Amazing video of catfish hunting pigeons

Many people are now familiar with the beach-breaching killer whales of Patagonia, but French researchers have filmed something similar, but with catfish and pigeons. It’s surprising, but impressive to watch.

GrindTV Outdoor Blog:

Study subjects were Wels catfish (Silurus glanis), an invasive or non-native species, and their peculiar behavior is an example of an introduced species adapting to a new environment in order to survive. Native catfish in the river did not exhibit beaching behavior as a prey strategy.

“Since this extreme behavior has not been reported in the native range of the species, our results suggest that some individuals in introduced predator populations may adapt their behavior to forage on novel prey in new environments, leading to behavioral and trophic specialization to actively cross the water-land interface,” the study states.

The sample video here includes two successful catfish kills and two misses.

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  • nice to read.. i want to share this thing also another way to catch a big catfish

  • Raimo Kangasniemi

    28 percent success rate according to researches.

  • NorthKoreasunshine

    Looks to me like one catch and three misses.

  • First they came for the pigeons…

  • Jump bubba, jump. very funny!

  • hollywoodstein

    Maybe you shouldn’t click on the video since it says it right there in the title.

  • I know, I know —I murdered some celery at lunch today.

  • Just an elbow

    Where do you think your fried chicken comes from? Get a grip.

  • UncleBucky

    Do not go into the jungle… there are big catfish, like the ones underneath bridges in the Mississippi, that are big enough to take humans… especially dull, slow Republicans. ;O)

  • News Nag

    I ordinarily love your postings, Chris, but not this one. I loathe these types of displays of violence. Sharing the video is no less gratuitous and prurient than the NY Post’s photo of that man stuck on the NYC subway track. Your post really turns me off of AmericaBlog, which I use as a gateway to RawStory and other sites. There are other gateways I can use if I can no longer come here without seeing the still-shot setup for the food-chain violence to ensue. Would it be okay to see a catch and maybe swallow a baby? Please keep your murder videos to your private sadist email list.

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