Robert Johnson – Me and the Devil Blues

We had a successful day babysitting yesterday thanks to perfect weather. For some reason, the Jardin du Luxembourg was nearly empty, so we had easy access to everything. The ponies weren’t there but the day didn’t miss a beat when we asked our goddaughter to look for the chateau. She loved it.

Marie visiting the Jardin du Luxembourg

Her fast paced run slowed on the way to the park slowed to a crawl and then she had to be carried on the way back home. She’s one of those kids who is about as easy going as they come. The cats were less impressed as they quickly found their secret hiding places in the apartment. Sushi’s hearing is going so he had to withstand an excited four year old for a few minutes.

Last night we had friends over and I copied a soup recipe that fellow blogger Masacchio prepared recently. I have to say, it’s a darned good soup and so simple to prepare. Our visiting friends – who own a French restaurant in the US – were equally impressed. It’s a combination of bunch of carrots (a kilo, perhaps?) and 2 pears (Poire Williams) that are sautéed in butter, then cooked with a bit of vegetable stock until soft. Add some grated fresh ginger, purée and add some fresh cream and you’re set. (I never know specific quantities but with good ingredients, you can never go wrong.)

This soup is a real winner and has a very autumn-y taste to it. That Masaccio really can prepare a winning table so a big thanks to him for that soup.

So now onto the Sunday morning music. Some old time blues by the late great Robert Johnson.

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