that simple. Sample messaging here (scroll down).

Whom do you call? This is an updated list of whippable (pursuadable) Republicans who may well vote against the Obama-Boehner Bad Deal, the so-called Fiscal Cliff bargain. See this post for the schedule and full explanation. It collates the numerous new names that have come in since that original post was published.

The sources of this information are keyed as follows:

R = Per Howie Klein in this post
R-PlanB = Per Howie Klein in this post
R-PlanB* = Actually voted against the rule when Plan B was first presented
RS-whip = RedState’s unofficial No list for the actual (unvoted) Plan B bill

Now the assembled table. This is a solid 45 names to work with. Phone numbers get you to their DC offices.

R Akin Todd MO 2 R (202) 224-3121
R-PlanB* Amash Justin MI 3 R (202) 225-3831
R Bachmann Michele MN 6 R (202) 225-2331
R-PlanB Barton Joe TX 6 R (202) 225-2002
RS-whip Blackburn Marsha TN 7 R (202) 225-2811
R-PlanB* Broun Paul GA 10 R (202) 225-4101
RS-whip Buerkle Ann Marie NY 25 R (202) 225-3701
RS-whip Burgess Michael TX 26 R (202) 225-7772
RS-whip Burton Dan IN 5 R (202) 225-2276
RS-whip DesJarlais Scott TN 4 R (202) 225-6831
RS-whip Duncan John TN 2 R (202) 225-5435
R Flake Jeff AZ-6 6 R (202) 225-2635
R-PlanB Fleming John LA 4 R (202) 225-2777
R-PlanB* Franks Trent AZ-2 2 R (202) 225-4576
RS-whip Gardner Cory CO 4 R (202) 225-4676
RS-whip Garrett Scott NJ 5 R (202) 225-4465
R Gingrey Phil GA 11 R (202) 225-2931
R-PlanB* Gohmert Louie TX 1 R (202) 225-3035
RS-whip Gowdy Trey SC 4 R (202) 225-6030
RS-whip Graves Sam MO 6 R (202) 225-7041
RS-whip Guinta Frank NH 1 R (202) 225-5456
R-PlanB* Harris Andy MD 1 R (202) 225-5311
R-PlanB* Huelskamp Tim KS 1 R (202) 225-2715
R-PlanB* Jones Walter NC 3 R (202) 225-3415
R-PlanB* Jordan Jim OH 4 R (202) 225-2676
R-PlanB Labrador Raul ID 1 R (202) 225-6611
R-PlanB Lamborn Doug CO 5 R (202) 225-4422
R-PlanB* Landry Jeff LA 3 R (202) 225-4031
R Lummis Cynthia WY AL R (202) 225-2311
R-PlanB* Massie Thomas KY 4 R (202) 225-3465
RS-whip Mulvaney Mick SC 5 R (202) 225-5501
RS-whip Myrick Sue NC 9 R (202) 225-1976
R-PlanB* Paul Ron TX 14 R (202) 225-2831
RS-whip Pearce Steve NM 2 R (202) 225-2365
R Scalise Steve LA 1 R (202) 225-3015
R-PlanB* Schmidt Jean OH 2 R (202) 225-3164
RS-whip Schweikert David AZ-5 5 R (202) 225-2190
RS-whip Scott Tim SC 1 R (202) 225-3176
R Southerland Steve FL 2 R (202) 225-5235
RS-whip Stutzman Marlin IN 3 R (202) 225-4436
R Turner Michael OH 3 R (202) 225-6465
R-PlanB* Walsh Joe IL 8 R (202) 225-3711
R-PlanB West Allen FL 22 R (202) 225-3026
R-PlanB Westmoreland Lynn GA 3 R (202) 225-5901
RS-whip Wilson Joe SC 2 R (202) 225-2452

Go for it. Operators are waiting and want to hear from you. As I said, suggested messaging in this post. Happy phone-banking. (And happy holiday as well!)

(Update: Corrected Todd Akin’s phone number per this comment. Thanks.)


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22 Responses to “Potential GOP “no”-votes on Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal”

  1. dcinsider says:

    Probably :)

  2. Ford Prefect says:

    and sometimes that means listening to other ideas…

    That’s the “tell” with BO. “Always open to other ideas,” means ideas he shares but can’t be honest with his own electoral base about them. Meh.

    I tend to agree with you on the results of letting the “cliff of horrors” go over. Some kind of deal will be made. It will still likely be bad economically and socially. But it would be less likely to have the same degree of toxicity if everyone–and I mean BOTH PARTIES–are under real pressure to not rock the boat too much.

    Ideally, we should just outlaw Lame Duck sessions. That’s where the sausage making gets ugliest, since it’s the least accountable time to legislate anything at all.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Me too. But when 85% of all media outlets are owned by six corporations, it’s difficult for most people to get outside the echo chamber. We are probably the most propagandized population since the Soviet Union. With that in mind, I can’t blame the “little people” as much.

    In the end, the powerful deserve most of the blame, simply because they are the Power.

  4. FLL says:

    I came across Cenk Uygur’s collection of Obama quotes showing his likely intention to cut entitlement programs, including the “blue dog” quote, although you’ll have to take Bob Woodward’s word for it. Here is the link:


  5. FLL says:

    Agreed. The one thing I won’t do is absolve Rightward-moving voters of responsibility for the problems we’re facing now. I hope that some of them who voted for Republican congressmen in 2010 do something a little saner in 2014. I only wish people had stood up to the media back in 2004 and defended Howard Dean. After all, he was ahead in the polls and set to win the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    Good points. Who’s to blame? Everyone who moves Rightward is to blame for moving Rightward, methinks. True, his remarks, even his other remark that he’s really a Blue Dog at heart, aren’t “damning,” exactly. He’s just admitting he’s a conservative and always has been, so he’s quite comfortable with such labels.

    He has never been a progressive though. Never. He and I were at university at roughly the same time and while he really liked Ronny Raygun, I couldn’t stand him. So he was never a progressive at all.

  7. Sweetie says:

    As if the GOP has any more integrity than the Dems. PULEAZE. They don’t care about anything except how much they’re going to get from their billionaire pals.

    The “two” parties are two sides of the same corporatist coin. They are in cahoots. That was made perfectly obvious with the way their stonewalling of a vote on the health bill (mandate) magically fell away at 8:30 in the morning the day before Christmas Eve. Their role was to stonewall until only the mandate (not the public option) survived.

    They don’t give a fig about what the people think. And, thanks to globalization, their backers don’t give a fig about the long-term health of this nation.

    And, we all know that if the GOP did vote down this deal, the deal that they’d support in its place would be even worse.

  8. FLL says:

    His remark during that interview only takes note of the reality that the Republican Party has transformed into a far-right party over the last 30 years. The remark is not “damning”; it’s just accurate and would apply just as easily to Hillary, although not to Howard Dean. As far as having moved farther Right over time (specifically after 2008, I think), you are correct, but that is a function of seeking national office rather than representing a state which is more progressive than the country as a whole. Once again, that would apply to Hillary, senator from New York, who transitions to a national candidate. I think that dynamic would be true for anyone transitioning from a progressive state to a national candidacy. It’s an unfortunate dynamic, but who’s fault is that, I wonder? Perhaps, those unreformed regions of the country and everyone’s STUPID RELATIVES who live there (present company excluded, of course).

  9. Ford Prefect says:

    Precisely! Any “deal” means Austerity and that means slashing away at government spending on stuff that actually matters. So it will hammer aggregate demand. That means more unemployment, more poverty and so on.

  10. Ford Prefect says:

    Obama just said in an interview that back in the ’80s, he would have been viewed as a “moderate Republican.” He’s only moved farther Right over time. So yes, there is a lot of his Illinois history (see too his effort at “community organizing”) to suggest a GOoPer at heart.

  11. FLL says:

    If the entire Republican pundit corps is to be believed, it’s actually what Obama wants. Obama might be in a stronger bargaining position if January 1 passed with no deal, especially if public opinion goes against Boehner and the Republicans. That gives Obama an incentive for going into the New Year with no deal—that is, [dramatic pause and spooky music] if he’s not a secret Republican at heart. We won’t have long to wait to find out. There seems to be nothing in Obama’s Illinois history to support the “Republican at heart” theory, but you never know… you just never, never know. January should be interesting.

  12. Keep voting no until the GOP ends the drug war.

  13. BeccaM says:

    I made a similar suggestion here not that long ago: Call the GOP Reps and tell them to hold firm against any ‘grand bargain’ deal.

    I’ll see about calling Pearce later today if I can snag some time, but chances are good he’ll stay solid, since the district he represents is pretty solidly ‘Bagger territory here in NM.

  14. karmanot says:

    Brilliant! Bring Obama down.

  15. Ford Prefect says:

    I do believe you’re catching on, GP!

    With a Bizarro-World Congress in which Reason is the only thing “off the table,” only Bizarro-World strategies can have any effect. Like goading GOP morons into sabotaging the “deal” just so we can have some breathing room. Pretty damn pragmatic of you!

  16. FLL says:

    Our own unfortunate Democratic senator from Florida, Bill Nelson, is famously wussy, but if Florida voters deluge him, he has a tendency to come around, as he did when he voted in favor of DADT repeal.

  17. S1AMER says:

    I’d guess the most important thing to do with your telephone is to be prepared to call Senators. The people with “D” after their names in the Senate includes an awful lot of wusses who would speedily cave to Republican demands.

  18. nicho says:

    Any deal is a bad deal. I”ve seen nothing offered that helps the middle class — just different ways to screw us over. You need to get outside the rarified atmosphere of The Beltway once in a while.

  19. FLL says:

    But what is the “deadline” is a farce and they all come to a deal (based on public opinion) shortly after January 1?

  20. FLL says:

    My guess is that January 1 will pass with no deal, which is a good thing. My guess is based on Boehner’s obvious interest in remaining speaker of the House. His chances of remaining speaker will be much better if he only advances legislation that the majority of his party supports (the “majority of the majority” guideline). Since the Republican majority is Tea-Party dominated, that means no deal. The Republican asswipes will come to their senses in January when the weight of public opinion comes crashing down on them. Not a bad strategy at all.

    Off-topic: As I use the Disqus function to view previous comments, I see that some commenters have noted that “we clearly won the election.” Using first person plural? “We”? Well isn’t that heartening? Then there must fewer commenters than I thought who are pissed off that Democrats won the Senate elections and booted Romney/Ryan off the national scene.

  21. dcinsider says:

    Are you high? No deal is a bad deal GP

  22. ronbo says:

    I just left a message for Todd Akin of MO. (the number listed in the piece is disconnected – call 202) 224-3121.

    You know these retro-thinkers gobble up the anti-tax anti-cooperative sentiment. Let’s hope they stop any deal that Obama pushes to cut the most popular government programs in history!

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