NBC: All 31 pro-gun Senators refused to go on Meet the Press today

For men and women (more likely, men) who like to play with guns, not a lot of balls in this crowd.

From the executive producer of NBC’s Sunday morning show, Meet the Press:

meet the press 3 gun senators refuse to go on

(H/t Business Insider.)

Politico reports that MTP host David Gregory noted the same thing:

boy with gun kid child

Boy with gun via Shutterstock.

“A note here this morning: We reached out to all 31 pro-gun rights senators in the new congress to invite them on the program to share their views on the subject this morning,” he said. “We had no takers.”

If they’re so afraid, maybe next time they should ask NBC if they can bring their guns.

I’ve been googling around but can’t find a list of the 31 pro-gun Senators.  Anyone?

Okay have a few names so far. Not complete yet though:

NRA “A” Rated Senators in 2012 Cycle:
1.) John Barasso (A) – NRA Endorsed
2.) Bob Corker (A) – NRA Endorsed
3.) Ted Cruz (A+) – NRA Endorsed
4.) Joe Donnelly (A)
5.) Deb Fischer (A) – NRA Endorsed
6.) Jeff Flake (A) – NRA Endorsed
7.) Orrin Hatch (A+) – NRA Endorsed
8.) Heidi Heitkamp (AQ)
9.) Dean Heller (A) – NRA Endorsed
10.) Joe Manchin (A) – NRA Endorsed
11.) Jon Tester (A-)
12.) Roger Wicker (A+) – NRA Endorsed

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  • kwilco

    The AR’s sold to the public are not true AR’s. They are semi auto. One trigger pull one shot. Each shot requires a trigger pull. Military grade are full auto, pull the trigger and hold it and the gun will fire until empty. The public can not own a full auto unless they have a special license.

  • thefussion

    Racist!! How the hell do you conclude that any thing i said was racist????
    Are you a good troll or think you can win any argument by calling someone a racist?

  • Thank you, my friend. I do appreciate it. Much of what you’ve written has affected my ways of thinking and looking at things, too.

    BTW, I will probably not be commenting much during the next couple of days because we are in the process of moving to a new house. If things go well, and the broadband is installed on schedule on Thursday may be back online by the weekend, but you know how that can go… Cheers!

  • A reader in Colorado

    I recc’ed this post hours ago, because your count was at 19, and I wanted to push you over to 20. I regret that I cannot recommend it any more, to make 30. But as of this our this is at 28,.

  • Not to worry MM, as Zorba will confirm I often put both feet in my mouth at times.

  • Carol French
  • ComradeRutherford

    All 31 pro-gun Senators refused to go on Meet the Press and the NRA TOOK DOWN their Facebook page!

    Because they’ve got NOTHING! They have no coherent response to this. The only thing the NRA can say at times like this is ‘if only those 5 year olds all had their own assault rifle, then they cold have defended themselves’, which is what Rep Gomer said yesterday.

    The gun nuts have NOTHING!

  • samizdat

    And the award for the best whistling-past-the-graveyard racist rant goes too…the fussion!


    (You willfully ignorant idiot)

  • Thefussion

    Why do I defend rights? Because rights are supposed to be for every one. That’s what made this county great (at one time). If you don’t like the second amendment, get rid of it.. Period. Then again those jokers in Washington, D.C. Don’t seen to give a damn about the constitution anyway. And please, don’t lump me in with those folks who think we started going down the wrong path after Obama was elected. It started with the whiskey rebellion from almost day one. Maybe the constitution gives us the mess we have today or is powerless to stop it… I just don’t know anymore “Shall not be infringed” pretty plain and simple to me but their are over 40,000 gun laws ,
    By the way I am 40 , and haven’t owned a gun since I was 16 no obsession or affinity here ,just don’t feel the need to own one.. Maybe you have an Internet addiction causing you to loose sleep , do you drive? Maybe you should have to report to the DMV every day to make sure you don’t fall asleep at the wheel and plow into pedestrians or god forbid a school yard play ground.

  • ckg1

    Becca: Great post.

    To answer the question you pose in the last paragraph, take a look at Michael Moore’s latest column; it’s made up of his tweets on the shootings-and some of them address it


  • Thaddeus Howze

    Guns do not make Americans violent. America Does.

    We are a nation in crisis, a moral crisis, a social crisis but most importantly a mental health crisis we are completely in denial about. We are violent because we are trained to be.

    A friend of mine said to me and our Facebook community that video games were the source of violence in young men today, preparing them for a life of violence. So I am not accused of misquoting him later:

    “It’s disheartening that I have read countless posts calling for tighter gun control in the wake of today’s tragic events….. but not a single post calling into question first-person shooter simulators (games) that train the mind to kill everything that moves with impunity. Driving simulators are designed to improve driving skills…… Sports simulators are designed to improve play calling, and teach fundamentals….. What the [email protected] are shooter simulators for?”

    I strongly disagree with this. Not because of what he was proposing; that games make for more proficient shooters. That part is true. But the problem is not the games.

    It’s the availability of guns.

    No guns, no shooters. It’s really that simple.
    No bullets, no shooters. The skills trained in video games do not make for better soldiers. It makes for better combat awareness.

    As a former military person, NOTHING can prepare you for the day when someone is shooting back at you with real bullets. NOTHING.

    So the idea that video games make people violent is not completely true.

    A violent society where human needs and human rights are often ignored or trod over, make for a more violent society. We would like to blame our entertainments because that would be so convenient. We could just say “Ban all games with violent content.” And if your statement were true, all violence would go away. NOT.

    You want to stop violence?

    Read the rest at Quora: http://www.quora.com/Thaddeus-Howze/Posts/Guns-dont-make-Americans-violent-America-does

  • Aanel

    A list of who the NRA has bought in Congress: http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/recips.php?cycle=2012&id=D000000082

  • EdA

    As you say, no one demanded that you visit Americablog. So your issue is that you are not adequately entertained and you come back for more???

  • Merry, I am a veteran and would never want a gun where I live. I have been down the path of extreme depression. I would never do to my family what was done to us when my mother took her life when i was 11. She did not use a gun, but a gun would make it all to easy and irreversible. I live in a rooming house and have lived in apartments here in Memphis, TN. Every complex I have lived in forbad guns because people do have accidents, and so many people do try to resolve arguments with a gun. I see it on the news all the time where two guys were arguing or had a fender bender, and one eventually got his gun out of the glove box., which is why the story made the news in the 1st place. Otherwise, it would have just been two guys had an argument in a store and carried it out into the parking lot, or two guys had a fender bender, or two people argued drunk in a bar. Nobody cares and the news doesn’t report it until one grabs his gun and shoots someone to settle the argument.

  • blogmob

    Your car is inspected every year. You have to pass an eye test every time your drivers license is renewed. Let’s make it ten – no, a hundred – times more onerous for gun owners to enjoy their fetish. Let’s tax them heavily to support the bureaucracy they’ll have to deal with, too. I say pile it on. They want to own legal weapons? Then deal with it. They want to own illegal weapons? Then let them become criminals, and enjoy supporting the gun runners, drug gangs, and other pleasant people who will be aiding them. Look, I don’t know where this will go or how we’ll get there, but as far as I can tell, the tide has turned with this unimaginable horror. We are more than sad, and more than angry. Their time with their toys is over. Not really much middle ground here, I don’t really want any civilian anywhere near me owning something that can take out my whole family in a matter of seconds. However rationally or nicely we put it, they’re going to hear “yes, in fact, we _are_ coming for your guns now.” So let’s give it to them.

  • I can’t figure out why for the sake of Pete, they don’t want to answer
    questions right now? According to some of the crazy, cold, and heartless
    responses to calls for gun control discussions, you think they would be
    eager to argue Stand Your ground right now. Didn’t they try to defend
    George Zimmerman for shooting a 17 y.o. with a soda and Skittles? Last I
    checked, that effort has not disappeared.

  • Zorba

    Again, I’m sorry for my response. It is difficult to pick up on “tones” when just reading. It’s not your fault. It is just the way the Internet is, plus my own misinterpretation. Peace.

  • MerryMarjie

    I have re-read it again and again and I can see how it could be construed as sarcasm, but believe me, I was being sincere. I tend to get too over-enthusiastic and word phrases badly, I’m afraid, so it’s my fault. Be assured, I am anti-gun and think calling weapon-toters “cowardly” is superb.

  • Zorba

    Well, I am terribly sorry, MerryMarjie, because I misconstrued your comment as pure sarcasm. Hard to tell, sometimes, over the Internet. Mea culpa!

  • MerryMarjie

    I’m sorry, what are you talking about? I’m agreeing with Jim. How is my post worded to make you so mad? I’m baffled!

  • Zorba

    What the hell is your problem? You seem to want to insult and belittle people who are (apparently) on the same side as you are. Maybe. It is certainly not clear from your snide response. If you are on the “other” side, then the hell with you. Either way, your sarcastic response does not reflect well on you.

  • KingCranky

    I have a better idea:

    Stop whining.

  • MerryMarjie

    Why, you’re right, Jim! I never thought of it that way, but you are 100% right! Why can’t we launch a campaign like “Only Cowards Carry Guns,” or “Using Guns Is Cowardice,” or something of that sort? It is absolutely true, and your comment about the “very rare circumstances of self-defense” is also on target. People act like they have to defend themselves against hoards of criminals or zombies, and yet, the likelihood of either event must be miniscule.
    Thank you for the “coward” comparison, and maybe it will catch on. I know I’ll be using it!

  • houstonray

    What a great, well thought out response. Thank you.

  • The sooner the better

  • tsuki

    Jerry Moran, Jeff Sessions, any Southern Senator

  • Jon Maas

    No, but Bill Bennett, Mr. Virtue sure did and of course he endorsed the idea of principals being armed and trained as sharpshooters and in the process revealed that he knows less about guns and safety than he does about gambling and diets.

  • You are certainly welcome to visit other blogs instead, DWD. Or start your own blog.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    add the site to your RSS reader, then you’ll only see new content when there is someone and save yourself the time of coming to the site.

  • DWD

    I have an idea: either find some content or close this down from Friday through Monday. (Error 404 would be better)

    No one demanded you be a blogger (or that I visit)

    But if you are, try to do some, you know, blogging.

  • Tor

    There are only 31??

  • Guest

    The same old cant. The same old denial, bub. Why do you and your ilk feel compelled to defend the right of crazy people to have guns? And why do you need an assault weapon anyway? Your obsessive affinity to weapons is a mental illness, and maybe you ought to be locked up.

  • Well done FM!

  • Just excellent!

  • thefussion

    Yes..and after all that regulating we will finally do away with gun crimes and I will sleep well knowing that the freedom I will have lost to those regular and often safety inspections by some nameless bureaucrat will also be conducted in the inner cities, where people always comply with the law. Yep thats what we need, some good ole fashioned home inspections..Hey, what about a local federal officer stationed at every neighbor hood in america? You know, to do the inspections? and while they are there, why not just have them go ahead an check for illegal aliens, illegal drugs, carbon emissions. ect..Please dont “push” the camels nose in under the tent any further than it already is.
    Good luck to you… See you in reality.

  • douglas01

    For being so macho about guns these 31 Senators are certainly a bunch of candy asses, afraid to stand up on TV and support their positions. COWARDS to the core.

  • FunMe

    Over a HP, someone posted “top 20 recipients of NRA contributions in 2012. These names should go next to the names of the 20 children who died in Newton. There are no surprises here, since we can see them all hiding back in the coat closets. A better list surely can be made but this is a start.”
    Rank Candidate Office Amount
    1 Romney, Mitt (R) $838,599
    2 Boehner, John (R-OH) House $48,575
    3 Cruz, Ted (R-TX) $43,429
    4 Rehberg, Denny (R-MT) House $43,029
    5 Mandel, Josh (R-OH) $41,525
    6 West, Allen (R-FL) House $38,351
    7 Perry, Rick (R) $37,450
    8 Brown, Scott (R-MA) Senate $30,275
    9 Santorum, Rick (R) $29,377
    10 Bachmann, Michele (R-MN) House $28,822
    11 Heller, Dean (R-NV) Senate $26,900
    12 Allen, George (R-VA) $25,700
    13 Daines, Steven (R-MT) $24,672
    14 Barrasso, John A (R-WY) Senate $23,258
    15 Gingrich, Newt (R) $23,150
    16 Cain, Herman (R) $22,889
    17 Paul, Ron (R) House $21,700
    18 Coffman, Mike (R-CO) House $20,200
    19 Quayle, Ben (R-AZ) House $19,600
    20 Mourdock, Richard E (R-IN) $19,472

  • cole3244

    chicken hawks are cowards on more than one issue from the looks of it.

  • Jim

    Cowards, all! And anyone who uses a gun against another human being, except in the very rare circumstances of self-defense, is nothing more than an weak, sniveling embarrassment to the human race — and I include many law enforcement and military personnel in that category — nothing more than cowards who deserve only our deepest derision. Fuck you all!

  • I saw a remark over on dKos that hit home: One group uses box cutters to hijack four planes, back when passengers used to think that cooperation made the most sense. Result: Now even merely pointy objects like knitting needles and nail files are confiscated. Another guy gets on a plane and fails to make his shoe explode. So we all had to take off our shoes and have them screened separately. Another idiot group talks about but doesn’t manage to accomplish anything regarding using bottles of liquid to manufacture explosives on a flight, now we’re not allowed more than a couple ounces total of anything. Another man attempts (and fails to detonate) explosives in his underwear. We’re now subjected to groping pat-downs and radiation bath scans. Someone points out that buses and trains are vulnerable, so now the TSA is talking about instituting the same level of screening and confiscations for those modes of transportation.

    Tens of thousands of Americans die needlessly each year from firearms — some as a result of violent assaults, some due to accidental shootings, and some due to lunatics looking to make a name for themselves with the size and horror of their massacre. Yet we can’t even get a consensus that maybe it shouldn’t be possible for a civilian to shoot more than 10-12 rounds without reloading, or that maybe the idea of military-grade assault rifles, even if cosmetically altered to evade controls, doesn’t really make the rest of us safer. Or maybe we ought to open the question as to whether sport hunting needs semi-automatic capabilities. Or whether prospective gun owners should have to pass background and mental fitness checks, as well as mandatory safety courses. We can’t even mandate a federal requirement for secured gun safes or trigger/chamber locks in homes with children or mentally-unstable adults. Honestly, I’m surprised the NRA hasn’t complained about passengers not being allowed to have guns on planes.

    For those who think that owning enough guns means the Feds will fear you, that the old tree of liberty can still be watered with the blood of patriots, I have a few words in response: SWAT teams. Armored assault vehicles. Blackhawks and Warthogs. For those who think that having guns is a deterrent when the Mad Max hordes show up after the collapse of society — guess what? They’ll have more guns than you, because while you and your family were hunkering down and chowing down on your buckets of shelf-stabilized freeze-dried food, they were looting the gun shops. For those who think that if only a few people had carry-concealed permits like, say when the Aurora theater massacre happened — well, statistically, according to Colorado numbers, in all likelihood there were several people packing heat already…and they ran just like everybody else. Just like most of you would in that kind of situation, where protecting yourself and your loved ones takes immediate precedence over going all Rambo or John McClane and attempting to shoot the gunman/men, while miraculously avoiding hitting any innocent, equally panicked bystanders.

    It’s a tradeoff. We’ve already tried the “guns for nearly anybody who wants one (or a few dozen)” approach, and the result of this experiment in an armed populace has been a gun injury and mortality rate higher than anywhere else in the civilized (sic) world.

    If the argument is about hunting — well, there really is no need for military-grade weapons, right? A spray of a dozen slugs will just about ruin a deer anyway and it’ll absolutely shred a pheasant, duck, or rabbit. If the argument is about personal safety — why does someone need more than ten rounds in a clip? Unless perhaps the whole point is folks don’t want the hassle of learning to hit something with just one or two carefully aimed rounds? Strikes me as a safety issue, where those who don’t want to have to learn to shoot straight want to compensate with a few dozen rounds thrown in a vaguely general direction. And while we’re on the topic of safety — why the objections to trigger locks and gun safes, especially in homes where there are kids? The time it takes to open a biometric safe or remove that lock is about the same amount of time you’ll be sitting up in bed wondering whether that noise you heard downstairs was someone breaking in or just the family cat knocking over a vase.

    I don’t believe I’m an anti-gun nut, although I’m sure some enthusiasts will disagree. I grew up in a home with a whole lot of guns, and fortunately had a father who — at least until he himself went kinda nuts — taught us kids serious gun safety rules. We went hunting, a lot, and there the rule was, “You shoot it, you gut and skin it, we eat it.” My wife and I do own guns now. I actually don’t think all guns should be outlawed, especially given how there are other countries, such as Canada, where millions have ’em, but they don’t have anything approaching the mortality and casualty rate as we do here. But I do think we need to try a whole lot harder than we have been to keep guns out of the hands of children, criminals, and the mentally unstable. And that furthermore, since it’s not possible to guarantee this, we could at least take a few steps to minimize the harm that happens when someone like that does happen to acquire those guns — such as outlawing military-grade weapons in civilian homes, limits on clip size, and requirements that guns not actually in use be kept locked up.

    As I’ve also said in other comments, we Americans need to ask ourselves why we’re such an inherently violence-prone people. Why we’re addicted to fear and to anger. And why some of us say the solution to a mentally disturbed young man killing a few dozen children and adults isn’t to have ensured he couldn’t get at those guns, but to add crossfire to an already tragic situation.

  • “—-at least 25 of them never served in the armed forces of this country when they were eligible to serve.” Ain’t that the truth!

  • akglow

    So far, what I could find was a story listing 31 Senators who voted against confirming Sonia Sotomayor for Justice, because the NRA came out in opposition to her, calling her “hostile” to the Second Amendment right to bear arms.


    Along with this, here are a couple of links listing the “Gun Owners of America”‘s rating on members of Congress:


  • silas1898

    Schieffer said he tried to get Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on his show.

    No takers.

  • blogmob

    Only 31? I bet there’s more than that. And what exactly does “pro-gun rights” mean here?

    But I’ll tell you what else: damn right we’re coming for your guns. We’re done with this. No, we won’t “infringe” your “right to keep and bear arms” (by which the Founders meant muskets and pistols…oh wait “arms” is generic and not qualified by size or type or shooting mechanism…so it means cannons, assault weapons, bazookas, cluster bombs, and nukes too, right?).

    But read the first 4 words of the 2nd Amendment, you “originalists.” Right: we are going to _regulate_ you, and regulate you _well._ It’s right there. We are going to make you pass a serious psychological profile, with a high bar. Make you get serious safety training, including safe storage. Make you open your stockpile and home to regular safety inspections. Require that your license requires re-inspection and re-examination regularly and often. Then you can buy a single, non-automatic handgun or hunting rifle. We are going to “well regulate” the crap out of you.

    And your fantasies of an armed insurrection against the government when it comes to take your guns and forcibly convert you to Islamic Socialism? They’d come with drones, gas, sound cannons, heat rays (“Active Denial Systems”). Good luck. See you in Hell.

  • Canyon2

    Thanks for trying to find out the names of these Senators for us. I too would like to have their names.
    Too bad they are such chickenshits at a time like this and I would bet that of the 31 Senators, at least 25 of them never served in the armed forces of this country when they were eligible to serve.

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