San Francisco’s Winter of Wiener

On February 1st, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener’s nudity ban will take effect.

The popular website SFist summed it up this way: “…this year that shall forever go down in infamy as the year that one of the last libertine vestiges of the Summer of Love got wiped away by the Board of Supervisors” .

The Summer of Love has fallen to the Winter of Wiener

The Summer of Love began in 1967, transforming the City of San Francisco into the epicenter of the counterculture movement. In the years that followed, people migrated from around the globe to be part of it, to be part of something bigger than themselves — and people sought it out as their own personal island of misfit toys.

If you didn’t belong anywhere else, you had a home in San Francisco.

And the city exported its culture far and wide, through art, music, books, fashion and politics.

Recent years have seen change, including skyrocketing rents and mass displacement. As longtime residents are pushed out, they’re replaced with people who tend to be far less interested in being part of something larger than themselves in a cultural context. Not only are they not misfits, they’re not even tolerant of the old misfits who made this city great. They’re merely looking for a prestigious address, that just happens to be in a very cool city.

The Castro, which elected the outward looking Harvey Milk in 1977, went on to elect his bookend, the inward looking Scott Wiener in 2010. Milk was worried about reaching the isolated queer kid in Kansas who needed a place to belong. Wiener’s not interested in that kid unless he/she has really rich parents to pay the rent. Instead the total focus is making the area more palatable for the increasingly upscale, mainstream residents who don’t want to feel “uncomfortable.”

Shoving San Francisco Back into the Closet

Wiener has been uninhibited about his desire for San Franciscans to become more inhibited.  And his nudity ban is his flagship achievement to date.

Wiener can run for higher office rightfully claiming he tamed the City, and brought it in line with Main Street America. The thing is, America already has thousands of Main Streets, and a lot of them, while nice, are rather boring. And America already has 88,000 municipalities where being nude in public is illegal. What America needs is what San Francisco has always been: a world class city at the forefront of social change, and a creative and dynamic city that challenges people to be comfortable with who they are, who they are not, and the potential for who they might some day be.

Will someone make a powerful Milk-style movie about Scott Wiener’s gentrification victories? Doubtful. Burning Man was born on a San Francisco beach. Will the next artisitc phenomenon take root in a nanny state that’s purged its artists?  Will the next Janis Joplin come to a city where she’s not even allowed to sit down on the sidewalk?

The Winter of Wiener is indeed cold for anyone looking for the free San Francisco they once knew, especially in the cranky Castro. A group of harmless older women, decked out in festive holiday attire, discovered the “new San Francisco” firsthand on Christmas Eve when they were grabbed, shoved, pushed and dragged while peacefully protesting a product manufactured in the occupied West Bank. And a few months ago, the disgruntled manager of the Castro Theatre went off on a reporter from Reel Gay News for interviewing some nudists on the public sidewalk outside of the theatre. Keep in mind that the Castro Theatre is “the” symbol of the old gay Castro. Things have truly changed.

To those who want a more mainstream San Francisco, Wiener’s a rockstar.  The supporters who rush to his facebook page, to cheer his every move, derisively referred to as “Cheerwieners,” could not be happier with the changes he’s making, and they salivate at what’s to come.

Rather than continuing to export its culture, perhaps San Francisco will begin exporting its anti-culture. I’m picturing thousands of anxious and uptight people flocking to places like the French Quarter in New Orleans, and De Wallen in Amsterdam, like white blood cells on a germ. Screaming and caterwauling about the “offensive” local mores until all character is dead, and the world’s great cities are as pedestrian as Disneyland.

Chris Andoe is an author and seasoned activist. After meeting John Aravosis at a Chicago “” protest in 2000, Chris was inspired to organize his own major demonstrations in St. Louis, which drew national attention. Since then, his activism has revolved around LGBT, affordable housing, and mass transit issues. In 2011 Andoe made headlines taking on the amorphous hacker group Anonymous for publishing nude photos of a Bay Area Rapid Transit spokesperson, saying “Puritanical shame-based tactics have no place in the capital of sexual liberation”, and he extensively covered San Francisco's jarring gentrification, from mass evictions to the nudity ban. Andoe was on the ground in Ferguson at the height of the unrest, recording events as they unfolded. Always in the fray, Andoe’s been interviewed by NPR, CBS, and has been quoted from CNN to The St. Louis Post Dispatch.

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73 Responses to “San Francisco’s Winter of Wiener”

  1. Doulgas says:

    what a tendentiously-written article. i’m a gay man. i have lived in the castro before it was known as a gay neighborhood. i lost almost every single friend i had during the 1980s to aids. i can hardly i have lived this long to find myself having to respond to this but here it is. we live in a world of increasing facism and cliff’s hardware, the castro theater and scott weiner are not the enemy. why are the “harmless old women” not protesting in the street about the fact that of the seven countries that impose the death penalty for gays all are muslim countries? why aren’t they protesting all the schlock for sale up and down castro street made by slave labor in asia or protesting the other stores that sell Sodastream in the neighborhood? why don’t the “nude guys” ask supervisor avalos or kim or campos to welcome them to their neighborhood with clothing optional plazas? you know the answers. these so-called activists who paint themselves as liberal, open-minded and progressive are jerks, plain and simple. they are so obnoxious and repellant, their actions work aginst their stated causes. if the battle has only begun, i will fight all i can to keep the naked guys and the screaming viragos out of the castro neighbhood. why? because i’ve live here a long time and i am pleased to say i support scott weiner, the castro theater and cliff’s hardware store.

  2. San Franciscan says:

    oh were you one of the gay boys that were sexist until the lesbians had to take care of you when the pandemic came or one that pretends that the pandemic is over since the white gay men have access to the anti-viral drugs while people of color and poor people still don’t. Maybe not but you are a gay who supposedly lives in SF and is claiming things are getting better when the majority of the homeless youth in the Castro are gay, when in this very liberal city there has never been a larger group of homeless gay and working people living under the poverty line. I’ve got real news for you, those tech boys and girls don’t understand why LGBT issue are even important since they don’t “see” sexuality anymore than they think racial or gender equality is important claiming we are in a post racist world since Obama, a post sexist world since 90’s and a post-gay world since Rosie came out. All they want to do is make money off of game apps and useless tech toys and be the very best of the new version of yuppies-hipsters they can be.

  3. San Franciscan says:

    well I’ve lived in San Francisco ALL my life and I’m sick and tired of you folks claiming a neighborhood is YOURS when you’ve only moved to the city in the last decade. Don’t like the Castro, MOVE. if you can afford to live at Castro and 18th as you claim you can just as easily living in the Marina or Cow Hollow. And stop speaking for the majority of people, you recent transplants wouldn’t even be in the Castro in another 10 years.

  4. Potrero Native says:

    As another native and a third generation San Franciscan I have to ask why did you who clearly if you are native San Franciscan would know that the castro for the last 40 years has had lots of gay culture including sex shops thinking that it should change just because you moved into the neighborhood? If you loved the neighborhood so much to move into it 11 years why are you changing it? Or did you just move into it because you were able to get a house cheap when a gay man died and you sold your parent’s house in the avenues to buy more valuable property? There were naked guys there before you moved in but it’s them that should change not you? It was your choice to move there, genius.

  5. BayAreaRelieved says:

    Wow… I appreciate that so many of you think that you live in a such a blessed place where time should stop and nothing bad should happen for anyone. What about that aspect that TIMES CHANGE, PEOPLE CHANGE, POLITICS CHANGE?

    Change is a constant y’all. Seriously, what snowglobe of consistancy do you live in where nobody dies, favored establishments never close and bread does not get moldy? History, while a good and important thing is just that, History. Monuments and reminders will be protected through time and the lessons of what was learned in the past will be taught and hopefully understood, but is London the same now as it’s “Golden Age” or France from it’s great Louis Empire era?

    I have lived in and out of San Francisco, came out in SF, and I agree with the people who have lived there for 20 or so years through this change. Clean the mess up, wash out the stink, it is time for people and societies to move on to new aspects of social freedom and democratic expression.

  6. Bob says:

    There is absolutely no indication that there is a next phase, so stop making shi* up and spreading lies and misinformation as fact

  7. Abe says:

    Being nude is not a right? Seriously?!
    I’m nude every time I leave the house (under my clothes).

  8. WTF says:

    What a joke. Wiener sponsors legislation depriving some reasonably sorted out but exhibitionist old men, and you cry foul. But you neglect what Scott does for LGBT youths who actually have problems.

  9. karmanot says:

    You go downer arrow troll!

  10. karmanot says:

    Right, when I started to see strollers and attitude at Gay and Waverly I knew the West Village was going.

  11. karmanot says:

    Lions and Tiger and bears and HOMELESS—Oh my!

  12. Uncle FrenchFrie says:

    Cold weather and nudity. Have you heard about shrinkage?

  13. dula says:

    Exactly. I see this more as a class issue than a Gay rights one. It’s sad that the neighborhoods where young LGBTs could flock for security and community (West Village NYC, Castro, West Hollywood) are now economically inaccessible to most of them.

  14. Rusty says:

    Prudes “went after” nudity at the street fairs and at the Bay to Breakers event several years ago. They backed off when there was an outcry of protest about it. Don’t think that these self-righteous moralists won’t try again, now that Wiener has won a victory for them.

  15. karmanot says:

    Scott Wiener is the new DiFi.

  16. karmanot says:

    And, I’m certainly not the only one to find offensive your slur on Harvey Milk, who has made possible the greater liberation of GLTBQ communities everywhere. You nasty little twirp.

  17. LOL and YOU live in Sausalito. So fitting.

  18. It’s quite provincial to say that anyone who doesn’t live in a municipality can’t write about it. Like many who live in Oakland I’ve also lived in San Francisco. We are part of the massive Bay Area and it would be interesting to see how San Francisco performed without all the money pouring in from Palo Alto and Mountain View (tech buses full of young six figure workers rolling back and forth daily) or how it would hold up without the police, firemen, nurses, and other working people who come in from the East Bay. In this piece SFist was quoted- one of the most influential websites in San Francisco, and in the first two pieces in this series I quoted the Entertainment Commissioner Anna Conda, numerous activists and lifelong residents.

  19. karmanot says:

    exactly! Same for the Badlands and the Midnight Sun.

  20. RIP Pendulum :-(

  21. karmanot says:

    Sorry dude you have your head up your ad-hominem.

  22. karmanot says:

    No, that’s very not OK. Having lived in tn the Castro for years and experienced first hand racial discrimination at some of the major bars I carry that, but I could your see your self- righteousness is close to inspiration so that I changed it. BTW you look like a whiny, uptight mensch yourself. Just say’un.

  23. Ron Lussier says:

    You realize that you’re a racist, right? Is that okay now?

  24. Ron Lussier says:

    This entire article, written by an Oakland resident, is the sort of crazy extremist rant that has no connection with reality. There is no ‘right’ to walking around with a cock-ring and a boner, and no court in the country will say that such a right exists. I don’t know or care about Scott Wiener, but from everything he’s done, he appears like a standard left-wing politician trying to do the right thing for his constituents. What right does this Oakland resident have to complain?

    I notice that his ‘article’ includes NO quotes from residents, or any sort of evidence at all, except for the screeching of the author. San Francisco is “a nanny state that’s purged its artists”, said with no corroboration. “Wiener’s not interested in that kid unless he/she has really rich parents to pay the rent”… an ad-hominem attack completely ignoring Scott Wiener’s liberal voting record.

  25. Garamond says:

    Interesting. I know Scott really crossed the line for many on this issue, but (to me) going after fairs like Folsom is another thing altogether.

    If he really intends to use 24th Street as the epicenter of District 8, that isn’t going to fly. I can’t even stand going over there anymore… it’s like the Marina without the landfill now.

  26. karmanot says:

    Experienced much as you and respect your point. But, if we were young again and just landed, there would be no home for us. It’s easier to take a progressive view of history when secure.

  27. karmanot says:

    Good God Dula, who knew? Imagine Daily City as the next Montmarte. Yes!

  28. karmanot says:

    There are those of us who find Noe offensive. I, for one, would like to see a stroller ban and breast feeding confined to a discreet shawl maneuver.

  29. karmanot says:

    By God, hang on to that harness and cod piece for dear life SIR!

  30. karmanot says:

    Agreed, the old farts are disgusting, but It’s not really the old freaks that are the issue, but the deeper will to transform SF into a conformist, rich, tec-yuppy Marin on the other side of the bridge.

  31. karmanot says:

    Lands End and let it all hang out.

  32. karmanot says:

    Hegelian theory? OMG you are so psychic. Except a bit late. I picked it up from the Dr. Zhivago movie, which led me to read Marx’s 1840 essays. I do appreciate the snottiness though. Didn’t we meet once at the Lion Bar? You were wearing a matching blue sweater set.

  33. I know that some of Scott’s strongest backers really don’t like Folsom. I know that the towel law was Wiener 1.0 and the ban is Wiener 2.0, so there does seem to be a trend for doing things in phases. When the supervisors were voting he was asked point blank why nudity was not ok in the Castro but was ok at the fairs and he refused to answer. Insiders speak of a “Noe litmus test”. If the typical Noe resident would find something offensive he’s going to be against it.
    When the times comes to advance on the fairs you’ll know. It’s going to be a big deal although his camp will again try to pretend they’re only wanting minor changes.

  34. karmanot says:

    This kind of thinking, you so rightfully point out, was typical of rich gays who bought property at bargain sale prices in the Castro and then assumed bourgeois privilege. When AIDS/HIV broke out they were the first to shut their doors, ignore their sick neighbors and move to the second home in Palm Springs or Guerneville.

  35. karmanot says:

    Right on. I lived at 19th and Castro, as well as Kite Hill for years. It was considered ours in the greatest sense—open, exciting, fun and diverse. Now “ours’ is some whiney, uptight white boy wanting to fossil his narrow parameters of security at the risk of ruining that incredible experience for everyone else. Who the F’ck cares if some precious French breeder unit wants to have a moral experience in the Castro Museum.

  36. Garamond says:

    Could you provide any substantiation of this claim? You’ve made this assertion more than once, but neither provide nor refer to any document, quote, etc. to confirm it. Or is this just your gut reaction to a trend, as you perceive it? There are quite a few of us, I’d imagine, that do not object to nudity at a street fair but support Weiner’s neighborhood ban. If there is such a plan to “go after the street fairs next,” as you assert, I’d surely like to see evidence of it, so I could quite stridently object to it.

  37. karmanot says:

    “Little kids from France with their parents coming to learn the story of Harvey Milk? LOOK AT MY COCK!” Are those the same little kids who frolic on the beach at San tropez and are traumatized when Momma goes topless. I agree about the viability of the Castro neighborhoods, but would ask you to look at the sub-surface of Greedy landlords and poor City services, because Wiener is not interested in helping anyone but himself to climb the political ladder. The thought of that asshole becoming mayor is alarming. Soon the whole f’ing city will look like the Sunset.

  38. karmanot says:

    You do the honors, I find the thought revolting. :)

  39. karmanot says:

    Sad and true.

  40. karmanot says:

    True, my little Cocker is nude and everyone he meets thinks he cute.

  41. karmanot says:


  42. I don’t live in the Castro but I do spend a substantial amount of time in the neighborhood at the few restaurants that have decent food, shopping at Cliff’s and other non-chains as well as meeting friends for drinks. While I mostly agree with the writer about the Supe’s legislative over-correction on the nudists, it did give me pause one Saturday afternoon when my partner and I passed a nudist wearing a cock ring with an almost fully erect penis. I’m no prude by a long shot but this scene was definitely over the line… The nudists are not without guilt but I’m even more perturbed that the law that has been passed banning nudity city-wide (with exceptions for certain events). It’s like killing a mouse with a cannon. Weiner is also behind proposed legislation that would remove the ability of SF citizens to weigh in on the environmental review process greasing the pathway for developers on large city projects. My biggest gripe here is with why liberal Democrats now ape 1980’s style Republicans. Wiener is really a moderate Republican sans the lunatic fringe separatists and monotheistic nut bags that are destroying the Republican brand (not that I give a $h!t about the R Brand). This could be an incredibly smart move for Wiener’s political career as developers and those less culturally sensitive to what has made San Francisco great fund his future campaigns (not to mention the national media attention he’s enjoyed). Let’s hope Scott’s political ambitions don’t supplant decades of strife and struggle that produced an inclusive community and allow him to turn the Castro into a beige smear of a “well-lit place to read books.”

  43. The goal is to go after the street fairs next. One step at a time.

  44. With your experiences as an activist it seems you’d have some empathy for the ladies shoved around at Cliff’s. A museum rings hollow when something as innocuous as old ladies singing a silly protest song provokes rage in the neighborhood.

  45. SanFranGuns says:

    its legal at those festivals until the neighborhood reacts just like the Castro did – then what? I also don’t get why its bad for these people to do it “just for attention” – is that against the law? I do things just to get attention all the time. So do you – should we pass laws banning them?

  46. SanFranGuns says:

    OK – so let’s not let hyperbole take the reins here! No one in SF is getting shoved back in the closet. LGBT people enjoy a political power here that is not equated anywhere else in the country. In fact, gay people were THE problem with respect to the nudity ban, in all honesty!

    That is just a point of fact though. Scott Wiener is a horrible horrible lawmaker. He’s pretty much a Republican running as a Democrat because he could never win actually being a Republican. He’s in the back pocket of the Chamber of Commerce and only responds to constituents of a certain class. He’s everything that’s wrong with the cocktail fundraising culture that is the Castro.

    By the way – the Castro is no longer a “gay neighborhood” – it hasn’t been in a while. It’s Disneyfied to look like one, but it represents nothing real to gay people anymore.

  47. Will you be supporting the next phase of bans (street fairs)?

  48. Fuck weiner

  49. Shane says:

    Written by someone who lives in Oakland, this comes off as bitter, uninformed and a bit ignorant.

    I lived at the corner of Castro and 18th for a decade and I am sick and tired of all these nudists. It’s not a first amendment right, it’s selfishness, it’s “I want to be naked for no other reason than it’s what I want, now give me my rights to nudity”. NO! Go be nude in all of the places that have been designated for nude people. Stop being a selfish “activist” and forcing it on people who don’t want to see your sagging ass and the guys oiling and stroking themselves. And if they are true nudists then why only do it in Castro?

    Yes SF is a fantastic liberal city, but I don’t think that means we should let anyone get away with anything they want whenever they want because they claim it is their “right”. Being nude is not a “right” guaranteed to anyone, anywhere; not in the constitution, not in any law book and not in any city charter. We are still a community and we still should act with a modicum of common decency and respect towards each other. Which means, I’m not sorry to say, the majority of people (Castro residents included) want you to keep your damn clothes on.

  50. Your exclusivity “OUR neighborhood” is representative of where the neighborhood is now, which is very different from the outward looking neighborhood that became internationally relevant. I’m hearing that you’re ready for the neighborhood to enter the “museum phase” where people can come and learn about what an interesting place it once was. The good news is you’re getting your wish, and there’s a lot more coming down the pipeline. Folsom, Bay to Breakers, Pride will be tamed as well. You’re winning, so I don’t see the need to be so angry. I think the anger stems from wanting to have it both ways. It’s the same anger that causes Castro Theatre management to nearly come to blows with reporters and it’s the same anger that causes Cliff’s employees to rough up old ladies. It’s all about wanting to have your tamer, gilded enclave with all the pretense that it’s just as relevant as ever. It’s the anger from someone lifting that veil.

  51. dula says:

    Maybe the youth wouldn’t be homeless if they could afford the rents somewhere in SF where they want to hang out. If they could live on the minimum wage jobs available, they would probably get a job. Lol you thought your exclusive, beautiful little life was going to actually be exclusive.

  52. I LOVE THIS!!! Been sharing it everywhere I go. Thanks for the great writing!!

  53. dula says:

    Whenever a city becomes economically out of reach for the middle class/working class, it stops being culturally relevant. Up and coming artists with fresh ideas aren’t flocking to NY or SF anymore. What do they have to offer besides Wall St. douchebags or tech. narcissists? LA is following in their footsteps.

  54. CastroLocal says:

    So says the writer, who lives in Oakland, to the other transient progressives who moved from the East Coast sometime in the 70’s or 80’s. As a native San Franciscan, who has lived in the Castro for 11 years, I support Scott’s moves on nudity. There are only so many times you can walk past the same naked guy with his semi-hard cock, day in and day out, before you start to say “enough is enough” (it took years, by the way – this isn’t a quick morality question – the nudists did it to themselves). They aren’t doing it because they’re artists, but simply because they’re exhibitionists. They want people to look at their cocks. Period. Little kids from France with their parents coming to learn the story of Harvey Milk? LOOK AT MY COCK!! The response? The people who live here said “ok now, that’s enough”. And the nudists admit they don’t live in the neighborhood either. So those of us who DO live in the neighborhood, who have to walk past unattractive naked people and homeless youth that take over the benches EVERY DAY, from morning to night, leaving garbage and piss on the streets, past the bridge and tunnel kids who only come at night to get trashed at the bars and destroy property, past the boarded up businesses because the landlord thinks he can get a ton of money in rent because tourists are coming (but are disappointed at the “gay mecca” of the world being a hodge-podge of crappy diners and dildo shops), where does this leave OUR neighborhood? Those of us who live here and love the neighborhood voted with our sensibilities, and overwhelmingly voted Scott into office (and will enjoy seeing him re-elected and eventually become mayor). We will continue to support the IMPROVEMENT of our neighborhood because it needs it. And if you disagree, live here for a week and see if you don’t start to feel a little less progressive.

  55. bourgeois… how very quaint a phrase. You must have picked it up in a class on Hegelian theory, so very relevant to the modern debate over the construction of a 21st century society.

  56. How disappointing that you decided to run this silly polemic by a kid who never lived through that earlier era. My partner has been here since the 70s and has a scar from the billy club of a cop who bashed him during the White Night riots. I’ve lived through the AIDS pandemic, but I guess were just old farts who can’t tell the difference between nude guys acting out versus Acting Up for something important. We heard the gay mens chorus perform Home for the Holidays last night, tourists from around the world flock to our neighborhood which finally has an LGBT museum, the transgender community is becoming increasingly visible, marching and organizing to bring another stripe of the rainbow flag fully into the greater community. I see activism here, ongoing experiments. What the author of this screed fails to note is that to a great extent “we’ve won!” The culture of the U.S. has changed. We aren’t the only beacon of freedom in the country anymore and that is a wonderful thing. As others have pointed out we have always been an expensive place to live. The tech boys and girls are in their second wave in the city and have driven up housing costs, but they are also the creators of the next big thing. We are the city that learns how by trying and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  57. lilyannerose says:

    I lived in SF from 1971 to 2000. It was amazing but it was already changing. Rents explosive, the city overcrowded with all of those dot com brats who completely changed the city. My last straw was sitting in a restaurant and a herd of the dot com brats came in took a table and one of them proclaimed ‘OK the waitress starts with 20% for every mistake we take away one percent.’ Disgusting. On Haight Street we pretty much froze them out of being comfortable in the neighborhood bars.

  58. Jason Dorn says:

    Scott Wiener, has chosen a platform to make a national name for himself..plain and simple. Ms. Lola, you get that. I don’t live in the Castro, but the naked men have always actually ‘brought tourists’ that direction to snap their ‘photos’…leading them to shop and eat in the area.. I visit the Castro and am saddened that the homeless and the vacant businesses has been allowed to flourish, while what made the area great is gone. GOOD for him, bad for 80% of the city…

  59. woody says:

    The reason they don’t go to a “real park” is because there it is ILLEGAL. The nudists inhabit the parklet because there it is legal, at least until Feb. 1. Why do you assume all the nudists are straight? Nudism is for everyone, regardless of orientation, class, race, gender; that is one of its beauties.

  60. emjayay says:

    I’m gay and I lived in San Francisco most of the time from (as it happens) the Summer of Love until 2004. The culture of San Francisco that enabled beatniks and hippies and gay liberation was historically to a major degree based on the influence of the maritime culture, where in the pre-container ship days many thousands of single male lower class ship workers from all over the world lived in San Francisco for some period of time and some maybe stayed. Plus the gold rush, where a lot of young unmarried venturesome guys came West and some also stayed. And Chinese immigrants. And other forces. Over the years footloose people just decided to move there and try to find work because of the social and physical environment, unlike other places where people might move to mainly for employment.
    While even by the 60’s rents were maybe twice what they were in a lot of other places, today rents and house or condo prices, determined by supply and demand, are many times more than in places that are not as restricted in supply and subject to huge demand. Rent or mortgage payments happen every month. It’s not like buying something once. It’s $5K a year vs. $30K a year. This has resulted in the politics described in this post.
    San Francisco looks pretty much the same as it did 20 or 30 or 40 years ago. But the clientele has necessarily almost totally changed. The term “yuppies” doesn’t seem to be used that much these days, but super-ultra-yuppies are the only people who can afford what pretty much anyone who wanted to could afford a few decades ago. It’s surprising that San Francisco has remained in many ways as progressive as it has.

  61. Ms. Lola says:

    If it’s about one tiny piece of pavement why did it require a citywide ban as a solution? Because that looks better on a political resume?

  62. mikey67 says:

    Sorry, but those naked guys aren’t writing poetry in the parklet every day. (For those of you not from SF, it’s not really a park — there’s no grass. It’s a piece of pavement aside one of the busiest intersections and subway stations in the city.) They are there to get attention, otherwise they’d go to a secluded spot in a real park. And what do those naked STRAIGHT guys have to do with oppressed kids in Kansas? Nothing. Typical of the “left” in this city to try to conflate the two. What makes this city great are NOT some naked old men in a park, but the many hard working people going to their JOBS in the high-tech, biotech, education, tourism, and other service fields every day, and yes, artists. Those old men are not artists. Just exhibitionists. And the city is still plenty weird, with Folsom and Dore Alley and Pride and every other festival.

  63. Tor says:

    San Francisco already has boring neighborhoods for the easily-offended. They should stay in Cow Hollow, Inner Sunset, Noe Valley, Excelsior, St. Francis Wood, etc. andd leave the Castro to the fun people.

  64. Jake! says:

    yeah yeah and the old ladies were predators too! In fact everyone who disagrees with gentrification is!

  65. nicho says:

    Sorry you’re bored. Now only if it were all about you — but the new Castro yuppies think it is.

  66. Ms. Lola says:

    You’re awfully sour for someone on the winning side here- after all the fig leaf has risen. Why so bitter, Boo? And defaming the defeated with your unfounded Puritanical shame based accusations. A true cheerwiener indeed.

  67. hartinSF says:

    Only if Wiener had to remove a used ass-gasket from Harvey Milk’s seat would it become a gay issue. It’s a lewd/not lewd issue.

  68. hartinSF says:

    Swimwear Sweetie? San Gregorio for me. I’m not looking for attention so no Hibernia Beach.

  69. karmanot says:

    Wiener is the worst of the worst, A carpet bagging A-gay with all the rigid pretensions of bourgeois propriety and the condescension to make his closet morality the law of the land. It’s astonishing that he should be in Harvey Milk’s seat. Wiener has no respect or true understanding of the diverse history of his district. He does represent the largely white, rich, young professionals, who moved into the area and built their upper middle class lives on the deaths of thousands of GLTBQ, who created the very gentrification these opportunists now enjoy. Truly, the battle has only begun.

  70. karmanot says:

    bourgeois square. Go live in the Avenues!

  71. Sweetie says:

    Know any good specials on Victorian swimwear?

  72. hartinSF says:

    You don’t like keeping your penis covered? Take your clothes off OverThere. And stay OverThere.

    The exhibitionists are a bore. Not to mention the sex offender exhibitionists coming in from the the area (Oakland, perhaps) for a thrill. Nice, that. Nice.

    Too bad City Hall had to step in and tell these bores to put their clothes on. I’ll vote for Mr. Wiener next time too.

  73. usagi says:

    Oh, I think we’re barely at the end of Act I on this. Wiener’s been too clever by half, and the nudists aren’t going to go quietly into the night. He’s made it into a First Amendment issue, and his star is going to look a lot dimmer when The City gets the bill for defending his poorly-written law (to say nothing of what’s going to happen when someone tries to get it enforced at one of the “exception” events and sues in the other direction). It remains to be seen if anyone is willing to take him on directly in the next election (and if the opposition can coalesce around one opponent for a change instead of running 6 opponents who end up fracturing the opposition vote).
    This is all the tech money flooding in right now. Wait until the next bust.

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