Kids find gun, loaded, safety off, in cinema after concealed-carry guy “loses” it, doesn’t call cops

CNN reports that some kids in a small town in Oregon went on a field trip to see the new movie, The Hobbit (wow, that counts as a field trip – send me to Oregon!), and what falls to the floor as they pull down their seats?  A loaded handgun, safety off.

The kids were smart enough not to touch it, and called a teacher who then called the police.

But this is the part of the story that gets me.  From KPTV:

gun controlOn Wednesday night, Tillamook police said a 61-year-old man went into the theater to ask if someone had found his gun.

Officers contacted the man and learned he realized his gun was lost Tuesday night at the theater so he tried calling the business. He said there was no answer, so he tried again Wednesday.

After being unable to reach any employees by phone, he drove back to the theater to see if his gun had been placed in lost-and-found.

Police did not identify the man, but officers said he has a Tillamook County concealed handgun license and his information will be provided to the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office. A report will then be sent to the district attorney’s office for review….

The gun’s owner told police he never thought to call law enforcement officers to report the gun as lost.

Huh.  This is the poster boy for concealed carry advocates.  A man carries around a loaded gun, safety off, then loses it in a public place frequented by children (it’s “The Hobbit,” of all movies), and doesn’t “think” to call the police.

The NRA likes to pretend that we live in a perfect world, where all we need is current law enforced and more gun safety training.  But it doesn’t work that way.  We live in an imperfect world full of people, some of whom are stupid, and others just hateful. Not everyone is going to “get” the whole “safety training” thing.  As this man proves.  He had a loaded gun on him, safety off – who does that?  I had BB guns (air rifles, to be exact) when I was a kid (still do, somewhere) and I knew to always have the safety on when walking around with it.  And the one or two times I’ve used a gun – skeet shooting, pheasant hunting, and then target practice – again, I knew that the safety is always on unless you’re firing the thing.

People are imperfect.  They’re going to mess up and break the rules.  And when we’re talking about deadly weapons, we need to accept the fact that no amount of training, or restrictions, are going to make guns safe enough.  The only way to make guns safe enough, is to get rid of them all together.


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47 Responses to “Kids find gun, loaded, safety off, in cinema after concealed-carry guy “loses” it, doesn’t call cops”

  1. UNITED WE STAND says:

    ComradeRutherford; go back to Russia! US Americans have the right to bare arms!. That right shall not be infringed upon. Most of you people are so scared of arms, yet you know nothing about them!
    Educate yourself and your family about guns and youll realize that a gun is just a tool. It is the person handling the tool that you should be concerned about. Now, stop letting your kids play video war games, stop watching MSNBC and listening to the media. Ween them off of the antidepressants and go do something physical: outdoors! Educate your family on the responsible use of firearms and take them out to the range and have some fun. God Bless America!!!!!

  2. Reverbflange says:

    EVERYONE carrying a gun is a homicidal maniac? Please, I hope you never own a gun with that ridiculous thought pattern. Wow. People these days scare the shit out of me… not gun owners, but people like you who assume anyone with a gun is a killer. Stay in your cave. You’re safer.

  3. Reverbflange says:

    Definitely. Concealed permits come with great responsibility; this guy kinda blew it.

  4. Reverbflange says:

    exactly. Open-carrier gets shot down first, then there’s no help till police arrive; concealed is the way to go.

  5. Reverbflange says:

    One good reason to have it concealed is to not freak everyone out. If I was to walk around a mall with a pistol strapped to my hip, everyone is going to feel very uncomfortable, and it would bring lots of unneeded attention. Another reason for the desire to carry a gun at all is to protect your family if you were to come across a crazy psycho or encounter a gunman shooting mass people. Police can never get there quick enough, if someone is there with a concealed weapon, they could stop the gunman within seconds, sparing many lives.

  6. Reverbflange says:

    If you would stab someone in the HEART just for seeing them with a gun, then YOU are in need of mental health analysis. It’s people like you who end up killing people.

  7. Reverbflange says:

    Are you serious? Once we get rid of the guns?! So you think “once we get rid of the guns” that the crazy killers who own guns are just gonna give them up? You’re out of your mind. If all the law abiding citizens gave their guns up, only the law BREAKERS will have them, then it’s a blood bath, and the only protection you’ll have is the “police” who are 4-10 minutes away. You’re dead by then. Great logic.

  8. Wade says:

    The last statement is just as stupid as the First. Who writes this stuff. There’s no perfect world, and there’s no world without Guns. The first time there’s trouble is the time the person without the gun is looking for someone with a gun. Gun Safety and Knowledge is the only way. You cant fix Stupid. Just Start Thinking and that goes for everyone.

  9. stabbykat says:

    Yep. I have a friend in the UK who was robbed at gunpoint, and shot in the leg by some douchebag criminal. This whole gun debate is so stupid and pointless. Nothing good is going to be done about crime by banning guns, it’s an ineffective feel-good measure and just puts innocent people at a disadvantage.

    Also this article is written by a moron. “The poster boy for concealed carry advocates…” Seriously, how low do you have to sink as a failure of a journalist to think this baseless propaganda piece is serious journalism? That statement doesn’t even make sense ironically. Do you even care about your integrity when you can’t even entertain the thought of a non-biased look at the issue?

  10. Neal Feldman says:

    To say the least, this clown should have his CWP revoked and be barred from getting another.

    Apparently CWP holders need senility tests every so often…

  11. baldand50 says:

    “Freedom of Speech” is shorthand for freedom of speech suppression by the government…it does not mean “saying whatever you want.” Whether the government is suppressing your speech or not, you might want to stifle yourself around gun nuts as a way of preserving your personal safety. But unless the gun nut is acting on behalf of the gubmint, your freedom of speech is not in question.

  12. Mike Meyer says:

    Humorous–of course, well, unless YOU are a Native American, or any other victim of gun violence, I think.

  13. milli2 says:

    LOL, I think.

  14. rmthunter says:

    “Ironically, the kids not touching the gun and telling an adult is exactly what the NRA has taught children for decades.”

    OK — so what has the NRA been teaching adults?

  15. KingCranky says:

    I guess you’ve never read about cops getting gunned down.

    They carry their weapons openly.


  16. Litterbox says:

    Please give some examples where this has happened. Thanks.

  17. Litterbox says:

    Wow. So you would rather be a victim of crime, or your loved ones, than have the ability to defend yourself or them? Sad. Then on top of it, you actually think you can get rid of handguns. Im sure the criminals will be more than happy to go along with this law like they do all the others, right?. All you will do is disarm the honest law abiding people.

  18. Litterbox says:

    Ironically, the kids not touching the gun and telling an adult is exactly what the NRA has taught children for decades. I’m amazed that you (John) see this issue as pure black and white with no possible way of understanding any other position or even entertaining a middle ground. Tens of thousands of responsible gun owners and you guys focus on the dolts rather than the success stories (such as the Pearl MS massacre that was stopped by a legally armed person…shhhhh, dont talk about that!)? Its a staggering amount of intellectual dishonesty being displayed here. Calling him the “poster boy” for concealed carry? Really? Is that accurate or truly representative of the thousands of people that legally carry every day that you never hear about? You know its not, but it doesn’t stop you from painting that picture. What makes you any different than anyone from the Right that constantly and intentionally mis-characterizes the facts to push an unrealistic goal.

  19. VolintheVille says:

    I wonder what the law states in a situation such as this, a citation? Will he get his gun back?

  20. mike31c says:

    And is this your typical gun nut? Losing his mind and does not have two working brain cells working to call the police to report a lost gun. What an ass. He needs to be sterilized.

  21. TuxedoCartman says:

    Yup. Not to mention outlawing ammunition. That Glock 9 you’ve kept hidden under your floorboards for 20 years in anticipation the day you’ll visit Holy retribution on your enemies won’t do you a whole lot of good if A) you haven’t been able to practice with it, and B) your ammo’s gone bad in that time, and you can’t easily replace it.

  22. Mike Meyer says:

    Can’t STEAL The Red Man’s land unless ya go guns. Its why WE have a 2nd Amendment, so that the average citizen can be enlisted to help hang on to ALL this wealth and prosperity. FACE FACTS , life ain’t that great on the reservation and those Injuns may one day desire COMPENSATION for ALLLLL those resources WE stole, among other things. (attempted genocide) Just because WE act irresponsibly by shooting each other won’t change that. I understand that WE ALL want a select few in the military to do OUR killing for US and the rest just rake in the gravy, but that’s hardly fair. After all WE are ALL RESPONSIBLE to maintain the safety and security of this great prize,

  23. KingCranky says:

    John, you commie/lib, according to this esteemed, incoming member of our Texas legislature, guns are nowhere near as deadly as pingpongs (yes, he actually said “pingpongs”, with an “s”.)

    Texas GOPer: Ping-Pong kills more people than guns

    Same story, different link, with some hysterical readers comments-start with oldest comments first.

  24. TuxedoCartman says:

    Can you 3D print ammo? No? What about the primers or gunpowder to make your own? Can’t do that either? Huh….

  25. KingCranky says:

    There’s another reason open-carry is such a stupid policy.

    A criminal sees the gun, shoots open-carry weapon-holder.

    The end.

  26. citizen_spot says:

    The best part about liability insurance is that the cost will be determined by the “Free Market”. Right wingers just love the “Free Market”! Want to own an assault rifle, why then your liability insurance premium will be $100,000 a month. Can’t afford that? Too bad, the “Free Market” has spoken.

  27. marmom07 says:

    I’ve got no problem with sane, responsible adults having weapons
    designed to kill people, provided they control them by either legally
    having them on their person or lock them up securely.

    The problem with this statement is there is no fool proof way to know who is stable and sane and responsible via a background check. A background check would not have caught most of these guys. Or some one like Adam Lanza simply takes someone else’s legal gun. Once you get a gun what keeps you from having some life event (divorce, job loss etc) and you are no longer “sane” yet you still have the gun. Most of these people who have committed the mass murders or other “heat of the moment” murders have no prior history of violence or mental health issues. The only way is to ban all guns period. It’s basic statistics: fewer guns means fewer opportunities for deadly violence. And fewer deaths due to guns.

  28. Think of England says:

    According to an editorial I read (here? The NY Times?), guns silence free speech. Who would be irritating or annoying around people carrying guns? Are you going to argue with someone carrying a gun? It’s a huge suppressor of free speech .Maybe on those grounds, they can be eliminated? I’m for the total elimination of guns in our country (including rifles for hunting).

  29. Outspoken1 says:

    Wearing a gun where ‘everyone’ can see it is called ‘open carry.’ Most major municipalities have a law against open carry since that would be dangerous (no kidding!). Reasoning being that anyone who owns a gun and open carries has to had the safety training of a concealed permit carry.

    Not trying to create an argument – just explaining open versus concealed carry. Why do I know this – here in Denver, Colorado we used to have open carry back in the 1960s-1970s. Some male college students from Colorado University were on 16th Street (just before it became a pedestrian mall) playing ‘quick-draw McGraw’ with real guns (which, thankfully, were not loaded – but …) and Police responded and almost shot the foolish students. Open carry was quickly banned in Denver, then later in most of urban-suburban Colorado. Open carry is still allowed in some smaller rural or mountain communities – especially where there is a large number of hunters during hunting season.

  30. Naja pallida says:

    If we can’t cure stupid. Can’t make adequate mental health care readily available. Can’t predict who is going to snap and suddenly decide to shoot some place up. Can’t effectively stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals. How is it that more guns is the proposal on the table? More guns automatically means more of these people, who shouldn’t have them, will get them. More lenient laws on who can get guns, what kind of guns they can get, and the ease of getting them automatically means more unqualified people will have them. The response shouldn’t be trying to address the problem by hoping someone who does know what they are doing just happens to be there to gun down the crazy/stupid person, it should be to keep guns away from these people. The only way that can happen is if guns are a lot harder to get, for everyone.

  31. Buford says:

    That’s the crazy thing here… the 2nd amendment is moot now that the sole reason to own a gun is for self-defense against all the other idiot gun owners (legal or otherwise). Their feeble brains just cannot grasp the idea that once we get rid of the guns, they will no longer need the guns.

  32. Buford says:

    You can absolutely get rid of guns. Take handguns as an example… outlaw them – period. You get caught with a handgun? Go to jail. Use your handgun to defend yourself during a crime or assault? Go to jail. Once you make it a crime to use or be seen with a handgun, they will disappear… effectively ‘gotten rid of’… all we need is the backbone to change the laws.

  33. AdmNaismith says:


  34. AdmNaismith says:

    I agree. No guns that shoot more than, what, 9 rounds? Yearly registration (maybe licensing, too) and liability insurance for the owner.
    I cars are soooo dangerous, then no reason to treat a greater threat at least as seriously.

  35. dula says:

    True. If I lived in Florida and saw someone with a gun, I would stab them in the heart in accordance with the stand your ground law because I would think he was just another crazed sociopath about to start shooting.

  36. lynchie says:

    your are correct.

  37. ComradeRutherford says:

    As far as I’m concerned EVERYONE carrying a gun, IS a Homocidal Maniac first, and only when they leave the area and haven’t killed everyone they could, do I even consider that they might possibly be a Responsible Gun Owner®™.

    The person with a handgun on their belt IS the BIGGEST threat in sight. How are we supposed to tell them apart, the Responsible Gun Owners®™ and the Homocidal Maniac? I’ll tell you: the ONLY visible difference between the two is that the Homocidal Maniac is in the act of killing people. Other than that, they are 100% the same, walking around in public with powerful murder weapons strapped to their body.

    So, as I see it, other than hunters who take their long rifles or shotguns out for hunting, everyone with a gun IS a Homocidal Maniac and have to be treated as such.

  38. ComradeRutherford says:

    “The NRA likes to pretend that we live in a perfect world”

    And all the other gun nuts out there that live in a Wild West Shootout fantasy land. Where the homicidal maniacs always wear black cowboy hats and the good guy always wear white ones. Where the killer is gunned down in mid-spree by several Responsible Gun Owners®™ who magically know which, out of all the people shooting guns at that moment, which is the killer and which are the other Responsible Gun Owners.

    But in Real Life: at the Representative Giffords shooting a Responsible Gun Owners was there, gun out in hand having heard the shots, and came charging around the corner, ready to be the Hero that Responsible Gun Owners®™ naturally are, only to almost kill the guy that had taken the gun away from the actual killer and was in the act of securing it!

    So, no thank you, NRA and the Responsible Gun Owners®™ out there, I don’t want to go through life the way you want it to be: shootouts everywhere, all the time.

  39. benb says:

    What’s the point of carrying a concealed weapon? I suppose police officers need to avoid being identified as police officers during work and when off duty but what about everyone else? If someone wants to carry a gun in public, why not wear it where everyone can see it?

  40. ComradeRutherford says:

    “A loaded handgun, safety off.”

    If only the gun had a gun of to protect itself!

  41. ComradeRutherford says:

    “you can’t cure stupid”

    I thought that was the whole purpose of guns…

  42. ComradeRutherford says:

    “The gun’s owner told police he never thought to call law enforcement officers to report the gun as lost.”

    Well, it’s only a loaded hand gun with the safety off left where kids found it, why on earth would the gun owners bother the police with such an insignificant trifle.

    This man is a Hero, a poster-boy for the Responsible Gun Owner. Just like Adam Lanza’s mom!

  43. lynchie says:

    I there is a way to stop this it is with punishment. Lose your gun go to jail. 2 years no parole. this guy had gun safety but if there was a jail term pending maybe he would have kept it safe. Punishment for careless operation of a car means you lose your license how come the same does not apply. No gun safe–guns stolen–3 years no parole. Commit a crime with a gun–mandatory 15 years no parole. Back ground checks. put the people who don’t take care of their guns in jail/

  44. caphillprof says:

    And mandatory liability insurance and mustering on the city green on the second Saturday of each month.

  45. Just_AC says:

    you can’t cure stupid

  46. Kurt Weldon says:

    I bet it was all sticky…

  47. Danalan says:

    You’ll never get rid of all the guns – they can be 3D printed now, for heaven’s sake. What’s needed is registration and enforcement of responsibility for owners of weapons designed to kill people. Note that I’m not including hunting or other sport weapons. However most handguns, and all assault rifles are designed and intended for one purpose: to kill people.

    I’ve got no problem with sane, responsible adults having weapons designed to kill people, provided they control them by either legally having them on their person or lock them up securely. In the case above, the owner of the pistol would have committed a felony by leaving his weapon designed to kill people unsecured and not reporting it to the authorities immediately.

    I also think that gun safety should be taught at a young age, say 11-year olds or so. Education is the best way to de-mystify and make sure that people are aware of how to be safe around and with weapons.

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