GOP appoints gun-loving, gay-hating Teabagger Tim Scott to SC Senate seat

Interesting timing to appoint far-right nut Tim Scott to the US Senate, but that’s our Republican party – gun-loving, gay-hating, and Teabagging its way into non-existence.

Oh, and Tim Scott, the Republican House member being appointed to fill GOP Senator im DeMint’s seat, since DeMint is heading off to run the Heritage Foundation, is African-American.  But don’t worry, the GOP governor assures us, Scott doesn’t want stuff (more on that further down).

Don’t the Republicans love nothing less than to embrace “a” minority?  That would be one minority from each class – not the entire class, just one – in order to show how “diverse” and “open-minded” they are.

We can’t wait for the day that the Republicans decide to actually embrace all blacks, all Latinos, all gays, and all women.

But yep, Tim Scott is a big far-right nut.  First his position on guns.  Scott thinks gun-toting rights shouldn’t be weakened in “any” way (wonder if Scott has an opinion about the right to life of all those 6 and 7 year old children who were shot dead on Friday by one of those folks who doesn’t want to see gun rights weakened in any way – then again, right-to-lifers don’t tend to care much about your life after you pop out of the womb).

And Tim Scott hates gays.  He got a zero on the Human Rights Campaign’s latest scorecard.  It’s funny he did the announcement with Lindsey Graham, who swears by the name of Rick Martin he is not gay.

Tim Scott also wants to repeal health care reform.

tea party rally

Tea party diversity. R. Gino Santa Maria /

Why do the Republicans only like the crazies?  They only Latinos they like are Cubans, and even among those the only ones they embrace are – wait for it – Teabaggers. They only like women who are far right – woman who aren’t to the far right are fine to be used as occasional tokens, but it’s the crazy women who advance in the party not the moderates.  And among African-Americans, it’s either got to be a Clarence Thomas or that pizza guy who ran for president (both of whom have sexual clouds over their name), again far right.

Would it kill the Republicans to embrace a member of a minority who isn’t a nutjob?

And finally, I love this little addition from South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who appointed Scott:

She said it was “very important” to note that “Congressman Scott earned this seat. He earned this seat for the person he is. He earned this seat for results he has shown.”

Why? Because he’s black.

And Haley is concerned that people will just assume that, because a Senator’s black, he didn’t “earn” this seat – they’ll worry that Tim Scott is one of those blacks who “want stuff”, apparently.

Your party would assume that, Governor Haley. Yeah.  And isn’t that the larger problem?

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