6th-grader brings gun to school to stop another Sandy Hook

Just when you think the gun fetish in America can’t get any more bizarre, less than one week after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, an eleven-year-old in Utah has been charged by local police with possession of a dangerous weapon.

He was reportedly brandishing it on the playground, threatening other children, etc. (though child testimony is often less than perfect). A teacher at the school has been credited with taking control of the situation by seizing the weapon.  A little girl tells what happened:

“He pulled out a gun and put it to my head. He said he was gonna kill us.  I told him I was gonna go tell. He said, if you tell I’m gonna kill you.”

If the teachers had been armed, they could have simply shot the eleven year old child to death. [/snark]

All snark aside, that’s probably what would have happened had they been armed.  You see a child pointing a gun at another kid, you shoot him dead lest it be another Sandy Hook.  That’s what happens when you arm teachers, and when you permit guns in schools (or anywhere else).

But check this out, from NBC News:

The boy, whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, indicated that he wanted to defend himself if there was an incident similar to what happened in Newtown, Conn.

That’s an interesting alibi, and troubling if true.  The child was simply doing what he’s heard Republican-allied gun groups talking about all week on TV – arm himself.  The atrocity at Sandy Hook wouldn’t have happened had people in the school been armed, they keep saying on TV.  So he armed himself.

Why does an elementary school kid have to be exposed to such extreme violence just by going to school? And of course, he got the gun at home.

The NRA has had an easy ride in recent years but it has to stop.

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