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We made it back home from a few days in Bordeaux and the cats kept checking on us all night to make sure we were still here. I guess this is what happens when cats get older and are used to having at least one of us around all day.

While walking around in the old city, we stumbled upon one of the famous shops selling the local specialty, canelé. A good one is amazing, with a bit of crunch at either end. The batter is similar to a crêpe batter though there’s a bit of dark rum in there. This being France, there was once a war of some sort over these little treats though it seemed to be more bark than bite.

If you want to try making them at home, here’s a nice recipe and yes, they should have the look (inside) or else you won’t get the crunchy bits. Apparently you can eat them with tea, with sweet wine, after dinner, as a snack or pretty much whenever.

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