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After traveling down to Bordeaux for work this week, we decided to stretch out the visit a little and spend a few days discovering the town. The old town has been cleaned up and cars have mostly been removed which is nice if you like walking without being run over by angry car drivers. The city boasts the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe (rue Sainte Catherine) which seems to be full of walkers at all times of the day.

The riverfront didn’t impress me much though admittedly, it is winter, so it’s not the most popular time to be along the water. The Garonne river is muddy brown, so also not the most attractive.

One of the great finds in the old quarter is a little wine bar (appropriately names Le Wine Bar) run by two Italians, one of whom we crossed paths with 12 years ago on the other side of the world. He used to be the manager of a small resort on a very distant island in French Polynesia that we visited for our honeymoon. He also has stayed in regular contact with a French couple who managed an even smaller inn on an even smaller island that we loved. What an amazingly small world.

Later this morning we’re heading to the covered market for some freshly grilled seafood, a recommendation of Le Wine Bar. After that, it’s a visit to the Museum of Aquitaine, then the train back home.

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