John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John ruin Christmas

Megan Seling at the Stranger’s blog SLOG put it best:

There are no words.

Okay, there are some words: How can people with so much money make such a sh*tty video? Did they use their whole budget on hair dye and makeup for Travolta?

Christmas is ruined.

In case you miss Travolta’s hair:


And PS, is it just me or is Travolta going for that whole Star Trek “red shirt” thing?  Doesn’t he realize the red shirts die?  Kind of like this song.

Here’s the video:

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  • Montmorenci

    I’m sorry, but I’m 28 and in no way is my hair that black. Who is he trying to kid, those with less than 20/20 vision?

  • Sweetie

    There are nice things that can be said about anything.

  • onjfan

    PEOPLE! It’s for Charity!!!

  • rhodi

    Funny how ignorant people use stereotypes to make them feel better about their lack of intelligence.

  • I actually do live near ABQ. Right now halfway between there and Santa Fe, but a few weeks from now will be in the East Mountain area.

    Fortunately not so far east as to be considered ‘west Texas’ as many of the denizens refer to the eastern parts of the state.

  • It sure does look like a stencil, doesn’t it?

  • As Ethel Merman would sing, “There’s no business like shoe business!”

  • True FLL, but you know Albuquerque is not the other Santa Fe.

  • No because PBS has out foxed FOX by covering the Holiday season with re-runs of Lawrence Welk, some of which are so old they are in sepia and the singing ‘gals’ are still wearing snoods and triple pettycoats from the forties.

  • I’ll see your McCartney and raise you a pair of Christmas Shoes

  • Sweetie

    Finally, a Christmas song that makes Paul McCartney’s Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time seem nearly palatable. No, wait… nothing can do that.

  • Sweetie

    It’s too computerized to qualify as cheese. It’s more like stale Velveeta.

  • Sweetie


  • Sweetie

    Ed Wood was vastly more talented.

  • Sweetie

    That’s a song?

  • Criticon

    I don’t think it’s hair on Travolta’s head. I think it’s spray paint. Remember the ad a few years ago that showed how to conceal bald spots using some type of paint in an aerosol can?

  • FLL

    If this video were done by unknown singers, I would guess that it was a parody of cheesy, “family-values” trash from evangelical red states. Since this is über-closeted John Travolta, I understand that it’s not parody. It’s just a horrifying mess. Now I know why I never ventured into eastern New Mexico when I was living in Albuquerque. I can definitely relate to BeccaM’s comment, “Kill me. Kill me now, please, I beg you.”

  • Sigh

  • Resolved Waldron

    Can one say Ed Wood?

  • Fascinating.

  • “And another thing” (as Ethel Merman says in “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”). If you’ve ever endured sitting though “Grease,” you might notice that the production values in that one weren’t exactly stellar either — as if half the budget was “re-allocated” to “miscellaneous expenses” for producer Allan Carr.

  • The delete must have been undeleted. “I think the auto-destruct mechanism got hit and blew itself up.”

  • Come on, have a heart! What if Barbarino parked his lil’ jet in YOUR backyard? Wouldn’t you greet him with a big smile and a nice, big, sparkling present? I would, especially since my Welcome Back crush, Juan Epstein, is sadly no longer with us. I don’t patronize the 24 Hour Fitness at Santa Monica Airport close to closing time — I do my business at LA Fitness at it’s scenic facility in Marina Del Rey — so I’ve never had the honor of meeting Mr.Travolta, but I hear he’s a friendly, down to earth guy. And why looky here: love at first sight between a lonely service member back home for the holidaze and the observant, cruisey security guard. Unlike the self-styled, apparently constipated “commentators” here, he knows a good thing when he sees it. All the folks line dancin’ and square dancin, including the two in camouflage. Apart from all the mean, nasty, snarky comments here, I ask you: what’s not to like, and what the hell were you expecting, the Grammy nominated (Best Duo/Group Performance) “Sexy and I Know It?” (I had the honor of meeting Redfoo here at the beach while they were shooting the video). LMFAO

  • Veritable Virgo

    That’s not John Travolta. It’s one of those FEMBOTS from the Six Million Dollar Man series.

  • If they take you out, you’ll know you are garbage—-just in keeping with your higher class comment.

  • Guest

    I like how they deleted my previous post for calling them out on their childish behavior and amateur articles.

  • Man, people are so mean. But these are amateur bloggers who need the attention. They don’t cater to a higher class audience, so they have to stay trashy to please the trashy readers.

  • But henna black has that infinity look.

  • Cletus

    Does Kelly Preston even know Travolta is shacking up with Olivia N-J when she’s not around?

    I can’t believe Fox News isn’t playing the shit out of this, not just because it includes their entire demographic, but so they can accuse anyone who criticizes it for being a foot soldier in the War on Christmas.

  • HolyMoly

    The music arrangement is oozing with cheese. The brass sounds like cheesy boilerplate disco (not cool like “Freak Out” but stupid like “Disco Duck” or the one about 10-wheelers). The glockenspiel/flute stuff conjures up images of the Osmonds. Couldn’t they have at least found an arranger who added a little modernity to the accompaniment?

  • OldVet66

    Hair dye? I thought he had been wearing a rug for years!

  • My favorite part is watching Travolta come to this wonderful warm little reunion … in his private jet…

  • dula

    That was cute how they waved at the end like in Grease. Olivia looked sincere and is aging gracefully.
    You see, there are nice things that can be said about this video.

  • You’re NOT the one that I want! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

  • FunMe

    It doesn’t take that much to figure out the right dye for your hair. I mean freaking hair dressers here in LA can advise him on the right color. And they are gay and the best! Really, a Hollywood “star” with SO.MUCH.MONEY settles for just that hair color?

    Meanwhile, reminds me of the time I went to work out really late on a Sunday. It was after 1AM … like now. Not many people at my 24 hours gym in Santa Monica. I’d say around 6-8 people. I’m working out my triceps, and who do I see across from my doing “abs” with a trainer that late at night? None other than John Travoltra! It was like in July and I had my old phone (not a smart phone) … still, it had a camera. Actually, in my phone I had a video of John from Saturday Night Fever. I probably would have taken a photo of him and showed him my video of him. But guess what? All I could think of what John and his closeted gay ways and all the “ugh” stuff he did when getting massages … or his favorite hobby of hanging out at the sauna. NO thank you! I didn’t take the photo. And yes, I saw him staring at me. Don’t know if it was John being interested in me, or John wanting me to be so in awe of him. It didn’t matter. I acted as I didn’t know who he was … or cared. Which is true!

  • LisaSpamier
  • Kill me. Kill me now, please, I beg you.

  • OtterQueen

    “Toniyiyiyight?” “Howome?” Holy crap, it looks like they made this with half the budget of an Earl Scheib commercial. Complete with the obligatory nod to the military. Did they lose a bet? Did someone’s nephew start up a video production company? What the….?

  • OtterQueen

    I think it’s that spray-on hair, used with a scalp stencil.

  • Naja pallida

    Red shirt. Shouldn’t he die half way through the episode?

  • The return of Mr. Spock

  • AnitaMann

    WTF is this?

  • Not since Ronnie Reagan!

  • 2patricius2

    Ugh. So cheesy.

  • Is Travolta PAINTING his hair on now?

  • LOL

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I think his hair is pretty damn clever of him. Finally, he has found something to put an end to the gay rumors.

  • judybrowni

    Wow, haven’t listened to country music in eons, but I can’t believe it’s become as lame as that. (And I believe country music was mucho lamo last time I cared to listen.)

    It’s lame for Christmas music (and that’s saying something.) And that video!

    Since when is shoe polish used as hair dye by even has-been stars?

  • LOL

  • Well it was so cheaply done, it was like a bad 80s video, but not in a good way. And his hair. His hair!

  • TonyT

    C’mon. It wasn’t that bad. Nice to see aging folks get together again.

  • It burns! It burns!!!

  • Savage8862

    This was the most horrendous video I have ever had the displeasure to watch.

  • That wasn’t very good, was it! /leonardpinthgarnell

  • keirmeister

    Is Travolta auditioning as Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town? This whole experience is an unholy nexus between country music, Christmastime, and plastic surgery.

  • Indigo

    That’s pretty lame but even lamer is the faux-southern accents.

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