NBC: All 31 pro-gun Senators refused to go on Meet the Press today

For men and women (more likely, men) who like to play with guns, not a lot of balls in this crowd.

From the executive producer of NBC’s Sunday morning show, Meet the Press:

meet the press 3 gun senators refuse to go on

(H/t Business Insider.)

Politico reports that MTP host David Gregory noted the same thing:

boy with gun kid child

Boy with gun via Shutterstock.

“A note here this morning: We reached out to all 31 pro-gun rights senators in the new congress to invite them on the program to share their views on the subject this morning,” he said. “We had no takers.”

If they’re so afraid, maybe next time they should ask NBC if they can bring their guns.

I’ve been googling around but can’t find a list of the 31 pro-gun Senators.  Anyone?

Okay have a few names so far. Not complete yet though:

NRA “A” Rated Senators in 2012 Cycle:
1.) John Barasso (A) – NRA Endorsed
2.) Bob Corker (A) – NRA Endorsed
3.) Ted Cruz (A+) – NRA Endorsed
4.) Joe Donnelly (A)
5.) Deb Fischer (A) – NRA Endorsed
6.) Jeff Flake (A) – NRA Endorsed
7.) Orrin Hatch (A+) – NRA Endorsed
8.) Heidi Heitkamp (AQ)
9.) Dean Heller (A) – NRA Endorsed
10.) Joe Manchin (A) – NRA Endorsed
11.) Jon Tester (A-)
12.) Roger Wicker (A+) – NRA Endorsed

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