Suzy Snowflake (video)

Every Chicagoan knows this one.


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  • Ben@Zuo Modern Furniture

    Love the post! Good

  • Phil

    We had Hardrock Coco and Joe in Chicago too. They played on a kids afternoon program called “Garfield Goose & Friends.” It was a human host and non-speaking puppet characters type program. Trivia question for Chicago area kids: What did Frazier Thomas yell in Beauregard Burnside III’s ear to wake him up?

  • TheOtherWA

    You just gave me a childhood flashback. Thank you!

  • emjayay

    OK, what was that all about?

  • Those of us who grew up within range of WJAC out of Johnstown, PA also saw this cartoon, along with a pre-Rankin-Bass version of Frosty the Snowman (the same one you have in the other post), and another ‘toon (which I had to cheat via wiki to find because I couldn’t remember it), “Hardrock, Coco, and Joe” — which was about three of Santa’s elves, although weirdly enough they were actually called dwarves in the title.

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