Son surprises mom with a huge snow, um, “member” in her front yard (video)

It’s in Scotland. Love the accents.

This cracked me up. I almost died when I saw the neighbors watching. My mom would have killed me. His seemed quite the good sport, considering.

Though I am surprised my nephews never tried this one in Chicago.

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  • subjecttochange

    if that had been done in America instead of Scotland, people would’ve called the cops, had fainting spells and fits! Very funny.

  • Google snow vaginas Milli2, history has been made!

  • unrepentant_expat

    Funny, the cold does quite the opposite to mine.

  • Being frosty is a hard life!

  • cole3244

    pretty cool mom i must say.

  • jixter

    It’s simple, milli2: dicks are fun.

  • I have to say, that would make me laugh too :)

  • Buford


  • milli2

    Don’t know what the fascination is with the penis snowmen. Never see women out there making snow vaginas.

  • jixter

    The popularity of this kind of item is universal. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, Father Nature invented a winner – and then turned it up all the way to eleven.

  • Phil

    Hmmm…. He could have made it a little fatter, and used branches and twigs for the pubes to make it more realistic. My 72 year-old mom concurs (she watched it with me).

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