Obama to accept unlimited corporate money for inauguration

Considering the problems that we’re facing today, this is a very poor way to start a second term.  Keep in mind that those donors, who are the least in need, such as Wall Street CEOs, are actively lobbying to gut the social system. They shouldn’t be be involved in the inauguration.  Sure they’re accepting mild tax increases but for them, it’s an easy price to pay. Too easy, really.

While I wouldn’t blame Obama for the runaway greed of the Moocher Class, he’s done very little to stop it.

Now we have the problem of Democrats including Obama reportedly ready to accept another painfully bad dealwith the Moocher Class. If true, it stinks as

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much as the the piddly Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform following the 2008 meltdown. It’s something, but hardly what anyone would expect following such a crisis.

The economic situation today is not a result of the middle class and poor. The problems that we face today are primarily a result of wars that we didn’t need or could afford, plus radical tax cuts that we couldn’t afford. The financial benefits of recent decades has all gone to the corporate elite and it’s not even close.

So to read that Obama is going to accept unlimited corporate cash for his second inauguration, apologies in advance if I’m not impressed. It’s more of the same from the president who promised change, but has been too much about staying the course.

Is this the change anyone voted for?

President Barack Obama will accept unlimited corporate contributions to help finance his 2013 inauguration, a shift from 2009, when corporate funding was barred and per-person donations were capped at $50,000.

The president’s inaugural committee made the decision, which was first reported by Politico, because, they said, contributions from individuals alone would not raise enough to cover the price tag of all the events.

“Our goal is to make sure that we will meet the fundraising requirements for this civic event after the most expensive presidential campaign in history,” Addie Whisenant, spokesperson for the Presidential Inauguration Committee, said in a statement.

Maybe it’s just me, but people who need such expensive, flashy events look so fragile and weak. If you need this to boost your ego, grow up. If it’s not about someone’s delicate ego, I’m at a loss for why it’s so important.

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