“Fire Boehner”: Speaker’s head demanded over Tea Party purge

A top conservative blog, run by CNN contributor Erick Erickson, is calling on Republicans to dump GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner because of a recent purge of Tea Party members from influential committee positions in the House.

In a post titled “Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes to Depose Boehner,” Ned Ryun writes:

If conservatives want to keep the House and win the Senate, we need to fire John Boehner as speaker of the House. We only need 16 House votes to do it.

As most conservatives know, Boehner and the House GOP Steering Committee decided to purge four conservative House members from their committee. Congressmen Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp were removed from the House Budget Committee, and Congressmen David Schweikert and Walter Jones were cut from the Financial Services Committee.

Tea Party protest

They seemed like such nice people.
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Amash, Huelskamp, and Schweikert were targeted because they were too fiscally conservative—all three have voted against Boehner’s debt ceiling hikes. Amash and Huelskamp were the only two GOP votes against House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s budget.

Amash explained that vote at yesterday’s Bloggers’ Briefing at the Heritage Foundation, “It’s unacceptable to have unbalanced budgets until 2040.”

For anyone outside of DC, this statement seems obvious. Only in Washington is balancing the budget radical.

Many conservatives voted for the Ryan budget because they didn’t want to “let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” I understand that, but we shouldn’t criticize those who actually understand the depth of our debt problem and plan to propose real answers.

If Speaker Boehner wants to purge independent, bold conservatives—I think it’s time he gets fired as Speaker. Not only for the purge. He has failed to effectively win negotiations with President Obama and appointed moderate committee chairs. To the public, Boehner may appear radical but in reality he proposes milquetoast policies, like the tax-hikes he proposed this week.

We’d written about Amash yesterday, when the Tea Party congressman went to Facebook to complain about Boehner having kicked him off of the House Budget Committee for refusing to toe the GOP line by supporting the previous budget deals that were worked out with the administraition:

GOP House member Justin Amash posted a blistering broadside at the House Republican leadership last night, via Facebook, for being booted off a key House committee because of his insistence on voting against the House leadership in budget battles, and for Grover Norquist.

Remember, the Tea Party congressmen would have preferred that America default on its debt rather than do anything shortly of gutting the federal government.  And the Republican pandered to these nutjobs, and their overlords, personified by Dick Armey and Grover Norquist, for far too long.  And now the Frankenbaggers are coming home to roost.

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  • P

    The truth is that WE DO NOT NEED THEM…….THEY NEED US.

  • P

    What WE will not understand is that in reality WE have the Power over them and that is what they are SO AFRAID OF..because we are the 99% and they have used Laws and propaganda to try and make us the victim. If we the American people would stand up to them in gigantic numbers they would have to listen.

  • P

    Just like a seasoned Hollywood movie star…………these politicians consider the American people as an irritation…if anyone thinks for a second that they give a rats arse about them…they are delusional…all they care about is THEIR MONEY POWER AND POSITION

  • P

    These conservatives are the only members of congress that actually understand the problem we have…..Boehner and most of the establishment republicans AND democrats just have been in Washington for so long they are totally out of touch and have zero Idea ….all they care about is securing their OWN wealth and position….the American people are just dregs of the earth to them

  • As someone who does not like Boehner’s defense of DOMA, I feel like his head should be served on a platter.

  • Glaisne

    Good question Daryn! I wish I had an answer.

  • I would be interested in knowing why I should trust him. What possible information about socialism does he believe he possesses?

  • Glaisne

    There’s an old guy who’s probably getting medicare and social security holding up a sign saying socialism is no good. It’s hilarious! What a bunch of morons.

  • Butch1

    Popcorn, anyone? ;-)

  • HeartlandLiberal

    And then the guy with the sign left the rally to check his bank account and make sure his social security check had been deposited, and then he went to his doctor, whom he chose because he takes Medicare. To get there, he drove on nice, paved roads, provided by his government with taxes paid by citizens, and he felt safe, because he passed police cars watching out to protect him from evil doers and criminals, just as the city’s fireman stood prepared to rush to his house and save it if it caught on fire.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello John Aravosis,

    The rallying cry for those that want him replaced should be “Bring me the head of John Boehner”!

  • Dakotahgeo

    Ahaaaa! :-)

  • rufflegadget

    i believe its called snark

  • Dakotahgeo

    ROFLMBO!!! Thank you!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    LOLOL… good one! Kudos!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    Huh??? Makes absolutely no sense… sober up, THEN comment!

  • Dakotahgeo

    LOLOL… too late! The Republicans/TPods are fun to watch but they are effectively… toast, politically! So sad!!!

  • Dakotahgeo

    ROFLMBO!!! These Teabaggers/Republicans are so much fun to watch while they writhe around from their SHELLACKING in the past election. They’ll come around… only to lose even worse in 2014 and 2016! What joy!

  • Teaheading!!! I’ll knit one purl two!

  • gratuitous

    Drive? More like a short putt.

  • silas1898

    When is the Speaker selection? This is going to be fun!

  • Snarki, child of Loki

    Buggers, yes. But when were they ever “glued” in the first place?

  • ezpz

    Why? To further insult those who struggle with real mental illnesses?

    I suppose the author, Dr. Moench, feels that his doctor label gives him the right to lump all mental illness together for the sake of mockery and political insults. And the fact that his father is a psychiatrist does not qualify him to paint with such a broad brush; nor does it excuse his inane statements.

    Dr. Moench – what a misnomer! He certainly doesn’t sound like much of a mensch to me.

  • Gohmert, a paragon of the living dead, would be perfect.

  • Boehner is a perfect example of the Peter Principle and in this case, with the bar of Republican intelligence and competency already set so slow, the inevitable is manifested.

  • It’s delightful.

  • grandpamike1

    I vote for Louie Gohmert.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    How fun it is to watch the buggers come unglued.

  • AdmNaismith

    I think the Tea Bagger faction should replace Boehner. They are on the fast track to self-destruction and a new Speaker would be just the thing we all need to expose their mendacity and force them to disband sooner than later (without taking the rest of us down with them, which would be a refreshing turn for conservative policy in thes country).

  • judybrowni

    Let the Tea Beheadings begin!

    I’ll go pop the popcorn.

  • spoon

    Obama is driving the the republicans nuts,it’s about time.LOL

  • John, You should feature this brilliant article:
    Schizophrenics, Psychopaths Holding America Hostage

  • ComradeRutherford

    I am a TeaBircher! I believe Americans should starve to death to the tiny minority of obscenely wealthy can buy themselves their third solid-gold house!

    Only when almost everyone in America is as poor as the lowest-paid Chinese worker will we all be Free®™!

  • Indigo

    The best way to show how competent Boehner is would be to replace him with a Tea Party Dork. That would help seal the tomb with the Republican Partei inside.

  • Naja pallida

    I think they should fire him too… but not for the same reasons. I think he’s been the most ineffectual and incompetent House Speaker in my lifetime, and had no capability of actually leading his own party – they’re leading him. He makes Hastert and Gingrich look positively enlightened, and I don’t think either of them were particularly good at their job either, but at least they didn’t take shit from single-term Congressmen who wouldn’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground. If he wants to recover any scrap of what is left of his dignity, Boehner needs to lay the smack down, fast and hard.

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