GOP wants kudos for working week before Xmas – uh, who doesn’t?

Much like the article last month making a “big deal” about Congress working the week of Thanksgiving – like everyone else in America – the GOP is trying to impress people by letting them know they’re not leaving yet for Christmas.

Oh wow, how impressive. Working the week before Christmas. How 99% of you.

The Republicans in Congress spend years messing up the economy with unnecessary wars and irresponsible tax cuts, forcing us into a false deadline to resolve the so-called fiscal cliff that they created, and now suddenly  that we’re facing with cleaning up their mess, they’re all “look at how hard we work,” not taking off the entire week before Christmas, which nearly no one in America does.

Postpone the week-long party, the Republicans are actually working the week before Christmas. How butch of them.  Christmas party via Shutterstock.

How the Republicans normally spend the week before Christmas when the rest of America is busy working. (Christmas party via Shutterstock.)

The Republicans and the rest of Congress work a schedule that makes college life sound demanding, but now we’re supposed to be impressed. Whatever. The minimum wage workers who are stuck working on Thanksgiving day, and almost every other day of the year, are probably less impressed. Even folks who work at home, like mme, don’t see as much free time as Congress — so spare me the tough-guy story.

I’m sorry, but it annoys me when I see such an idiotic story pushed out by the political class, and reporters buying it.

House Republicans plan to forge ahead on Thursday with “Plan B,” their “fiscal cliff” fallback plan, but they will not be skipping town after voting on the measures because they still hope for a broader deal with the White House.

We do not intend to send members home,” Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters. “We want to stay here, we want to avoid the fiscal cliff from happening.”

That’s nice, Eric. None of us are taking the week off either.  And you don’t see us bragging about it.

This reminds me of kids in school who procrastinate for week, and then want a medal for doing a project at the last minute.  Choosing to create a problem, then push it out for years, only means you’re a bit of an idiot, not a hard worker.

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