Pat Robertson is vewy vewy upset that the gays are getting married at West Point

West Point’s chapel hosted its first marriage of a gay couple last Saturday, and Pat Robertson is vewy vewy upset. First a bit of background from USA Today:

Fulton, a veteran and the communications director of an organization called OutServe — which represents actively serving gay, lesbian and bisexual military personnel — confirmed in an e-mail to USA TODAY Friday night: “We will be the first same sex couple to wed at the Cadet Chapel at West Point.”

The wedding was the second gay marriage West Point has hosted. The first was a small, private ceremony last weekend between two of Fulton’s friends in a smaller venue on the campus.

Sue and her wife, Penelope Gnesin, have been a couple for 17 years.

Pat Robertson, a big Republican who routinely speaks for God, whether folks want him to or not, thinks all the famous old generals, including Robert E. Lee (oddly), would be rolling over in their graves if they saw a gay couple getting married at the West Point chapel.

Well, I suspect Robert E. Lee wouldn’t be too pleased with an African-American commander-in-chief either.  And I’m not sure why any of us should care what he thinks.

As for Pat Robertson, the man ran for president as a Republican, he is a lead voice in the Republican party, and unwields undue influence along with his religious right brethren. It matters what Robertson says if only to expose the increasingly shrill voices that have taken over the Republican party.

And here’s Sue talking about the one year anniversary of the signing of the DADT repeal:

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