(Updated) New action page to stop benefit cuts

UPDATE: For a full list of what counts as a benefit cut, go here.

Consider this a reference post. The broad progressive coalition fighting with and for you to prevent Barack Obama and the Democratic Party from bargaining away any Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefit — that group now has a new Senate contact and “whipcount” page:


Feel free to use it. And by the way, scroll down to the Brought to You By section of the page and notice the impressive number of organizations that are pulling out the stops on this. Please help us help you — and please don’t forget to report back. Thanks!

How to stop benefit cuts: an overview

Any move by Obama or the Democrats to partner with the Republicans to roll back social insurance is being fought hard and effectively — so far. But your help is needed. We can stop this in three places:

obama_oval_office_golf_320px-Barack_Obama_takes_a_practice_putt_in_the_Oval_Office■ The House, with a coalition of Obama-opposing progressives and their right-wing tax-hating TP brethern.

■ The Senate, with a coalition of Democrats who will stand firm — stand for their party’s legacy; and stand against Obama’s attempt to burnish his own legacy on the back of social insurance programs.

■ At the president’s desk, by making it poison for him to touch with a surrogate’s ten-foot pole any presidential attempt to bargain away these benefits.

A bunch of us are working on a House whip-count. House phone numbers here. The Senate contact and whip-count page is here. Senate phone numbers here. The White House has phones:

White House
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

All three bases covered. You can work all three.

Bottom line: This could turn into the best progressive win since Obama took office in 2008. But no dancing outside the endzone. Our first goal — January 1 with no damage done.

I’ll update this post as needed with new links and changes. Thanks!


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  • Feinstein’s blocking comments too

  • MichaelS

    Schumer’s office not taking comments — can’t even get through.

    Time for progressive’s to start posting web & TV ads to this effect: If we had wanted a Republican plan, we would have voted for Romney!! Obama’s plan is actually WORSE than Romney’s — Romney’s plan would not have touched anyone 55 and over… Obama’s plan is hurting EVERYONE, immediately.

    Why is it that when Republicans win, they get what they want, and when they lose, they still get what they want??????

  • For what it’s worth, I couldn’t get anything but a mushy non-answer from NM’s Senators Bingaman (retiring this year) and Tom Udall. Well, their offices anyway.

    They said both Senators are against cuts in Social Security and Medicare, but neither office would say the Senators commit to opposing or filibustering a deal that included chained-CPI, a raising of Medicare eligibility age, or other direct cuts to seniors.

    I was just one caller though, and I’m hoping someone was able to get a more definitive (and better) result.

  • Thanks for a more effective means! :)

  • bejammin075

    Phone calls are 100 times more potent than email. All of us should just be in the habit of having the necessary phone numbers stored in our phones. It takes only half a minute to look up the numbers for the White House, Senate and House of Reps, and another 1 minute to permanantly store them in our phones.

  • Sent an e-mail to Barbara Boxer, but Diane Feinstein is blocking e-mails on Social Security.

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