Puppies cam! (Video)

A neat idea.   A live cam, on puppies!

At this hour they’re sleeping, might be worth checking in tomorrow. ¬†Still, you can see them nudging each other in their sleep.


Background from the YouTube page:

Q: How old are the puppies?
A: The puppies were born on November 14, 2012.

Q: What are their genders?
A: There are 5 girls, 6 boys.

Q: What are the puppies’ names?
A: The puppies don’t have names yet but we will have a naming contest in the new year so stay tuned. Momma’s name is Zha Zha.

Q. What is the breed of these puppies?
A. Zha Zha’s puppies are German Wirehaired Pointers. German Wirehaired Pointers were developed in the 1800’s in Germany for hunting. The coat is the dog’s most distinctive feature as it is weather resistant, wire-like and insulated in the winter months. The dogs are known for being intelligent, active and determined.

Q. When does the German Wirehaired Pointer start “pointing?”
A. Pointers will begin pointing at 5 -7 weeks of age. The act of pointing, where a dog finds and points out the location of birds or prey is innate, not trained.

Q: What if I’m interested in adding one of these German Wirehaired Pointer puppies to my family?
A: Five of Zha Zha’s puppies are spoken for. There are six more available in this litter. To inquire go to http://www.hardpointkennel.com

Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the puppies?
A: The puppies are under the constant supervision of trained professionals. We do not recommend that others support a litter of newborn pups without proper training, access to a qualified veterinarian, experienced professional guidance, and veterinary knowledge.

Q: Where are the puppies?
A: These pups are in a loving home, under the constant care of responsible professionals in Glenwood, Minnesota.

Q: Why does mom disappear sometimes?
A: Momma Zha Zha has room outside the pen that allows her to step away from her pups when she needs some “me” time. Her food and water dish are just off camera.

Q: Do the puppies need human interaction for socialization purposes?
A: Yes. After the first few weeks, the puppies will be handled regularly to familiarize them with humans. This helps their general disposition, and is very important to insure a healthy relationship toward people.

Q: When do they start to eat regular dog food?
A: The puppies will be on puppy milk until 3.5 weeks old. They will transition to soft puppy food and dry kibble soon thereafter. They will be weaned at 5 — 6 weeks depending on Momma Zha Zha.

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  • Roger Menezes

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  • citizen_spot

    If by “insanely fun” you mean licking each others’ butts, then why yes, that is what I witnessed yesterday. Today, just more sleeping and twitching. ; )

  • That’s the intent :) Though as I said, the puppies were only wiggling in their sleep when I posted this, hopefully by morning they’ll be insanely fun :)

  • These vids always bring cheer. Thanks John

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