Santa can dance

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  • mwah!

  • I love the videos. They often make my day and ease the pain. More, More!

  • poopie head bummer

  • I think the videos are fun and funny, and they make me smile, and they’re a nice break from the 24 hour hate cycle that so much of politics has become. It’s why serious political tv shows take a break and show you the funnies, a fun video, things like that – because you need to give people a break when all the topics are always so negative all the time. Dare I say it, lest we all become angry and jaded :)

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    What the hell? Did someone pour orange juice on your cornflakes?

  • Is this going to be the next four years now that you got pretty much almost everything you wanted? Videos of dogs and dancing Santas? Next up: another cute cat video Jon found on the internet.

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