Forget the assault weapons ban, it’s time to ban guns completely

“Agenda denial” is how people in power avoid an argument they think they will lose. Instead of making an argument for their position, they argue that it is “not the right time” to have the argument at all.

The Iraq war was a prime example of agenda denial.

Everyone with sense knew that the invasion had been a blunder before the first year of the occupation was over. They knew they couldn’t win a real argument, on the merits, for continuing the occupation, so they attacked anyone suggesting withdrawal as a communist hippie hater of America. Then when that line of attack started to fail in the wake of Abu Ghraib, the new agenda denial tactic became a repeated demand to give the occupation another six months, and so on.

The gun lobby has also been quite effective at persuading the media that it is somehow indecent or wrong to use a tragedy that was caused by the gun nut culture as an argument to end the gun nut

Except that it is not political opportunism to use an event, in which the most direct cause was the ability of the perpetrator to get their hands on a gun, to make the argument that perhaps guns should be less readily available.


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Now is exactly the time to press for gun control, and the NRA knows it, which is why they are desperate to avoid the argument all together. The gun lobby has never once come back and said ‘now would be a good time to have that discussion we did not want to have in the wake of ‘insert massacre here‘ – and they never will want to have the discussion.

According to the right, it is good and proper for the US government to prohibit gay marriage, but controlling guns would be an unconscionable limit on ‘freedom’. Or take the War on Drugs, it costs over $40 billion a year. Yet drug addicts are more likely to kill themselves than another person, and if they do kill another person it is most likely to be with a gun. If it is right for the government to ban the sale and possession of drugs, then it is right for the government to control guns.

Where I do agree with the gun lobby is that half measures won’t work. Over the past thirty years the gun lobby has resisted every attempt at a balanced approach to gun control. Why bother to moderate our demands when they won’t accept any compromise, and when the status quo, ruled by pro-gun advocates, has obviously failed?

Forget the assault weapons ban, it’s time to ban guns completely

The idea that it is unreasonable to demand a complete ban on guns, while the gun lobby refuses to give an inch, is of course another example of agenda denial. The Governor of Michigan is currently considering a bill, rammed through the lame duck session, that would permit concealed carry of guns in schools and churches.  To be heard at all, gun control advocates are required to be “reasonable,” while the gun lobby is busy passing bills to allow concealed carry in schools at the same time our schools are becoming morgues.

Gun control advocates have offered capitulation couched as ‘reasonable demands’ for far too long. If the pro-gun lobby is going to resist any significant restriction on guns, then we should put on the table the very thing they fear most.

Sandy Hook is the sixth gun massacre this year. How frequent do the massacres have to become before we can talk about serious gun control?

Guns are not the only factor in this sudden increase in gun violence, but they are the main factor. Another development is the use of body armor by the shooter in the Aurora massacre, and according to some unconfirmed reports, in the most recent massacre. Concealed carry laws are not going to stop these massacres unless people packing heat are also going to be wearing concealed body armor to go with it.  We need to start far more drastic measures if we are going to save our children and ourselves.

It is far past time to call for a total ban on guns.  And if it takes a constitutional amendment, so be it.

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748 Responses to “Forget the assault weapons ban, it’s time to ban guns completely”

  1. Cavin Nash says:

    Son..give me a that i could kill the sun..then it would be better i run ;) Tax Deed.

  2. Kiro0613 says:

    It’s called sarcasm.

  3. B says:

    obviously you didnt get a great eduaction. your garmmar sucks and so does your spelling. people die everyday from food poisoning. lets ban food.

  4. IpseCogita says:

    Does the author of this article display a sign in front of his home declaring that his home is proudly gun free?

  5. Not an Idiot says:

    I didn’t even read this whole article, just skimmed, and easily picked out several flat out lies. I’m not going to list them all here, or argue too much, because this article is so bogus that there’s no need to take it seriously, but 2 things I took issue with were that the author claimed a) gun violence has recently increaced and b) guns are the main reason for this.

    First of all, gun violence is WAY down… it’s been on the decline for decades. Mass shootings have become more frequent, however, and all the assailants have one thing in common – severe mental illness . . . so guns are to blame? With overall gun violence at unbelievably low levels, and only the mentally sick committing these atrocities, why don’t we focus on mental healthcare reform?

  6. Hypocrit Erny says:

    Like I said, part of me thinks these psycho’s are anti gun activists fueling the anti gun fires. I cannot wrap my head around these anti gun people and I gew up in a blue state with so many laws and regulations but it was not until I moved to a red state and realized how a lot of my rights had been violated… I never even knew it. Paying state income taxes and tolls every 50 yards, not being able to have fireworks or even a slingshot or bb gun. These people live in gated communities with armed guards with buckets of money so raising taxes, forbiding firearms, and other oppression will never impact them. Time for a great awakening before it’s too late.

  7. Hypocrit Erny says:

    Yes repeal the 2nd amendment, and while you are at it those other pesky ones like the 1st and the most evil and the cause of massive unemployment, the 13th. Notice how these wack jobs pick and choose what “rights” are right? And I fully believe some of these psychos that go off and shoot groups of people might either be motivated by anti-gun activism or maybe even government plants themselves. Kind of a conincidence that shortly after the people push back in Colorado we have another “crisis”, no? I know, conspiracists are spooky but the more you look into the rabbit hole….

  8. asdasd says:

    I’ve never agreed with a Muslim before, mainly because 3 of them killed my brother, but I agree.

  9. gd says:

    HAHAH nice failed troll attempt.

  10. nhjk says:

    You serious? MACHINE GUNS? Squad automatic weapons, LMG’S, HMG’s and other “machine guns” are for the military only! Full auto guns are restricted to the armed forces.If you actually think that some guy is gonna have machine guns and grenades, go look up machine gun and grenade license. Stupid ass idiot. Why are you talking about guns when you don’t know a thing about them?

  11. Ezmode says:

    This article if full of fallacious arguments.

  12. steve says:

    One way to stop the school massacres is to stop publicizing it nationally! For some crazy nut, who is willing to give up their life to hurt others wants to be remembered and the tv just keeps reminding them of a good way to go out and be remembered!

  13. ckqualls says:

    First, I don’t agree with the article – I’m pro gun ownership. A couple of thoughts came to mind as I was reading this article.

    First, what about the 2nd amendment? Supreme court upheld that the individual has the constitutional right to own firearms. How does the government write a law that violates the constitution? It would be unenforceable.

    Second, if all guns were banned, how exactly would that be enforced? No more sales of guns? No more manufacturing of guns? What about the estimated (from what I’ve read) 300 million guns already in existence? Some nut with the intent to harm others will still easily be able to get a hold of a gun.

    Finally, the vast majority of gun owners are responsible. We’re talking about a minority (in numbers) of people. Take a look at drunk driving. Most people don’t get drunk and drive, but thousands do every year, and hundreds of people are killed by drunk drivers. Do we outlaw alcohol or cars to solve that problem?

    There is, unfortunately, no 100% solution to solve the problem of “Sandyhooks”, or “Columbines”.

  14. David Ostler says:

    Thank you for writing this article. As you have so rightly
    stated, gun violence is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Just like I
    would not want to have lived in Chicago during the Al Capone era, I would not
    want to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors owned machine guns and
    hand-grenades. Indeed, gun usage does need to be controlled.

    The recent increase of media coverage on gun violence has
    had a polarizing effect on the masses: those who fight for the right to bear
    any type of weapon on the one side, and those who demand total restriction of
    anything that could be considered a weapon on the other. Moreover, it has filled both parties with a
    pugnacious attitude towards the other, neither extremity wanting to give up an
    inch. This stalemate has caused both sides to effectively neutralize any
    attempts made to achieving the end goal – decreasing gun violence.

    I agree with what you said about gun control – the half
    measures that have been taken aren’t effective. However, I feel that this
    heated debate cannot be resolved without some type of compromise. Without the
    support of both parties, one of two scenarios is likely to occur.

    In the first scenario, most anyone will have access to
    highly dangerous weaponry, and there is a possibility that things could tend
    towards what is today’s Middle East, complete with kids holding assault rifles,
    suicide bombers, and a police force that can no longer protect the general
    public. Anyone that chooses not to own a gun, by default is marked as an easy
    target. Thus, out of necessity, everyone must own a gun. There are a lot of
    unhappy citizens who didn’t want to own guns in the first place, and gun
    violence (and accidents) is likely to increase.

    The opposing extreme scenario is that no one but the military
    is allowed to be in possession of firearms. The police force is armed with
    pepper spray, tasers, and batons, and everything will work out great. And then
    someone smuggles a gun into the country. Because this is illegal, the
    likelihood of this person being a violent criminal is dramatically higher. All
    of a sudden, no one is safe, and a lot of people are angry that they aren’t
    allowed to own a firearm.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I am completely on your side. I
    want to live in a community where I don’t have to own a gun. But just like you
    stated, our country has been at war against drugs for quite a while now, and
    somehow they still manage to find their way into our country.

    If we want to live in a safe environment, the only solution
    is cooperation. The ability for us as a country to be able to negotiate our way
    through this issue is much more valuable than filibustering political heads and
    angry citizens operating under the fear of stolen rights.

  15. 1_PissedOffTurtle says:

    Please answer this question. If all guns/firearms were collected and destroyed,from all citizens, and the only exception would be that the police and military, were allowed to keep all of their arms, what would America be like or how would it look? How safe would we be? Could we trust the local police and federal military to do what they claim they are here to do, that is to protect and serve the American public. What say you about the “what if” hypothetical question?

  16. Common sense guy says:

    Give up my right to bear arms? Over my dead body. It’s like wanting to ban cars because criminals use them for a drive by or as a getaway vehicle. There are responsible gun owners out there and I guarantee you, 98% are not criminals. Lets ban guns because a ridiculously low amount of gun owners are psychopaths that would use their guns to intentionally hurt others! What needs to happen is a thorough background check, problem solved. I’ve had to draw my gun on a thief who broke into my house with a knife. Did I shoot him? No. I could have. But I didn’t. I held him at gunpoint and called the cops. Just because I own a gun, doesn’t mean I’m trigger happy. I’m rather very careful and responsible handling and using my guns. And you want to take them away? Or ban them? Screw you.

  17. Andrew says:

    Don’t know how I ended up here but I am guess this is a joke piece?

  18. zten says:

    The writer of “Forget the assault weapons ban, it’s time to ban guns completely” is nothing more than a fool!!!!

  19. Fred says:

    Yes it has been define what “type” of firearms. Any non-Crew weapon. buy the way the “sniper rifles ” ( AR-15 or M-16 are NOT sniper rifles) and Military weapons ARE the ones that are protected by the 2nd Amendment.

  20. Fred says:

    LOL You are a totally ignorant dumb ass.. When someone pulls a gun on you how are you going to defend yourself? when a group of people chase you with the intent to do you grave (or great either one fits) bodily harm how are you going to defend yourself? You can’t use a firearm because according to you they are only used to kill. Open your eyes sunshine they can be used for defending yourself too. now here’s your box of crayons and make sure you stay in between the lines this time.

  21. Fred says:

    I guess all those police officers with the handguns strapped to their hips are on patrol to murder everyone they see… A firearm is also made to defend, The presidents bodyguards use firearms to protect him or are they to just out to murder people? we defend our selves and our rights with firearms except our children we defend them with a sigh that says “gun free zone” Our Country is defended by firearms.

  22. Fred says:

    All the people killed on the roadways still does not ban you from owning a car that can “top 100” Drift or do any of the other things you talk about. Driving is also a privilege not a right. Just because criminals abuse that privilege does not keep you from enjoying the privilege of driving or owning a car, But when these same Criminals use a firearm the first thing you want to do it take away my right to own one. The criminal already lost his right to own one so how is taking away my rights doing anything to the criminals? It’s not.

  23. Fred says:

    A gun does not have free will and therefore cannot be good or evil. Only the person wielding it can be.

  24. disqus_F0Qi1y7nyE says:

    Great idea who cares about the 2nd ammendment. What were they thinking right? Next we can move on to getting rid of some of those other pesky ammendments, maybe even the bill of rights

  25. disqus_F0Qi1y7nyE says:

    I was in Iraq for 18 months and Afghanistan for 12. Only Americans and the Taliban were upset about the war. I saw those people struggling to survive with Talibs or insurgents returning whenever we left and it broke my heart. I’m a muslim and I joined the Army to help my brothers, I wouldn’t care if every American hated those wars. I only care that I defended those people from those bastards. Instead of finishing the job we pulled out so you people wouldnt have to cry about all the extremists we “murdered” when they ambushed us. Now they can carbomb any market they want or raze any village they please to the ground. Now a small and vocal minority think we should get rid of all guns? Really? Why so criminals can run amok unhindered with whatever weapon they choose? The cartels have enough cash flow, why should we CREATE the opportunity for them to have a black market weapons trade across the border, those states have enough problems.

  26. DrBubba says:

    I really don’t understand why you want people to be defenseless. If you were at all capable of doing any research at all, you would find out that the places with the most guns, the crime rates are down. If you would do any research you would also know that gun murders are down 49% while the number of guns has doubled since 1993. Double the amount of guns = one half the murders. Amazing isn’t it. I find it so horrible that you would even think about reversing that.

  27. T says:

    Too bad, a ban will never happen. Deal with it.

  28. TreatDiseaseInLieuOfSymptoms says:

    I like people that use the Britain gun ban as a model of hope… yeah great, you have far fewer homicides, but something like 55% of your entire population gets one or more of the following: mugged, raped, assaulted, home invasions while the occupants are still in the house at the time (that doesn’t happen very often in the United States), carjackings, murders… I could go on and on and on and on, but anyone reading this can go to click on statistics and actually learn some real facts based in reality and not emotion, instead of utilizing second hand information they overheard as fact… it’s likely not. The funny thing is, its usually Americans using the Britain defense… most actual Britain’s are tired of getting their property broken or stolen, nothing is sacred in Britain, if it can be carried, it’ll be stolen eventually.

  29. TreatDiseaseInLieuOfSymptoms says:

    Look everyone… another uneducated idiot attempting to write an intelligent article about something he obviously knows nothing about. Typical, “I don’t receive any joy from this, I don’t understand, I don’t agree and won’t be bothered to dig any deeper than what my emotions dictate is necessary, so it must be banned.” Don’t bother discussing the actual root of the problem, mental illness, and the DOJ not having the balls to go after those that lie on their background check, and other assorted laws that LE can’t be bothered to enforce… lets affect every single law abiding American citizen instead. Great idea DB… I mean, how do people with zero critical thinking skills get this drivel put on a news site in the first place? Sorry about the all name calling – unless the idiot that wrote the article reads this, then it’s well deserved – but this dude is real dumb, not unlike most all ban-bandwagoners. I would slaughter this hipster idiot in a debate on the matter. Here I’ll give you some advice, relying on pathos – the weakest form of argument – eliminates your ethos, and there’s clearly not a lick of logos. Writings not you gig man, emptying port-o-lets seems more in your sub 70 IQ wheelhouse there myrddin.

  30. benny says:

    So, if you want to get rid of guns or impose gun control because the wrong person gets their hands on one, we should then put in laws of car control, because obviously its the car that can kill someone in a drunk driving incident. And not the person behind the wheel who was drunk.

  31. JRational says:

    Non lethal weapons are expensive, can still kill and can be prevented. A taser could be counteracted by wearing insulating materials, a blunt trauma weapon like the paint ball gun idea wouldn’t stop anyone who has a moderately high pain tolerance, and things like teargas and pepper spray can also be circumvented by anyone who thinks a head for it.

  32. JRational says:

    Ok, let’s say that a magical fairy somehow convinces enough Republicans to go along and make the ban. What about the almost 300,000,000 registered guns floating around the country plus the unknown millions of unregistered guns? Have you considered the sheer logistical nightmare of going to over 100 million houses and demanding their guns? Have you considered how much an operation of this scale would cost? Have you considered that even a small portion of the gun owners resisting the order would make for an armed insurrection that would require the military to put down? Have you considered the possibility that some of the military might not be too keen on following an order to fire on their own people, especially when you consider that a large portion of the military personnel come from the regions of the country that would be the most likely to resist such a law? There is a reason that in a system such as ours that nobody would suggest what you are suggesting; it is because there is no where near enough support for banning guns and way too much active resistance against banning guns, and it is not just the NRA lobbying, you have forgotten that the AR15 is the number 1 selling gun in America for the last several years, so there are clearly lots of law abiding Americans who are buying these guns and not shooting people with them.

  33. JerryA says:

    Gun control is pro-criminal whether you know it or not because it takes the focus off behavior and the focus is on a inanimate object. Gun control also restricts the ability of the law abiding to protect themselves
    and their families, it punishes society as a whole for the acts of a minute criminal
    element. It also ensures that criminals operate more safely. It presumes the law abiding are guilty. It ensures laws are based on the conduct of the guilty, not the
    the conduct of the law-abiding. Last but not least the law abiding lose their humanity because they become cowering sheep that beg to be spared. This is what the left wing want.

  34. Guy says:

    Evil exists and always will. America’s right to bear arms is not about hunting. Our Second Amendment of our Constitution is about defending our country from tyranny both foreign and domestic. To quote the late Commander-in-Chief Isoroku Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War Two. “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”.

    Our “Military Assault Weapons” prevented a massive ground invasion that would have killed millions of Americans. What was the one thing all the people that lived under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, or Hitler had in common? They were all disarmed.

    Pol Pot’s Cambodia (1975–1979) — 2,035,000 people killed.
    Japan (1936–1945) — 5,964,000 people killed.
    China PRC (1949–1987) — 76,702,000 people killed.
    USSR (1917–1987) — 61,911,000 people killed.
    Hitler’s Germany (1933–1945) — 20,946,000 people killed, including their own population.

    As you can see, the death percentages of those who did not own firearms are much higher than those who do. Bans on firearm possession left the majority of guns in the hands of a state who then turned its weapons against its own people. Inevitably it will happen again, since evil will never cease to exist.

    The number of people from each country I sited prove that government is the number one cause of death in the history of the planet. This is not paranoia, it is fact .After the events that have been repeated throughout history, no sane person would ever elect for such a thing to determine wheather or not you or I can have the ability to defend ourselves and our country.

    “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace”. -George Washington

  35. Stewart Grainger says:

    What the hell does that mean?

  36. The government and military will always have guns. Watch the documentary by the University of Hawaii called “Innocence Betrayed”. It is about how over 170 MILLION men, women, and children were murdered in the 20th century after their governments instituted gun control. These are facts. Not bullshit.

  37. So the purpose of Olympic target shooting events is to get better at killing? Is that also true of throwing darts?

  38. No it is the right to carry arms that protects us from bullies.

  39. You think that Jesus is a fictional character?

  40. Matt Fiebke says:

    the second amendment was not created for hunting or use as “toys”. The second amendment was put in place to make sure the people could defend itself against a tyrannical government. “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest
    reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a
    last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”- Thomas Jefferson. I also encourage you to read 1984.

  41. John Doe says:

    Are we seriously talking about banning guns. Are you serious, banning guns will increase the crime rate. We will have modern day bootleggers and people making firearms in their basements. These killing rampages are not the doing of your average american citizen. Do not punish the majority for the acts of few physcos. Everybody is so worried about gun control and banning guns but those are the people people who truly live a bubble and think by the government banning guns they will magically vanish. Haha that is a joke. Morons!

  42. Victim of Society says:

    Yes, do it, maybe then America can be as violent as Brazil

  43. William Joseph says:

    Did a 12 year old write this for her 8th grade paper or something?

  44. umad says:

    Yes, let’s ban guns. Banning drugs has worked so well that we live in a drug addict-free utopia.

    It seems to me the whole idea of banning guns comes from people that think killing anyone under any circumstances is wrong. It isn’t. The problem is the wrong people have guns, use them, and aren’t punished appropriately. Banning guns is only going to ensure that the wrong people have them more often than they do now.

  45. Integralist says:

    Bah hahahaha!! Thats a good one he wants to . Aah hahahaha!

  46. Bruce Dickinson. Yes, THAT one says:

    I thought this was an April Fools joke.

  47. Harrison says:

    The problem is people will be at a stalemate gun owners will be pro guns and people who have never shot a gun and know nothing about them will say they are evil the great thing is is that us gun owners still have our guns and the people who say guns are evil cant do anything about it. So in the end gun owners win and no one can do anything about it.

  48. CC says:

    “If it is right for the government to ban the sale and possession of drugs, then it is right for the government to control guns.”

    Because the government has just done a great job of eliminating drugs. Most are banned completely, but they remain everywhere, you can even order them online. That’s right, you can order Meth online, have it delivered to your door by the federally run USPS. It’s not even hard to find.

    We should totally trust the government that trusts us enough to fly surveillance drones over our heads. Seems right to me.

    Also, you may not be aware it’s possible to be largely socially liberal, and own a gun. Surprising huh? We’re not all right wing religious zealots who think that allowing gays to marry will be the harbinger of our doom as a civilization. I mean you know, someone may just have a dangerous civilian job, that involves being in bad parts of town while also carrying an advertised significant amount of cash. I would rather shoot Jimmy the crackhead than discover for myself if there is an after life or not.

    Honestly I think it’s retarded that we fixate on issues like gun control and gay marriage when our economy is about to implode. Oops was that politically incorrect? Who cares? WAKE UP!

  49. Yea, apparently owning other human beings as property isn’t that bad! Anyway, why is it so wrong to limit what KIND of gun people can own? The 2nd amendment only says we have the right to arms; it doesn’t say WHICH kinds of arms we can own. I’ve never thought that most handguns, shotguns, pistols, or rifles should be banned, but a sniper rifle, M-16, AR-15, and other military weapons? There’s NO REASON WHATSOEVER for ordinary citizens to own or sell those, and when they have been, it always ends up in many people getting killed because we don’t have the sense to understand that some guns just should not be owned or sold by the general public.

  50. you says:

    you are a fucking idiot.

  51. matthew says:

    You cant make a sten that cheap… a factory maybe, but it will cost you hundreds if you have the tools, thousands if you don’t.

  52. Matthew says:

    Guns do NOT kill people. People kill people. Last year there were 8,583 homicides from firearms, this number looks big, however cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands and alcohol poisoning takes 80,000 lives a year as well. Cigarettes are not illegal. At one point alcohol was illegal, and this is arguably the worst mistake the united states have ever made. Sure, neither of those are weapons, but in DC crime rate went down when handguns were once again allowed.

  53. Cmar4567 says:

    Guns don’t kill people, guns don’t have a mind. Stupid people kill people.

  54. JAMES BAXTER says:

    isee you ignorant people don,t like the truth

  55. JAMES BAXTER says:

    remember guns dont kill.people kills people

  56. JAMES BAXTER says:

    you ignorant people guns dont kill,people kills, when your getting raped and butchered you will be praying you had a gun

  57. Anonymous says:

    If you all would like to see what anarchy looks like, ban guns completely

  58. Moderator3 says:

    Save yourself some effort. Two different user names and two different email addresses don’t change the fact that you only have one IP address.

  59. Moderator3 says:

    Are you clicking on “More Comments”?

  60. DJWalker says:

    wtf is wrong wit ppl today guns are just fkin evil okay people die every day and still people love guns god waat is wrong wit ppl ban all guns now or more kids will die!!!!

  61. Publius Libertas says:

    To conclude, nothing I just said is likely to be
    taken to heart by any of the people agreeing with the author of this article,
    as I do not support a total, unbelievably radical and ill-conceived gun ban,
    and therefore, any logical arguments I make are “talking points” or “agenda denial.” I am singly disgusted by the amount of immaturity and close-mindedness I have seen on this and other forums when we
    are discussing an issue that is so prevalent in today’s society. The age of compromise and tolerance has long passed, and I am not sure that this nation can remain one when we have so many
    different subcultures that are so intent on grinding against each other. The fact is that we have two distinct cultures present here: on that thinks
    guns are pure evil and another that regards them as an important part of our
    identity. Unless those two groups can
    learn to reconcile, and to actually listen to what the other is saying, if they
    cannot learn to live together…then they will die together in this cultural
    death spiral we are trapped in, one that will only end once when we do.

    Oh and btw, whoever deleted this string of comments last time just proved my point that the people on this forum are just as xenophobic as they claim gun owners are, and only want to hear out people who agree with them. Thank you.

  62. Publius Libertas says:

    So, my humble proposition is this: make the controls we already have more
    effective and start enforcing them. When
    purchasing a gun, a person’s background check should include a photo of the
    person popping up on the shopkeeper’s computer screen, and additional such measures
    should be included to make sure that ineligible people do not get away with providing
    false identification and thus get their hands on firearms they shouldn’t
    have. In addition, not only felons, but
    all criminals found guilty of any sort of violent crime by a court ruling (sexual
    offenses would be included in this) should be barred from accessing
    firearms. The so called “straw-man
    purchase,” a case in which an eligible person purchases a gun for the purpose
    of giving it to a person who should not have one, should be cracked down
    on. And, finally, it should not be a ridiculous
    suggestion that our police officers devote some of their time to provide a
    protective presence in our schools instead of hiding behind billboards to pull
    people over on the side of the highway for going five miles over the speed

  63. Publius Libertas says:

    Neither I, nor the vast majority of gun owners fit
    the popular stereotype fitted to us by the modern mainstream media. I am not missing any teeth (I get compliments from my dentist, actually), I do not have any sort of vigilante delusions, I do
    not want to blast the hell out of my cat at three in the morning because
    something went bump in the night and it was dark, and I do not want to go
    traipsing around the countryside reenacting the Hatfields and McCoys because
    somebody challenged my grandmother’s honor.
    Our guns, evil and unpredictable as they are, live in our attic, and
    only come out a few times a year to go hunting with us. I would much rather have my children handle real
    guns, be able to teach them how to safely and responsibly operate them, than to
    have them get the false impression from video games that a gun can only hurt somebody
    if you intend it to. I was taught, just
    as my children will be taught, to keep guns locked up and unloaded when not
    being used, and to keep the safety on, the gun empty, and the barrel pointed at
    the ground when not in the act of shooting.
    And I am the better for it.

  64. Publius Libertas says:

    People who do not want their second amendment rights
    revoked are shouted down for pointing out that criminals, by nature, don’t
    follow laws, and therefore will not be afraid to break a law in the process of
    acquiring a firearm which they plan on using to murder a slew of innocent
    children, or to hold up a bank. This is
    the stock reaction because pro-ban people know that they can’t construct a
    valid response argument to that, just as I can’t formulate a valid argument
    saying otherwise after one of you points out that a gun’s primary purpose is to
    kill or injure another living thing.
    Yes, that is the purpose of a gun.
    I mean, let’s not be coy here people, we don’t use the damn things to
    hammer in nails. However, it is not
    logical or acceptable in a democratic (the form of government, not the
    political party) society to alter our constitution in a way that directly
    contradicts one of the core freedoms guaranteed in our bill of rights in
    response to a handful of people going postal and misusing a firearm, as this
    will then violate the rights of tens of millions of others who own and operate
    their firearms in compliance with all laws, safety procedures, and cultural
    expectations regarding these tools.

  65. Publius Libertas says:

    Believe me, if we could just make a law and have all
    violence vanish like that, I would pass it in a heartbeat. If a world could be achieved where no one
    ever even thought of harming or doing wrong against another human being, and
    where everyone would be just fine with eating the shitty, overpriced meat from
    the supermarket, and this world would definitely be achieved just by banning
    something, I would support that ban.
    However, albeit sadly, neither a total ban on guns nor on anything else
    will accomplish that goal.

  66. Publius Libertas says:

    “Chicago has banned guns. How has that worked out for them?”

    –“Oh well that’s because neighboring areas still
    allow guns.”

    “Mexico and
    Britain have banned guns. How has that
    worked out for them?”

    –“Oh well that’s because other countries still
    allow guns.”

    If your domestic reform agenda will admittedly require
    the wholehearted cooperation of every person, country, and political entity on
    the planet in order to be truly effective, then you are arguing an unrealistic
    platform and are chasing after an utterly impossible goal at the expense of one
    of our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  67. Publius says:

    To conclude, nothing I just said is likely to be
    taken to heart by any of the people agreeing with the author of this article,
    as I do not support a total, unbelievably radical and ill-conceived gun ban,
    and therefore, any logical arguments I make are “talking points” or “agenda denial.” I am singly disgusted by the amount of immaturity and close-mindedness I have seen on this and other forums when we are discussing an issue that is so prevalent in today’s society. The age of compromise and tolerance has long passed, and I am not sure that this nation can remain one when we have so many
    different subcultures that are so intent on grinding against each other. The fact is that we have two distinct cultures present here: on that thinks
    guns are pure evil and another that regards them as an important part of our
    identity. Unless those two groups can
    learn to reconcile, and to actually listen to what the other is saying, if they
    cannot learn to live together…then they will die together in this cultural
    death spiral we are trapped in, one that will only end once when we do.

  68. Publius says:

    So, my humble proposition is this: make the controls we already have more
    effective and start enforcing them. When purchasing a gun, a person’s background check should include a photo of the person popping up on the shopkeeper’s computer screen, and additional such measures
    should be included to make sure that ineligible people do not get away with providing
    false identification and thus get their hands on firearms they shouldn’t
    have. In addition, not only felons, but
    all criminals found guilty of any sort of violent crime by a court ruling (sexual
    offenses would be included in this) should be barred from accessing
    firearms. The so called “straw-man
    purchase,” a case in which an eligible person purchases a gun for the purpose
    of giving it to a person who should not have one, should be cracked down
    on. And, finally, it should not be a ridiculous
    suggestion that our police officers devote some of their time to provide a
    protective presence in our schools instead of hiding behind billboards to pull
    people over on the side of the highway for going five miles over the speed

  69. Publius says:

    Neither I, nor the vast majority of gun owners fit
    the popular stereotype fitted to us by the modern mainstream media. I am not missing any teeth (I get compliments from my dentist, actually), I do not have any sort of vigilante delusions, I do
    not want to blast the hell out of my cat at three in the morning because
    something went bump in the night and it was dark, and I do not want to go
    traipsing around the countryside reenacting the Hatfields and McCoys because
    somebody challenged my grandmother’s honor.
    Our guns, evil and unpredictable as they are, live in our attic, and
    only come out a few times a year to go hunting with us. I would much rather have my children handle real
    guns, be able to teach them how to safely and responsibly operate them, than to
    have them get the false impression from video games that a gun can only hurt somebody
    if you intend it to. I was taught, just
    as my children will be taught, to keep guns locked up and unloaded when not
    being used, and to keep the safety on, the gun empty, and the barrel pointed at
    the ground when not in the act of shooting.
    And I am the better for it.

  70. Publius says:

    People who do not want their second amendment
    rights revoked are shouted down for pointing out that criminals, by nature, don’t
    follow laws, and therefore will not be afraid to break a law in the process of
    acquiring a firearm which they plan on using to murder a slew of innocent
    children, or to hold up a bank. This is
    the stock reaction because pro-ban people know that they can’t construct a
    valid response argument to that, just as I can’t formulate a valid argument
    saying otherwise after one of you points out that a gun’s primary purpose is to
    kill or injure another living thing.
    Yes, that is the purpose of a gun.
    I mean, let’s not be coy here people, we don’t use the damn things to
    hammer in nails. However, it is not
    logical or acceptable in a democratic (the form of government, not the
    political party) society to alter our constitution in a way that directly
    contradicts one of the core freedoms guaranteed in our bill of rights in
    response to a handful of people going postal and misusing a firearm, as this
    will then violate the rights of tens of millions of others who own and operate
    their firearms in compliance with all laws, safety procedures, and cultural
    expectations regarding these tools.

  71. Publius says:

    Believe me, if we could just make a law and have all
    violence vanish like that, I would pass it in a heartbeat. If a world could be achieved where no one
    ever even thought of harming or doing wrong against another human being, and
    where everyone would be just fine with eating the shitty, overpriced meat from
    the supermarket, and this world would definitely be achieved just by banning
    something, I would support that ban.
    However, albeit sadly, neither a total ban on guns nor on anything else
    will accomplish that goal.

  72. Publius says:

    “Chicago has banned guns. How has that worked out for them?”

    –“Oh well that’s because neighboring areas still
    allow guns.”

    “Mexico and
    Britain have banned guns. How has that
    worked out for them?”

    –“Oh well that’s because other countries still
    allow guns.”

    If your domestic reform agenda will admittedly require
    the wholehearted cooperation of every person, country, and political entity on
    the planet in order to be truly effective, then you are arguing an unrealistic
    platform and are chasing after an utterly impossible goal at the expense of one
    of our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  73. What a stupid article! If we take away the second amendment then the U.S. will be like Mexico.

  74. Anonymous666 says:

    Wow just wow the right to have guns should have had amendment 1 because it controls the whole constatution. With that away we will be in a police state and Obama would be like a king and have control of USA. Screw the law it gives power to criminals!!! Impeach Obama !!!

  75. Anonymous 4 says:

    You sir are an idiot. I, of course, expect to have about 50 or so down votes because I assume most everyone reading this article is brainwashed in one way or another, but I digress. You do realize that criminals will find a way to get their hands on guns irregardless of a ban. When you find an intruder breaking into your house with a Colt .45 boy are you going to be screwed! There will never be a complete gun ban, ever. The very prospect goes against the Constitution! Oops, I guess I forgot that Radical Liberals desire to throw that in the trash too. If you really studied most massacres that occur you would realize that the guns were obtained illegally. But you know what? Let’s ban guns. Hell, let’s ban knives too because those are used to kill people. Only a chef can wield a knife and only after going through training. What are terrific idea I just had! American will not and never will ban guns. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. How is that a difficult concept to understand? A psycho with a gun (usually obtained illegally) is obviously more likely to kill someone than the 24 year old college grad having fun with his friends in the desert. Now, given my poor example I will end my hastily put together rant. Good day.

    P.S. Fun fact for the day: one of the reasons the Soviets refrained from actually attacking America during the Cold War was because “everyone has a gun over there.”

  76. freedom lover says:

    “If it is right for the government to ban the sale and possession of drugs, then it is right for the government to control guns.”

    yeah. and that worked real well.

  77. freedomlover says:

    Wanna ban guns? Fine. As long as we ban alcohol also. This article makes the most ridiculous argument. I cant believe people go for this stuff.

  78. YOURCLUELESS says:

    Do some research, there is cases of, gun saves children, guns save elderly, guns save lives. The state run media just doesn’t choose to run those stories. If they did, it wouldn’t help their agendas. Get a clue, if we take away the guns we are setting the stage to take away every single freedom as we know it. IT IS THE BILL OF RIGHTS NOT THE BILL OF NEEDS!

  79. Bobp says:

    I think you guys are absolutely ridiculous. You are simply regurgitating the garbage that is state run media. You really should think about what your calling for, the 2nd amendment is our final check an balance. I respect this country and your opinions, but should we take away the 2nd amendment, then why not the 1st amendment? Should you feel the same way if you were denied your right to free speech? Or press? What then? Where do we draw the line? We actually wont, we wont draw the line, once that much power is given to politicians, we may as well kiss our freedoms good by. I hear people saying, well our forefathers couldn’t fore see the future, they had no idea what technology would bring. Our forefathers were not stupid, they had just won a war with the most technologically advanced weapons of the day, the musket. Hell, 25 to 50 years before, they did not have the same weapons. They new that technology would eventually produce bigger and better weapons. What would have been the outcome if they had not had access to the weapons they had? We more then likely would not be sitting here and mankind as a whole would be surely a lot worse off. Think of all we have contributed to the world as a free nation. Now, I know there has been tragedies in the last year or so involving guns. There is no denying that, but should we punish the whole, disarm all Americans for that reason? Absolutely not, we would surely be signing our death warrants. Look at how many lives are saved each year by concealed carries. Despite media portrayal of pro gun advocates as wack jobs. Most every gun owner is a safe, productive members of society. Look at history, what will happen if there is an economical collapse, our goverment becomes even more oppressive? Sorry children, Mr. and Mrs. America handed in their guns, we cannot keep you safe. I ask you, what if? What if things go bad? Would you lay down or would you prefer to fight? I feel like I know the answer, you really do not think it could happen. I leave the nay sayers with this, EVERY GREAT NATION HAS FALLEN, had a catastrophic collapse in one way or another. Dictators take away the guns, do not let the unspeakable happen.

  80. Allen says:

    1) That wasn’t why they were invented bud. You’ve lived in the city a little too long. Lemme guess, meat comes from the supermarket too, huh?
    2) True, they did survive- but if I someone stabs someone else in the head or the heart, they’re going to die if there isn’t immediate medical response.

    You libtards live in a Utopian bubble, I swear…

  81. Allen says:

    Really? So every time someone fires a round, someone dies? Huh…I guess all of those wounded veterans weren’t really shot, were they?

  82. Allen says:

    I’m pretty sure liberals like dead kids. Isn’t that why you push so hard for abortion? And you guys have killed millions of ’em. Maybe when you can justify that, you might actually be able to carry some weight in your argument.

  83. Allen says:

    No one is permitting killing of children, save the left- who thinks it is ok to kill unborn babies on convenience of choice- I’m sure you’ll never be using kids as a platform at an abortion rally, will you?

    Guns kill people? Really? So, why aren’t 60 million people in America dead? Why is it that the two states that have some of the tightest gun laws already, had two of the worst shooting massacres in American history? Yet two subsequent shootings in states with less gun control had been immediately quelled- due to the well-armed citizens who could more immediately respond?

    When I read posts like yours, I see now why it is impossible to have a real discussion about this issue- you don’t want to have one; it’s not that we haven’t tried, it’s that it is impossible to reason with people like you.

  84. Allen says:

    Many of the people commenting on this thread are retarded…without question.

    1) How do you write a constitutional amendment banning another constitutional amendment?

    2) This article does not take into account the very thing that drives people to use guns (which are a tool) in the fashion that they have- human nature.

    You want to have “serious discussions” but you refuse to look at the real situation. A mentally ill person, illegally obtained firearms by killing his mother (which, in itself only shows that regulation is not a deterrent to someone who is resolved to commit a crime- but libtards don’t consider this), and went and shot a school full of children. So what is the issue? Mental Health and endangerment to society. Both cases this year only show that people don’t care about protecting their community by reporting well-documented mentally ill people. Then they blame an amoral object. However, that same day, a man in China went and stabbed 20 kids. Case in point? If a person wants to kill another person, they will do so, regardless of the method used.

    3) The truth is, you’re not interested in having any form of actual dialogue on the issue of gun control because the only answer you’re looking for is: “Ok, we’ll give up our guns.” Sadly, you’re the ones that have stood on the graves of these children to push gun legislation. Regardless of how much logic is given to you, how many statistics are presented, and how much fact supports the reason for gun ownership- you’re not interested in it. All you care about, is flinging illogical ideologies, and emotional conjecture to push your agenda. That is what you do, you can’t be taken seriously without it, because you don’t have a legitimate argument.

  85. Anonymous-4 says:

    1% too many

  86. Anonymous-3 says:

    Oh my god. Because we’re suddenly not free when someone takes away our toys whose only purpose are to KILL PEOPLE! It’s not like we’re using guns to teach social responsibility or life lessons or math or something!

  87. This is about ‘control’ and they don’t care about your family. But they have been eyeing more of your property…

  88. You know you live in a Country run by idiots if it is said that… Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself from a government that declares the power to strip you of your ability to defend yourself-makes you “safe”.

  89. Noah Webster correctly deduced, “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed;”[7] and it is for this reason every citizen must retain the right to keep and bear arms.

    You purposely wish to deprive us of the means of resisting a totalitarian government that would deny us all of our liberty and our property. You support that agenda and you are most likely an administration spam bot.

    The government shall fear the people, and we shall have liberty. We are keeping our guns. All 50 million of us. And our 500 million guns. Take your statism and shove it!

  90. Jason Read says:

    To those who would ban Guns, please read the following:

    We are endowed to have certain natural rights as free sentient beings. We have the right to speak our minds without fear or persecution. We have the right to defend ourselves with whatever means we as individuals feel necessary. We have a right to be fairly judged, and we have a right to not be hassled by law enforcement if we are not criminals. So when I hear the only people with the power (congress, president), speaking dangerous words like REGISTRATION, and BANS on guns and accessories I already own LEGALLY. Weapons that are already inferior to what the military, and law enforcement have.

    Your JUST another man, or another woman. What right do you have to take away my NATURAL RIGHTS. This concept would imply that I am not free, and that you have superior judgement in deciding my needs and rights.THAT IS A MASTER-SLAVE relationship, not freedom, or “DEMOCRACY” in action.

    So tread lightly anti-gunners. If you don’t like them, don’t own them. I would never force you to own one, but I’ll be long dead with 100 rds in me before I allow someone to take them from me. It’s not about loving or hating guns, it’s about having the freedom to protect yourself from tyrants, dictators, and those who would commit genocide, or worse…successfully enslave generations of naturally freeborn sentient beings (this is worse than any genocide in my mind).

    And don’t you dare believe these politicians would mourn for your dead children. They never miss an opportunity to cash in on a tragety. And media is owned by big business, big business has in interest in what laws get passed, and what tax subsidies/breaks they can get. If the politicians want a message ground into your head with encouraging logical debates to pass legislation…they will. You are sheep to them.

  91. Pissed says:

    Banning Guns is freaking stupid, take your tree hugging azz to Australia and tell me how banning guns has helped their crime rate. You will only be disarming the innocent, criminals don’t obey laws that’s why they are called criminals you fool!!!

  92. ProudGunFreak says:

    A gun is an inanimate object. It cannot kill unless instructed to do so by a human being. I have over fifteen years of experience in law enforcement, including three years as a Military Police Officer for the United States Army. While you were probably a child, I was protecting ALL OF YOUR Constitutional Freedoms. Your First Amendment rights, which you cling to in order to voice your OPINIONS, were guaranteed by my comrades and myself while we were earning less than minimum wage for YOUR FREEDOMS! Now, you wish to voice your OPINION to destroy OUR COLLECTIVE Second Amendment Rights. It is your choice as an American to voice your opinion. BUT, it is also a choice and an OBLIGATION for me to REMIND you that your agenda to remove firearms from every American household is UN-AMERICAN. I am tired of being personified in YOUR society as a villain because I choose to own firearms. My intent for owning firearms is strictly for recreational use and for protection of my family. There are countless MILLIONS of firearms owned by Sportsmen and other LAW-ABIDING citizens like myself. It is ironic that people like you, who are living in a fantasy, would like to take my firearms away, for whatever agenda you serve. What if somebody like ME were to dictate that YOU must give up your automobile or other most valued possession…marriage ring….home…in the name of sacrificing for the greater good of somebody else’s cause or AGENDA? You would most likely get a bloodsucking lawyer to represent you in a lawsuit claiming you are being “profiled”, and attempt to drain millions of dollars of taxpayer money from the Federal Government. Just a reminder: during World War Two, the Japanese forces were strongly considering invading our mainland (the Continental United States, in case you flunked geography) with the intention of killing, brainwashing, and making OUR ancestors Japanese citizens. The ONLY thing that prevented them from doing this was the private ownership of firearms by United States Citizens (your grandparents!). During the Cold War, this was more of a deterrent than nuclear weapons from preventing the Soviet Union from invading (neither the Japanese nor the Russians are stupid, and are far ahead of Americans in educational standings). IF you or your family were threatened by a criminal, the first thing you would do is to go to your local sporting goods store and buy a weapon. That is your choice, and the choice that thousands of REAL Americans make every day. This is part of what the “gun rights freaks” like myself are trying to protect. And if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were doing their jobs when the background checks are submitted to them on the form 4473, then most of the nut cases would be denied access to firearms. If firearms (which account for the vast minority of murders in the U.S.) were taken away, criminals would still use them to perpetrate their vicious crimes because they are not law-abiding citizens in the first place. Violent crimes would increase (just like they did in the United Kingdom after gun confiscation) because criminals will be the only ones with firearms (no deterrent)! Others would find a different way to kill their victims. Knives, baseball bats, drownings, etc. will become the weapon of choice. In the end, you cannot legislate good intentions and good behavior. “Where there is a will, there is a way”. If you remove gang-related shootings from the equation (because these are criminals and largely funded by illegal drug commerce and other illegal activities), then the statistics for firearms-related violence would be reduced to a miniscule percentage of overall violent criminal activity. In closing, please don’t shoot me and my fellow law-abiding gun owners with your Stalin and Hitler ideology, which accounted for the MURDERS of over 60 Million innocent men, women and children and created the necessity for a world war that should have never happened. These victims were brutalized and brainwashed because they had no way of defending themselves. Your narrow-mindedness is inexcusable! And the sponsors of this piece of steaming fecal matter blog should pull their $$$$$$ just for the principal of the matter!

  93. JR says:

    Your an idiot. As long as there are guns on this planet, whether legal or illegal to the general public, the wrong people will get their hands on them. Why do anti-gunners think half way through the issues and think irrationally? I could go on and on about how and why gun control laws ONLY hurt law abiding citizens.

  94. that one guy says:

    people kill people you moron! a gun it what they use! to say guns kill people is just like saying cars get in collisions. NOPE!!!!! THE DRIVER GETS IN THE COLLISION!!!!!!!!!!! with out guns murders will find another tool to kill with! disarming the good innocent people that have the right to protect themselves will do nothing to stop the crooks and the mad men like in sandyhook. that is a heart bereaking and abomination. these children were pure soles that did not need to be taken from our society. but a law-biding citizen did not commit that crime! why would you punish some old guy because he has a hunting rifle that he has owned for 50 years just because he owns a gun???? throwing him in prison just for trying to feed himself the ‘old fashioned way’ is an outrageous claim!!

    if you really want to make a difference maybe you should try something that takes a little more thought.

  95. Tim Tidwell says:

    WOW How stupid can the US public be. If you take the guns from the law abiding people who do you think is going to protect your family, when it takes 2 hours for the police to show up to your house because your car was stolen. yea keep on thinking that the government should take care of you. when your whole family is dead. What a crock of SHIT>

  96. Annoyed says:

    What don’t shoot me forgets is that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right. This in regard, the Constitution is the highest law in the land and cannot be trumped except by an Amendment. I can guarantee that will not happen.

  97. 1/167INF says:

    Guns don’t kill people you nut jobs, PEOPLE do. If you think this will solve killings and murders, people will just go out of their way to do it some other way. If you think we should give up our second amendment, you’re not a true American and probably should move to a different country. I don’t know about you guys, but I love having my rights and freedom. I love being able to bear arms and defend my country, my family and myself. I know a solution, go book a flight for England and bring Piers Morgan with you.

  98. Psalm91 says:

    I think that all of you who are in support of the government ripping my right bear arms away should have your right to freely speak immediately revoked. Words kill people… No, they don’t, but people do. And more of them use abortion and/or cars than firearms to do it with. I think you all should have your freedom to drink revoked since you can’t do it responsibly.

  99. If all guns are banned, only the criminals will have them! They will always find a way to have firearms no matter what the laws are. they are criminals after all

    But then where does that leave everyone else? It leave all the law abiding citizens SOL with no way to protect themselves or their families. Explain how that is helping please

  100. Gunlover2771 says:

    Listen all of you guns are just a simple device. I am 13 years old and I wish to continue my collection of weapons!!!!!!!! Don’t ruin it for all of us hunters and gun owners

  101. Ray Rigby says:

    I hear all the arguments to disarm legal gun owners. I have yet read a plan by the politicians on how they plan to disarm the criminals. There was already bans in place in Newtown, did not stop anything. Chicago and D.C have some of the toughest gun laws in the world, yet lead America every year in gun deaths. Russia has a complete gun ban for citizens, yet it surpasses America in gun homicides. Your logic is flawed at best. Get facts before you use your own brand of “FEAR” tactics. Main stream media and people who do not think for themselves are more the problem than the solution.

  102. john says:

    some americans like you must be brain dead,you think all usa citizens that own guns are killers,if you were smart you would know guns made us free and keep us free,when guns are taken out of americans hands you will be setting yourself up to be taken over by dictaters,or maybe some killer will visit your home then how will you protect your famiy,maybe you can overcome a killer ask Mr. Bidden try an ink pen,I bet you the killer with the gun will win.

  103. Listen to me says:

    Here’s a solution president Obama. I know the kind of delicate situation we’re in shooting, after shooting, after shooting nothing has been solved. We need decisive drastic measure to prevent any shooting to occur ever again. I am starting to believe and believe that guns should banned for good because I for one hate guns I think they’re evil. I have been speculating on a solution to stop people being killed from guns. One option you have is to banned guns, but one solution I have is to make guns that don’t killed people.

    No body has to die from a gun being shoot at them. I think in the government can make safer weapons that don’t kill people. We will have a god safe country. How ever had the idea for guns is an stupid idiot because they for sure kill people.
    My point is if the world can invent weapons that don’t kill people our world would be much better. pistols in guns don’t to kill people, but may bruse in comparrsion to paintball guns. By the way putting higher background checks on guns is good but not enough Mr. President.

  104. al hunt says:

    yeah we should ban all firearms….and you concrete huggers that scream we should ban all firearms should come out here and deal with this wildlife that likes to destroy crops and kill livestock… least I would make money video taping it and selling to “WORLDS DUMBEST PEOPLE THAT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE REAL WORLD!” and if you are gonna have “no-gun” zones, why isn’t there more security or police there? so the solution is “don’t protect yourself and we won’t either” ?yeah that makes sense. and what a great job the media has done to point out to those people that want to cause terror to us, 9/11 ring a bell to anyone?, HEY LOOK WE ARE VUNERABLE HERE, yeah thats real smart. seems to me if you want people to give up thier firearms has nothing to with the constitution, but more to do with , MAKE THEM SAFE! not, law abiding citizens give up your guns then the bad guys will and we will not put anyone out there to make sure everyone is safe. and yet somehow this makes sense to people.

  105. George Washington says:

    If people don’t want to be around guns, they can move to the UK or something. America is a land of freedom, and people who want to take away our freedom don’t belong here.

  106. Anon says:

    We live side by side. The unlaw abiding citizens didn’t give up their guns and 2 come to our houses, 1 to your house and 1 to mine. Each holds a gun to one of our children’s head. I kept my gun and you didn’t. I wonder whose kid gets shot in the head? HUH??????? YOURS, not mine!

  107. Matt says:

    Ok lets imagine your fantasy land where all guns are banned from private citizens tomorrow. Do you think, out of the 80,000,000 gun owners in the United States, that the majority are going to go turn them in?? Or even admit to having them? Do you think some percentage of those care more about the right to live as a free person, able to defend themselves from all threats (up to and including government oppression), that they will shoot at the police. Or that the police even have the manpower to try to find 80 million gun owner? So basically, you are advocating civil war #2, is that what you’re saying? And I’m sure the criminals, the ones who commit 95% of the murders with their illegal guns, will be sure to go right down to the police station and turn in their weapons.

    The stupidity of the people on this website is UN BE LIEVABLE. Seriously go bake some brownies and making my head explode with your ignorance.

  108. Matt says:

    Myrddin, you’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  109. vin b says:

    I hated Romney; every time I looked up his claims they were usually lies.

    I just wish there was a better choice than Obama that actually had a chance at winning

  110. vin b says:

    So you should let someone kill you just so that you dont kill them?

    I dont get it; I’ll kill anyone in self defense and you and the law can go take a flying leap

  111. vin b says:

    So no one on the planet was ever killed before guns existed? Wow, what ass did you pull that fantasy out of?

  112. vin b says:


    To be fair there actually is at least one federally funded video game: Americas Army

    AA was developed originally by the US Army as a potential training tool for tactics and squad theory. It’s now openly available to the public and is used as a recruiting tool.

    However; as with any first person shooter, there is no possible way that the gun training from the game will itself translate over into actual skill at using a gun. Pointing and clicking a mouse does not teach you to kill or even how to pull a trigger properly.

    The level of training that can be achieved in a game like that is minimal at best being an elaborate movement simulator for squad tactics.

    And for the record I am neither condemning nor endorsing AA, mearly pointing out it does exist and it was federally funded.

    I don’t think banning guns will ever do any good. Nor do I believe that violent video games (or movies) have the slightest actual effect on violence in the real world.

    The simple fact is people have been getting murdered or starting wars since mankind existed dating back thousands of years.

    Games and movies have barely existed for 100ish years and if anything have contributed to a wider range of understanding and discussion.

    Personally I have spent my life immersed in violent games and movies. It has never once inspired me to be violent or shoot anyone.

    In fact I would go so far as to say that games encouraged me NOT to kill people. I learned at a very young age that once you engage in the level of violence required to fight a war or commit a crime you will often die. Games give you another life; real life doesnt.

    That may sound trite, but its true. Try playing a game like Americas Army and see how often you die. Now ask yourself how many respawns you get in real life? The game isnt really teaching or encouraging you to kill people, but it is showing you the consequences.

  113. kitt says:

    we have 20,000 gun laws on the books already, I dont see that it has done any good, it surely hasnt stopped criminals from killing anyone including children. I don’t watch fox news, and i’m not a member of the NRA, but I am an American who will defend the 2nd amendment to the death…

  114. vin b says:

    People have been figuring out how to kill people since the dawn of time.
    Banning one of the tools used to do so is just stupid when that tool is
    also one of the best defenses available against said violence

    When has banning anything ever made it impossible to get? There isn’t one weapon, drug or illegal object that has ever successfully been banned.

    Criminals dont follow laws, they will still have guns just like they still have drugs and bombs and everything else that is illegal. The only thing banning guns would do is remove them from people who ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE LAW; oh wait, those arent the people committing crimes so your ban does NOTHING

    Criminals dont follow laws, banning guns wont stop them from having them and they will still go kill people with anything they want to

    Ignorant people will stop asking for gun bans when they wake up and realize they are targeting the wrong issues.

    Stopping law abiding (non killers) from having guns with a gun ban will never stop a criminal from having one since oh right… they arent following the laws or they wouldnt be a criminal… duh

    i dont even want a gun, but i sure as hell would never ask for them to be banned

    In fact the only thing that would ever encourage me to get one is if they were banned as I dont like the idea of only the criminals having one and no one else able to defend me from it

  115. vin b says:

    I seriously hope you are being sarcastic.

    Pretending violence is caused by violent images is beyond ignorant.

    There were as many if not more murders and violence for THOUSANDS of years before movies and games even existed

  116. christos says:

    Guns are completely banned in Mexico. No citizens can own them. That country has way more massacres than America. If you think the modern world is a utopia you are wrong. I want a gun to defend myself from any robber or sicko who comes along and wants to hurt me and my family. A gun is not a nuclear weapon.(BTW our government has lots of those).

    You can live in a fantasyland utopia with no guns and no violence and smoke pot and dance around, but remember it only exists in your head.

  117. Wally says:

    I knew there were folks that were for gun control, but to learn that there are a few Americans who support a total ban on guns altogether is a scary thought. I must respectfully disagree with anyone who thinks that guns kill people. I know that this issue has been around far longer than I’ve been alive and it’s highly doubtful, at best, to think that either side will be convinced otherwise. But for my two cents, I believe guns are incapable of killing people. A gun is an inanimate object. An instrument. An object that demands respect and requires the highest discipline. While it is a tool used to kill beast and man, it is incapable of any action on its own. To own a gun is not for everyone. Some people do not like guns. Some people, for any number of reasons, should not be allowed to own a gun (mental health, felons). However, our Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for a reason and because of that we all, as citizens, have the right (should we choose, and should we be fit to do so) to bear arms. To ban guns completely is a preposterous notion, not only because of the millions of Americans that use rifles to hunt but because our 2nd Amendment was put in place largely in part to ensure Americans are always armed in the event of a tyrannical government. I know I’m barking up the wrong tree here, but it seems to me that both sides on this touchy subject have their fair share of reasonable, logical folk and their fair share of fools.

  118. Glock Guy says:

    Don’t shoot me, Do you honestly think that if the federal government put a ban on all guns in the United States it would lessen gun violence? Wake up dummy the gang banging, drug dealing criminals will still find a way to get guns and then what will you do? rely on your local police department to save you? Police officers do NOT have a duty to protect you! People like you make me sick you have no agenda other than to make me and others like me defenseless against criminals; if you don’t like guns or the 2nd amendment then I highly suggest you move to a country that imposes the strictest firearms bans.

  119. Glock Guy says:

    Then it’s too bad that Sandy Hook Elementary didn’t allow their teachers to conceal carry if they did then maybe there would’ve been lives that were saved! People need to wake up and stop blaming the thousands of responsible, law abiding gun owners for the irrational behavior of but a few.

  120. antidepressant says:


  121. antidepressant says:

    your a very closed minded person. this country would be better off without you and anyone who agrees with you. go to north korea if this is how you actually think. you and your precious obama need to stop pushing gun control hiding behind little kids and shootings that are due to mental illness and antidepressants. there are 320,000,000 people on this crowded continent and sorry to say 100 people dying out of that many at any point is a very low statisic. over 100,000 people die a year because of infection in a hospital I think we should ban hospitals… listen tyranical governments always start with the guns. your an absolute fool if you think the government actually likes and cares for you or the people who died from a little gun violence. the guns do not have a brain the human does usually mentaly ill or on government loved antidepressants cuz it makes people just lay there and take whatever they dish out to us. WHEN PEOPLE FEAR THE GOVERNMENT YOU HAVE TYRANNY. WHEN GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PURPLE YOU HAVE LIBERTY. NOT. THAT. HARD. TO. FIGURE. OUT.

  122. You have got to be kidding me says:

    I thought this was a joke at first.. You are an idiot. I could say it in a nice way but in the end, it all boils down to that. You live in a fantasy world and haven’t even looked at any of the actual statistics.

  123. anonymous says:

    yes. lets say F*CK YOU WAR. WERE GONNA DISBAND OUR MILITARY WHILE BEING ONE OF THE TOP NATIONS OF THE WORLD. that doesn’t entice enemy countries, or hell any smart politician that runs another to annex our current nation. no nation, 1st world nations publicly at least, will drop arms unless all other nations drop their arms. but, if they do, their open to invasion. your logic sucks.

    P.S. our nation was founded on guns. and on citizens who owned guns, you know, the minute men. but you know, fuck the history of almost all governments being tyrannical at one point, in that nations or other nations or colonies eyes at least. also please forget that history repeats its self. I’m not saying be paranoid, just be wary. jack ass.

    P.P.S. it is wrong to only use a nice suburban area where children got shot, and shun all those who weren’t in a nice suburban area who’ve died countless times before.

  124. Jtown1975 says:

    I came here looking for information, what I found made my skin crawl, most, not all but most of you people are in some other world, I cannot believe some of the STUP{ID comments some of you made???? SERIOUSLY are you people that dumb…. shit we are all fucked….

  125. jtown1975 says:

    AMEN!!! Finally someone here with some sense!

  126. Jtown1975 says:

    NO, YOU ARE WRONG, CRAZY PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE STUPID, a gun cannot just arbitrarily stand up and shoot someone…you, mr “dont shoot me” are UN EDUCATED! I am a perfectly sane person, and Im NOT going go kill a bunch of children. I will protect my family and my house from unlawful entry with it, damn strait about that, and you want to sit here and tell ME I cannot own a gun for protection because suposedly a bunch of children got shot at some school no one has ever heard of SCREW YOU DUDE, you are a communist Fascist pig,go ahead and try, but good luck confiscating every gun in America, OH EXCEPT THE GUNS THAT THE MILITARY AND POLICE TO CARRY, NOT TO MENTION THE 20, MILLION + ROUNDS OF HOLLOW POINT BULLETS THAT THE TSA PURCHASED THIS PAST MONTH… And while we are here, care to explain the MADE UP CHILD KILLED AT SANDY HOOK???? and her FAKE PARENTS???? Dude WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! Since you are so concerned about the killing of innocent children, why dont you take up a more noble cause than undermining our constitutional rights as free Americans, and stand up for some of the MILLIONS of Innocent children killed due to abortions…YES I FUCKING WENT THERE….you are so up in arms to tell us how bad guns are, what about mass murderers who cut children out of women’s wombs, supposedly the safest lace on earth…. No, I didnt think so, shut up and sit the fuck down. feel free to respond, I cant wait!!!!!!!

  127. gunsarefreedom says:

    if people want to kill they will find a way look at the China that happened the same day people kill people and not let’s forget why or gfounding fathers put the 2nd amendmentinto place so the American citizen can protect themselves from the government

  128. Thetruth says:

    You guys are cute complaining on the Internet as if someone cares about anything that comes out of your pathetic mouth

  129. Hardworking Taxpaying American says:

    Wait, isn’t there already a law out there for this? Hmm… Maybe it had something to do with the illegality of murder? You “agenda denying” liberals make me sick with your catering to criminals, habitual welfare leachers and illegal aliens while I’m busting my ass at work every day to feed my family. Until you have been faced with a life or death situation, aka cold steel barrel held to your head, I suggest you not write a crock of shit like this. Either way, I’m defending myself and my family regardless of what you or “big brother DC” thinks is right for me. Have a blessed life.

  130. Hardworking Taxpaying American says:

    Last time I checked, every school zone that I have personally been around is a gun-free zone, you incompetent fool. To hear of a “hero using gun to save school children,” there has to be a hero with a gun in the first place. Some people don’t enjoy breaking the “law.” It must be nice living in your fantasy land. Oh, and where is all of this “care” for children when the topic of abortion pops up? Think of how many GREAT, PROSPEROUS FUTURE MEN AND WOMEN we’ve LOST this way.

  131. craig says:

    Cowards and bullies? You mean like the federal bullies who machinegunned children down at Waco as they stood by the water tower and garden, and burned alive the rest of the men, women and children. Or the coward BATF who burned a house down in Phillie because they thought there MIGHT be some guns in the basement. They were wrong; just 15 young children, burned alive, by the BATF. Real tough guys.NOT ONE OF YOU pussies said a word; it’s OK when the governemt kills Americans, I guess.
    Nex ut Tyrannus.

  132. craig says:

    Not to mention the new black market will be in full automatics. Ever see how easy it is to make a Sten? I think they cost$3 or $4 each to make with 32 round magazine. What do you think people will be building in their basements? And zip-guns are even less. Also for all the toad lickin freaks, the Aurora shooter DID NOT have body armor on, just a tac vest. Try telling the truth for once. Then you libs will only mostly be going straight to Hell.

  133. craig says:

    If he does, then you are the one who eats the shit balls, I read about you. By the way, you lying rat, the Aurora shooter DID NOT have body armor, only a tac vest. You libs lie so very much, the truth is a foreign concept to libs,

  134. CD says:

    It’s that simple? When are people like you going to realize CRIMINALS DON’T CARE ABOUT GUN LAWS?! You said, “there is never an example of “hero uses gun to save school children”? How many times has a person gone into a police station and shot up the place? How many gun shops have been held-up? Criminals find the path of least resistance!!! A person who is intent on killing as many school children as possible, will find a way. Whether that means hijacking a bus filled with students, driving a car into students gathered at a bus stop or walking into a school with homemade pipe bombs. Guns are currently the most convenient means for a psycho to kill the most people in the shortest time, but one thing’s for sure, something will replace the gun.

  135. People Kill People says:

    You people are insane if you think that taking guns away will solve the problems. People will get guns if they want them bad enough! There are tons of unregistered guns out there. Think of this like the prohibition alcohol was illegal but it didn’t stop the people. I like to target shoot. My father loves to hunt. There has always been bad people in the world and there always will be. I feel for the families and children who have been affected by any shooting, but good people know how to handle a gun.

  136. CantFixStupid says:

    I normally don’t post but this is ridiculous ban all guns and that will solve the problem. I can’t quite remember who said it or where I heard it but the statement speaks for itself “why don’t we just make cocaine illegal”.

  137. LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY TO THINK ABOUT…….December 29, 2012 marks the 122nd Anniversary of the murder of 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. These 297 people, in their winter camp, were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children. About 40 members of the 7th Cavalry were killed, but over half of them were victims of fratricide from the Hotchkiss guns of their overzealous comrades-in-arms. Twenty members of the 7th Cavalry’s death squad, were deemed “National Heroes” and were awarded the Medal of Honor for their acts of [cowardice] heroism.

    We hear very little of Wounded Knee today. It is usually not mentioned in our history classes or books. What little that does exist about Wounded Knee is normally a sanitized “Official Government Explanation”. And there are several historically inaccurate depictions of the events leading up to the massacre, which appear in movie scripts and are not the least bit representative of the actual events that took place that day.

    Wounded Knee was among the first federally backed gun confiscation attempts in United States history. It ended in the senseless murder of 297 people.

    Before you jump on the emotionally charged bandwagon for gun-control, take a moment to reflect on the real purpose of the Second Amendment, the right of the people to take up arms in defense of themselves, their families, and property in the face of invading armies or an oppressive government. The argument that the Second Amendment only applies to hunting and target shooting is asinine. When the United States Constitution was drafted, “hunting” was an everyday chore carried out by men and women to put meat on the table each night, and “target shooting” was an unheard of concept. Musket balls were a precious commodity and were certainly not wasted on “target shooting”. The Second Amendment was written by people who fled oppressive and tyrannical regimes in Europe, and it refers to the right of American citizens to be armed for defensive purposes, should such tyranny arise in the United States.

    As time goes forward, the average citizen in the United States continually loses little chunks of personal freedom or “liberty”. Far too many times, unjust gun control bills were passed and signed into law under the guise of “for your safety” or “for protection”. The Patriot Act signed into law by G.W. Bush, was expanded and continues under Barack Obama. It is just one of many examples of American citizens being stripped of their rights and privacy for “safety”. Now, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is on the table, and will, most likely be attacked to facilitate the path for the removal of our firearms, all in the name of “our safety”.

    Before any American citizen blindly accepts whatever new firearms legislation that is about to be doled out, they should stop and think about something for just one minute-

    Evil does exist in our world. It always has and always will. Throughout history evil people have committed evil acts. In the Bible one of the first stories is that of Cain killing Abel. We can not legislate “evil” into extinction. Good people will abide by the law, and the criminal element will always find a way around it.

    Evil exists all around us, but looking back at the historical record of the past 200 years, across the globe, where is “evil” and “malevolence” most often found? In the hands of those with the power, the governments. That greatest human tragedies on record and the largest loss of innocent human life can be attributed to governments. Who do the governments always target? “Scapegoats” and “enemies” within their own borders…but only after they have been disarmed to the point where they are no longer a threat. Ask any Native American, and they will tell you it was inferior technology and lack of arms that contributed to their demise. Ask any Armenian why it was so easy for the Turks to exterminate millions of them, and they will answer “We were disarmed before it happened”. Ask any Jew what Hitler’s first step prior to the mass murders of the Holocaust was- confiscation of firearms from the people.

    Wounded Knee is the prime example of why the Second Amendment exists, and why we should vehemently resist any attempts to infringe on our Rights to Bear Arms. Without the Second Amendment we will be totally stripped of any ability to defend ourselves and our families. Jeffrey E.

  138. Hal McGinnis says:

    When guns were banned in the UK, other types of violent crime skyrocketed. In 1992 before the ban, the UK had 350 violent crimes per 10,000 people. Today, they have 2000 per 10,000. Some particular types of violent crime have increased far beyond that. In particular, home invasions are becoming extremely common. Because the criminal element knows that people have no guns, they feel emboldened to commit any crime they want, including just walking into your house, beating you up with a cricket bat and stealing everything you own – slowly and methodically. The law of unintended consequences very much applies to this argument. One other thing worth noting is that the UK murder rate is the same now as it was before. Although, the murder by gun rate is practically non-existent, brits continue to kill each other at the same rate, just with different weapons. The most common now is the knife. And, yes, there are proposals afoot over there to ban kitchen knives.

  139. Mark Siemers says:

    There are examples of “hero uses gun to save school children.” You don’t hear about them, and most of the time teachers and other school employees are not allowed to carry weapons, otherwise there would be more examples.

    Here are a couple examples where a “hero” stopped or in one case, could have stopped a mass murder:

    Vice Principal subdued and detained shooter:,9171,136736,00.html

    Volunteer armed guard stopped murderer (fewer people would have been murdered had the first church had an armed volunteer or citizen):

    Woman who lost her parents in mass murder in Texas, would have had a chance to stop him, if it weren’t a felony to carry her gun in her purse:

    People committing mass murder does curdle my blood, but I won’t jump to conclusions about what will stop them.

  140. Mark Siemers says:

    The entire premise of the article is based on the idea that “the most direct cause was the ability of the perpetrator to get their hands on a gun.”

    Assuming the main goal for everyone is to reduce or eliminate gun violence and senseless massacres, the question is, will gun violence and future massacres be prevented if all guns are banned?

    First, will getting rid of guns prevent massacres? A few recent examples from China say no:
    -Coincidentally on the same day as the Sandy Hook massacre, a man attacked 22 children and teachers with a knife (

    -In September, a man wielding an ax to attacked children in a daycare center (

    Second, if no one except police and military are allowed to have guns, will this stop gun violence?

    -The massacre that occurred in Red Lake, the shooter stole his guns from his grandfather, who was a police officer (,9171,1042470-1,00.html)

    -The Fort Hood shooting and the recent killing of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield suggest that the members of the military are not immune from the attacks of violent men.

    Third, does creating a gun-free zone stop massacres and gun violence?

    -The high-profile shooting massacres that have occurred in the US since Columbine have occurred in “gun-free zones” – Columbine, Virginia Tech, Colorado Movie Theater, and Sandy Hook.

    -The closest example of a “gun-free country” is Mexico ( Based on the violence there, creating an entire “gun-free country” does not reduce violence, but rather increases it.

    Fourth, can armed citizens prevent or mitigate armed massacres and other gun related crime (armed robbery)?

    -An armed volunteer security guard stopped an armed murderer in Colorado Springs (

    -In Pearl, MS, an armed Assistant Principal was able to subdue and detain the assailant (,9171,136736,00.html)

    An Autozone employee stopped an armed robber who had successfully robbed 30 stores prior running into this armed employee ( The robber was successfully committed 30 armed robberies, then ran into an armed employee. The employee who stopped the robbery was fired for having his firearm inside the store.

    This is indeed the right time to have the debate on gun control. With an event as tragic as Sandy Hook, everyone has in their mind what is at stake if we don’t get things right.

    The question is, will a ban on guns work out well, or will it be a huge disaster like the war on drugs? And would Sandy Hook Elementary have been a safer place if the Vice Principal had a Colt 45 like the Vice Principal in Pearl, Mississippi?

  141. steve says:

    You are some kind of fucking idiot

  142. Shaun Bright says:

    Hey Unclemike. I target shoot all the time, and I’ve never killed (or tried to kill) anything, and have no intention of doing so. Get off your high horse and realize that some people consider it a family tradition to target shoot. I was taught by my grandfather who fought for your freedom in WWII. I also voted for Obama so don’t try to save face by calling me a conservative. I support gay rights, and the right to carry. I also support intelligence, which you seem to be seriously lacking…..

  143. Countrygirl says:

    If someone is pointing a gun at you, there is a really good chance you will be shot, and when they have the intention of getting what they came for they will kill. So you can fight them off without your guns but i know for damn sure I’ll have my loaded 12 gauge in their face and won’t hesitate to protect my family.

  144. Countrygirl says:

    You don’t need to buy ammunition, it’s easy to refill a shell that has already been shot. Not to mention most people stock up at one time. Banning guns and ammo is stupid and violating our rights. They ban guns, what’s next? Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Freedom of the press. If we give in to this we give in to all rights we have been given. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!

  145. common sense says:

    This conversation is entirely unrealistic and frankly ridiculous. A ban of all guns would not only require a law to be passed by Congress, and signed by the president, but also to be allowed to stand by the Supreme Court. Let’s say in theory a strongly pro-gun control Congress passed a law banning all guns nationwide, it would quickly be shot down by the Supreme Court as a violation of the 2nd Amendment, as the case District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) has already shown. In that case, Washington D.C. had banned the owning and possession of handguns for most residents, excluding retired police officers and some other exemptions. It also required that owners of rifles and shotguns keep their guns disassembled and with a trigger lock. In 2008 this was overturned by the Supreme Court because it violated the rights of Americans to protect and defend themselves as written in the 2nd Amendment.

    Therefore a Constitutional Ammendment would need to be passed, as suggested in the article above. For this to happen, both the House and Senate would need to pass the amendment by a 2/3 majority and then it would be sent to the states, at which time 3/4 of them would have to ratify it. There is NO WAY this will EVER happen. First, the American electorate would have to elect a Congress of which 2/3 of both houses would approve of a complete gun ban… VERY unrealistic, and again.. ridiculous, considering an estimated 40-50% of the American citizens live in households of guns, and many that don’t, support others’ right to own guns. For this reason, there are very few Congressmen in the current house who even consider gun control, let alone a ban…. Democrats AND Republicans… they are gun owners themselves and much of their electorate owns guns.

    Secondly, 3/4 of the states ratifying an Amendment banning all guns will NEVER happen. For example, currently Republicans control a majority of the states governorships and legislatures. a MAJORITY. So how to get to the 3/4 to ban guns? Let alone the blue states that would most likely also not support a total ban on guns?.. .YOU CANT.

    As a gun owner, and a Democrat, and someone who supports common sense gun legislation, the “slippery slope” argument suggesting all guns will be banned is RIDICULOUS and will never happen. When Americans and more particularly, gun owners of all stripes and colors, stop listening to this argument by the media or the NRA, we will be able to have a legitimate gun control conversation. The Supreme Court has already set precedence approving that Americans have the right to own guns, specifically hand guns and guns for self defense, and that this right cannot be taken away, at least without repeal of the 2nd Amendment, which again WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!


    Nope legaly armed and trained teaches should kill the agressors before they get even close to killing kids!


    As dont shoot me said guns kill people WRONG people kill people a gun siting on a table wont kill anything it like saying that a pencil writes an essay or that a paint brush paints so lets give all the credit to the pencil and the pait brush as well aye. Come on now dont be stupid enugh to think that guns can kill people all by them selves.

  148. Countrygirl says:


  149. Countrygirl says:

    Guns are intending for hunting and protecting ourselves, so your saying ban guns and lose all protection we have, and have an animal population out of control because guns are banned and no one can hunt. Good thought.

  150. 50/50 says:

    Mental health is the issue. Guess what, it doesn’t cost the government much to say you can’t have that, but it does cost them a whole lot to say hold on let me see if you can have that. The first thing they ask is how much? how long? how much more work do I have to do? So with that said it’s easier to say no, then say let’s talk about it and really get to the route of the problem. Just so everyone is clear, violence has to start somewhere and its with people. Just saying we still have knifes (my chefs knife is a foot long), but lets ban that because its the knife that kills and it would be silly to think it was the person holding it. No rebuttals needed because it will just be some stupid closed minded remark. By the way some of the comments on here are funny, mostly because they make no sense.

  151. Tom Battis says:

    ask England or Australia, how it worked out for them, or just take a stroll thru Chicago. Then check out Switzerland’s gun crime rate, but I guess proof and facts are beyond your comprehension. And by the way, 100% of the school shootings took place in a gun free zone because of your anti gun logic, every one of those deaths are on your hands, not the people who want to protect our children by arming schools with security. The one thing that’s more dangerous than a crazy lunatic with a gun, is anyone who wants to take another’s protection from them. YOU!

  152. Alan says:

    ok at risk of sounding silly….More people died in cars this year than by guns so with your logic we need to outlaw cars….first. They are a much greater danger to people….

  153. david says:

    the writer of this artical is full of shi* to even think about banning ALL firearms…that happened when Hilter came to power in Germany…no citizen was allowed to own any form of guns..then when the SS came and knocked down the peoples door, dragged someone , mostly innocent ones, out into the streets and shot them in the head. the people could do nothing about it…no guns equal, total power by the ones who do

  154. Thetruth says:

    It angers me that obesity kills 300,000 a year and tobacco kills more than that. Banning either of those things wouldn’t mean a change in the constitution. But guns kill almost 9k a year so we have to change the constitution and ban guns. It also angers me that the sharks to death by shark ratio is much higher than the guns to death by guns ratio an you people aren’t going crazy trying to pass a “kill all the sharks law” you hippies just don’t like guns. Get over yourselves

  155. Brandon says:

    O and you never hear of guns protecting school children and dont think they should be Carried into a school well just so you know your favorite Mr presidents daughters have 17armed men in there school at all times maybe if we put more trained people into schools to protect our young people things like this wouldn’t happen but you would rather take peoples rights away then spend money on a good cause shows how much u care about rights and freedoms if you dont like America then get out.

  156. Brandon says:

    All of you who are calling for a total ban on gun are stupid uneducated liberals who believe everything you hear on the news what city has one ofthe highest crime and gun murder rates New York city that city also has a ban on guns and you know what happened the murder rate with gun s increased. What happened in Australia they put a weapons bane in place and what happened in a year there violent crime and murder rate with guns sky rocketed. Because the criminals have no problems finding guns you uneducated “people” who call themselves educated Americans are a bunch of stupid bring people who again have no clue what they are saying or the civil war this will start inside America and guns DO NOT FUCKING KILL PEOPLE guns are a tool that can be used for good or bad people kill people like they always have it will never stop unfortunately but just because you would hide and cower and let someone enter you home and kill your family does not mean the rest of us will and I will not let someone come to my home and take any of my guns it will be a fight. Do you understand me and yes I know you will delete this the minute you see it because all of the facts not made up shit you dont want anyone to see you want everyone to stay stupid and roll over for this it wont happen

  157. GW said it best says:

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
    – George Washington

  158. Got all the guns I need says:

    To all you soft liberals. Let me know next time you get robbed, mugged, car jacked ect because criminals who now would be the only people to carry guns knows you don’t have a gun. Taking guns out of innocent people hands is not the answer. Drugs are illegal but the are still in high usage. Think that’s going to change for guns. If anything it’s going to make it worse. Now when guns are illegal instead of being caught with a semi automatic criminals are going to be more inclined to carry fully automatic because what’s the difference. They are both illegal now. We need to change the laws on the purchase of guns and make it a better and stricter policy.

  159. Law abiding citizen says:

    All I have to say is we lost a lot of lives defending the Constitution in wars against the communist country’s fighting for freedom. We’re becoming a communist country ourselves. The president took a oath, “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” In the bill of rights
    Amendment II
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED
    In the Constitution

    Article. II.
    Section. 4.
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

    So what the President is doing trying to infringe our 2nd Amendment. That’s treason against his own country.

    Wake up people do you really think the government really cares about 20 children when thousands have been killed in wars. It’s not about the children, it’s about having power over the people. And there using a tragedy in there favor to get more control over the people.

  160. Edwin Combs says:

    Two-thirds of all gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides. Of the 30,470 firearm-related deaths in the United States in 2010, 19,392 (63.6%) were suicide deaths, and 11,078 (36.4%) homicide deaths.[7]

  161. Edwin Combs says:

    The US Department of Justice reports that approximately 60% of all adult firearm deaths are by suicide, 61% more than deaths by homicide.[19]

  162. Jo Mamma says:

    Why should I be allowed to own a gun? Because f*ck you, that’s why.

  163. TuxedoCartman says:

    Don’t need to: just ban the sale of ammunition. If we went after ammo making supplies with the same zeal we’ve used going after marijuana, then Chris Rock’s joke about the $5000 bullet would become truth.

  164. TuxedoCartman says:

    I like sports cars. Specifically, small, lightweight, high-power Japanese sports cars. LOVE my modified RX7. Also, I enjoy drifting. Driving around corners, with all four wheels sliding, using the throttle to keep the car at the perfect balance of turning and not spinning out… it’s exhilarating! So clearly I should be allowed to drive as fast as I want, wherever I want, right? And if I decide to do some racing on public roads through canyons and mountain passes, driving in the left lane on sharp corners and topping 100mph… that’s okay because I’m a skilled driver, and will know how to avoid hitting other people, right? All the deaths that result from less skilled drivers hitting people who want nothing to do with street racing are just collateral damage we have to pay for freedom, right? OR… is it possible that some of us enjoy pastimes or hobbies that make the world less safe for other people, and we’re being selfish, unsympathetic, immature jackasses for not wanting to give them up? (Side note: what the fuck do being Christian and liking Will Rogers have to do with this?! If anything, I hate and trust you less now. Also, never met a man you did not like? Bullshit. Straight up bullshit).

  165. TuxedoCartman says:

    Hunting is not killing? Wow. Somebody failed biology in school. Also, funny enough, yes… I actually AM a knife person. Had a pretty nice collection growing up, and still have several antique swords. But I also live in this wonderful place called “Reality,” and know that a knife (though quite capable of killing in some respects) is not as dangerous as a gun. Ever heard the expression, “Bringing a knife to a gun fight”? (Oh, and you conservatives… are just really, REALLY dumb.)

  166. TuxedoCartman says:

    Have you ever tried? Actually, yes…it is difficult to do. See, outside of your insecure fantasies where you’re John Rambo, people being attacked in vulnerable places by a man with a knife will kick and punch and bite, not to mention twist and squirm and try to run away. Yes people can be killed with knives, but it’s much harder to do than it looks in movies, and is exponentially harder to do if there are multiple would-be victims in one place. Here, I’ll just say it: if you can lethally slit the throats of 20 kindergarteners in less time than it took what’s-his-name to shoot them, then I’ll admit I am wrong on gun control, and campaign for you as president of earth.

  167. JTAC says:

    I really can’t believe the ignorace that I am reading. As a current military member and a vet of war the Idea that guns are to blame is a complete cop out. Not hold criminals resposonsible anymore are we? It is the guns fault huh, how about we blame cars for wrecks. More people die every year from baseball bats then are shot, it is on the FBI website on crime, more people are stabbed to death every year than are shot. Guns are proven to lower crime, the people buying guns are the law abiding citizens. You have to have a FBI background check to buy a gun. Here are some facts for you, in 2011 more than 16.4 million firearms were sold. 20% estimated to be AR 15 style rifles, for those of you who can’t do math that is 3.28 Million AR 15 style rifles have been sold in the US and are around (JUST IN 2011). 2 of them have been used to comit a crime! So for all you who think that everyone who has a military style rifle is just going to commit a crime where are the 3+ million shooting that happen in schools, malls and on the streets every year?! It is also complete SOCIALISM to restrict or STEAL the freedoms from the citizens of this country which is exactly what it is if the completely banned guns. I have fought in war for the freedoms that you enjoy and I am disappointed by the fact that the people who post these blogs don’t really know what they are talking about. My brother works in Law Enforcement and has told me that “they” do not prevent crime, they solve it after the fact so if you are depending on them for your life you will be another body at the morgue. If you ban guns, only the criminals will have guns! Fact, ask your local law enforcement who they would rather have a gun; a law abiding citizen or a criminal? Sound like a stupid question then why only ban the “law abiding citizen from having the gun?” The criminal isn’t going to follow the laws anyway! Seriously Where is the logic. You want to stop shooting arm guards and teachers. Do criminals walk into police stations to shoot it up? No, You want to know why! The police, they have guns!

  168. jomicur says:

    Gee willlikers, what a shrewd, perceptive observation. No, I don’t know Jesus. Or Harry Potter, Scarlett O’Hara. Gandalf the Gray, Hamlet or any other fictional character. What of it?

  169. common sense says:

    oh yea so cutting there throats won’t kill that s hard to do right

  170. common sense says:

    do you know Jesus i think not

  171. common sense says:

    you live in a free country because of people who follow the 2nd and die for your rights that they don’t believe in but still give there lives for it and then you come out with this you should be ashamed of your self go hide in your room with your obama shrine and get out of america

  172. common sense says:

    if you leave a gun untouched for 500 years it won’t kill anyone people kill people not guns dumb ass as much time as it takes the 2nd responders (police) to respond someone could kill 30 people with a knife

  173. Just My Opinion says:

    Ban all guns then what? Oh, then we have knives, home made bombs, poisons etc… Maybe we should also ban these. Guns are involved in the killings but are not to blame. People that want to kill will kill!!!!!! (Plain and simple). Maybe we should also ban Marijuana and Cocaine. Oh I forgot, they are banned. People that want the guns will get the guns. Those people that get the guns will not be the law abiding citizens like you and I. Those people that obey the laws will not be able to defend their homes or their families. I think further steps should be taken to prevent the wrong people from getting the guns. Of course you can make it harder to buy guns on the market by more extensive back ground checks etc…, but you still have the private sellers. One step that gun owners (Law abiding citizens) should definitely take is to secure the gun in your home. This will keep it out of the wrong hands. (Thieves, Insane family members, etc…). I don’t want to offend anyone. This is just my opinion.

  174. Jeremy Thompson says:

    You are a fucking moron. One more enlightened liberal pussy who has no clue to anything other than the brainwashing of the utopian society plan. So sick of you do gooder assholes trying to make laws to ban everything from happy meals to soda. If you want to live in a country with absolute government control move to china. Douchebag. This is America. We have the right to own guns for a simple reason… So if the government gets too out of control and over bearing we can defend ourselves. You brain dead , supposed “enlightened” liberal assholes are the most destructive force in this country. Personal accountability, freedom, and reliance on yourself to provide for your family is why this country has been so great. It is not the governments job to feed you, house you, educate you and protect you from yourself. Sick of you communist assholes. Get the fuck out of my country.

  175. Chris miller says:

    This article is sickening. you sir are a socialistic liberal begging for the wrong type of attention. Such a pathetic human being. Good day

  176. Chris miller says:

    If a man is willing to kill he doesn’t need a gun. People can survive several gun shots, but die easily from a knife placed properly. Guns have the potential to kill just as a pen does. Some things have more potential, but guns are not made to kill humans. People kill people that’s why we arrest people for murder and not incinerate the gun. Blaming murder on an object is like saying students fail school because they used the wrong pencils. Ignorance is bliss nowadays. People kill people. A gun can’t decide “hey I’m going to murder today” no only man can. I hope what i believe and wrote today helps open the eyes of someone unknowing.

  177. Citizen D. says:

    This is my problem with banning guns it is a half heartfelt measure at best just because something is not primarily used to kill people does not mean it hasn’t been used for that. You want violence to stop by banning things? Ban free will, individual thought, individual identity, and emotions and maybe just MAYBE violence will stop. Or we can promote and advicate personal responsibility, empathy, sentient thought, understanding, love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and kindness. Only when humanity as a whole embrace these concepts can violence and senseless killings stop. How many times have you heard a sound that you KNEW was nothing good yet told yourself it’s none of your business or that you missheard it’s something else? I have done it when I was younger to my eternal shame and you know that you have as well. Stop being sheep (bouth sides) think learn grown FORGIVE LOVE. Everything can be a smoke screen so what are you going to do tell your kids it’s not your fault if everybody belived in the same things you do everything would be perfect? News flash it is all our fault time to grow up and take responsibility not blame others for being too soft too hard too lenient too corupt

  178. A real American says:

    Y’all all have to be ignorent to believe guns kill people you in American sacks of shit

  179. mediaisfake says:

    Why do you left wing liberals think the government can make you safe? Tell me again how criminals follow laws! Where is your common sense? Only law abiding citizens would follow these laws. Making this country a much more dangerous place to live. Imagine a criminal walking into someones house to rape their wife and daughter and there is nothing you could do as a husband to protect yourself and family from this armed perpetrator. Wake up people. This gun control isn’t about your safety, its only about a tyrannical government trying to control its citizens from protecting themselves when martial law is declared. Google all the other executive orders Obama has signed. The government is planning a take over. Hope you leftists like camp FEMA.

  180. jomicur says:

    More cheap rhetoric, False equivalencies, red herrings. You people will try anything you can think of to distract from the issue ay hand, won’t you? Jesus.

  181. Onepissedamerican says:

    It is an uneasy feeling I get when I read that some of you folks really believe they should take our guns away. I may not be that smart but I do have common sense and common sense tells me that if this government takes my guns away then they have a bigger plan to enslave us as Americans to be more like the uk or china a socialist country. If this ban passes I hope there is enough people like myself that will stand up for our rights and take down our greedy government. Because I myself will not hand over my weapons for them to make me their puppet in their play. I am an American citizen and I have my right to protect my family from all foreign and domestic enemy’s.

  182. your mom says:

    It’s angers me that the nation goes crazy over 20 dead children when
    abortion is still legal, and thousands of unborn children are
    slaughtered on American soil everyday. It angers me that we can level an
    entire city of innocent people with predator drones to take out one

  183. thebeeishorrid says:

    Yet you didn’t refute anything I said.

    Still an idiot.

  184. Armed and Responsible says:

    Hey I have a very legitimate observation to bring up because you obviously have never thought of this point of view: cars kill people… Knives kill people… Swimming pools kill people… Dogs kill people… Motorcycles kill people. In almost every instance of death in any of the above examples there is a common factor that involves one or more people. Do you ever hear about “Mothers against drunk driving” lobbying to outlaw cars? How about the family of a person who slits their wrist with a steak knife trying to ban sharp instruments? Do you hear about home owner associations and insurance companies trying to ban swimming pools? The answer is no! Because they know something you obviously don’t… A ban of these things is not going to prevent death. It will not fix the underlying issues that are the root cause. People are to blame… Not the cars, pools, motorcycles, knives, and guns. A gun ban is not the answer because its not the problem. Sure after years go by without the sale of a single firearm, gun related deaths will decline, but most likely there will be a shift in methods used to take out mass numbers of people. It could be homemade bombs, knives, even baseball bats. You will eventually realize that if there is a will there is a way. The real issue is mental health, which has been undeniably ignored by many administrations. It should be as easy for a teacher to send a troubled student for a mental evaluation as it is for the teacher to have them suspended. Psych counseling should be as available as a school nurse. All health insurance should beef up the focus on mental health. We go to the doctor every year to get a check up… Why not have our mental health checked? Does Obama-care make mention of the need for better mental health care? Who knows, it could even help people with drug addictions too. The truth is that no matter how hard you try you will never get guns completely off the street. Likewise you will never get all the crazy people off the street, so until a time comes when there are no mentally disturbed psychopathic citizens, we need to be armed to protect ourselves. Who knows, one day it could be you and or your family that is saved by a responsible, law abiding gun toting American citizen.

  185. Sumtin Tusae says:

    “The Dick Act of 1902 also
    known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902
    invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia
    into three distinct and separate entities.” Would you be surprised to know who falls under the third separate entity?

  186. Sumtin Tusae says:

    He’s right, training makes you invincible against multiple knife wielders and baseball bats.

  187. kev says:

    All you anti-gun supports are blind thinkers! What is a gun ban going to do? Last time I checked criminals don’t follow laws so what is it going to do to tell the criminals they can’t have guns? You are just supporting people that use guns illegally to commit crimes against people who follow the law and don’t own guns. All this talk is retated. You need to chain your crazies not you guns. Stop being so blind!!!

  188. I personally would prefer to allow ownership. Especially after Congress passed laws to have the ability to take any stored foods you may have and then redistribute them equally among everyone. It was on the Congressional Docket last year. Maybe everyone should start looking at the Congressional Website before listening to the Biased and democratically controlled media. America has no hope because Americans are to lazy to research and think for them selves. Until they think for them selves they are regrettably not truly involved in politics as POLITICS is a word/agenda-based covert warfare. Grow up liberals. You say guns are icky but produce gun-violent soaked movies for profit. At some point if you truly care about banning guns maybe you will ban the production of gun-themed movies.

  189. If that is so then why do hundreds of thousands of people in Africa die at the hands of the machette “KNIFE”. You can still kill. The primary purpose of a gun however is a multi-role purpose. 1st, hunting to get you damn food. Second, self-defense and protection. Third, to protect you from a government who tries to take absolute power from citizens. (Totalitarianism) My politicians lie. How about yours?

  190. You are a Slave! says:

    “This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” -Adolf Hitler

    ”The right of self-defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest possible limits. … and [when] the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”
    ~St. George Tucker

  191. Danny says:

    Good luck enforcing a gun ban LOL! Civil war!!! ;-))))))

  192. youareanidiot says:

    Cars kill more people. Let’s ban them too. I come from a country with very high gun ownership (Finland) and guess what… almost non-existent violent crime. Gun ownership does not directly correlate to violent crime. Having a country that breeds idiots is what produces crime.

  193. sharp pencil says:

    I agree that we should ban guns as that means there will be no more gun crimes.
    We have banned cocaine and there is no more cocaine in this country. Including meth, marijuana……
    Drinking and driving is outlawed. I am glad I don’t see on the news of drunk driving murders anymore.
    This Colorado maniac purchased 10 gallons of gasoline to be part of his bomb that was setup as a trap. That excess amount of gas should have been regulated. Who needs more than a gallon of gasoline from the pump!!! We need to ban such high amount of gasoline purchase right away.

    Oh wait, Only law abiding citizens actually obey the law. Ironic how that works


  194. Historyrepeatsitself says:

    All these school/ theatre, etc shootings are government, military projects, that bribe, blackmail or control in one way or another, or use some nut and give him an oportunity by helping him indirectly to carry out his goals, so that they have an excuse to start addressing gun control which is bullshit. They want to take away our guns so that then we will be under a dictatorial government with no freedom and they can come and round us up and cook us in ovens or send us to the gullags and we will have no chance. Stop being brainwashed sheep people and look at the facts, the patterns, look at history! These things that happened in other countries and times, can happen in america, today. We are not some sacred and divine nation that no evil can touch our government! Wake up people and stop being delusional! If it can happen in Germany and Russia, it can happen here too. Stop saluting to the flag with the stupid doped up belief that America is flawless and can never become corrupt in our leadership. Power corrupts. We are being oppressed and more and more of our rights and freedoms are being taken away. Never trade liberty for security people!!! Because that security, will become oppression and exploitation! When you are free, your choices are your choices and you have control over your fate, when you are “secured” by someone else, you have no control over your life, someone else does.
    Be smart. Look at the facts. Read a history book.

  195. Felipe Sosa says:

    yes put obama in jail for giving guns to drug cartels in MEXICO. 2 WEEKS AGO obama’s GUNS KILL MORE THAN 30 YOUNG KIDS , their small guns where no match to the drug cartels and thanks to abama’s gun the killings of young kids in Mexico are getting big in numbers, all the people in the where under medication and obamafia is no calling for ban in medication, yes ladies and American Heroes stop obamafia and get a big gun to protect yous family from bad people and horrible politicians . ps put obama and holder in jail

  196. bookman says:

    Lets ban alcohol..More kids are killed by drunk drivers.

  197. bookman says:

    Ar15 was NOT used inSandyhook…

  198. Ro Batiste says:

    The person who wrote the initial article is a brain dead simian, They’re seriously blaming this boys acts on the gun. A gun did not drive itself to the school, it did not aim itself at the kids, and it didnt pull the trigger. The fact is a child who obviously had issues within the way he was brought up killed them simple and plain and the liberal media’s first thought was, lets ban the guns not how to save kids from growing up like him but, to ban the instrument he chose to carry out his evil deeds. By that logic if he had carried out the same act with a machete, or butchers knife would we ban those ? no there simply using these kids deaths to get the most flockable portion of our populous to go along with the frenzy that is, Guns killed the kids, they didnt a person did.

  199. Ro Batiste says:

    ok he couldve just as easily plowed into them with a car ? walked it with a machete ? you can blame a gun for a mans actions.

  200. Ro Batiste says:

    were not blaming it on you where blaming the guy that shot them, its like he never did anything ? he was a murdererrr!!!!!! hows the gun get a bad rap for where he pointed and pulled murder is possible with your hands you wanna cut those off ?

  201. Ro Batiste says:

    and democrats don’t btw i vote democrat but this gun law bull is just that. If this law passes i will never vote democrat again in my life. thats a promise i’m all for the little man, but i hate to be corralled with the lot of you retards. Your logic is so lacking.

  202. Ro Batiste says:

    Funniest post yet. Thats how i feel it takes a person with the intent to kill to kill not just a gun running off and murdering like idle hands, or something.

  203. Ro Batiste says:

    lets ban water because it drowns people

  204. Ro Batiste says:


  205. Ro Batiste says:

    Thank You,the way they want the government its more like hammer and sickle, everyone needs a form of excitement entertainment, video games and movies do it, if thats the case lets ban love movies they make people cry, comedy has to go cause it makes you laugh,,,

  206. Ro Batiste says:

    ok then they’ll just get a knife and stab em or hell grab compound bow, you wanna ban baseball bats too one never knows, you might get one for your 11th birthday and bam its went off and cracked someones skull..

  207. Ro Batiste says:

    woww video games, movies seriously, teach your kids right and wrong, take em to shrink when they kill hampsters and cats for fun, frankly whip there asses when they do wrong and they wont turn out like him. Those things do not affect the psyche to that extent i play call of duty all the time you dont see me running off trying to get a really life 20 killstreak for a tactical nuke. if anything the video game is a form of venting what is essentially natural animal urges, I know 100s of players of the game none of my friends go out and kill people,

  208. Ro Batiste says:

    SO wait the guns made that wack-job of a Boy kill everyone, did it brainwash him and make him shoot his mom and everyone else cause i can tell you i have a guns and never went off and, did those things… The gun definitely didn’t pull its own trigger, your logic is missing one key thing people kill people by any means if that is what there mind is set to.

  209. Ro Batiste says:

    Guns are used to kill the food before you prepare it…. you do know guns are used for hunting right…. and when you have a gun while hunting it prevents you from becoming the hunted.., Really would wonder how fast the Left Wing would go extinct in breakdown..

  210. Ro Batiste says:

    Exactly the words of a smart man

  211. Ro Batiste says:

    No he knows that if you ban guns or make so many illegal they will have a full on mutiny, tell you what, since you don’t like guns don’t get one, i will keep mines we can all be happy and when the point comes that we both need a gun id much rather be guy that needs it and has it, than the one who needs it and wishes he had rethought the criminal mindset, if you make guns illegal the law abiding people that carry them legally will get rid of them, but the fact that criminals are well CRIMINALS, they will keep the guns so now the law abiding will be left no means to defend vs a CRIMINAL ?

  212. Ro Batiste says:

    NO people with the intent to kill people be it with a gun, a knife, bare hands, a car, a an axe, it will happen if the will is there. DO you also want to ban kitchen cutlery? Or maybe make it illegal to be a lumberjack ? What about have a strong punch ? The idea is simple and many teachers or vying for the right to carry pistols at school. If they were allowed to they could in affect be the first responders in a situation like the one just passed. A man with good intent with a gun can do a lot of good. Do you freak out when you see a police officer open carrying a gun ? I think not. I personally believe in our 2nd amendment right, and it should never be impeded, for the sake of a few nut jobs that did wrong with them.

  213. ok, ban all guns, and next time another black bear with distemper gets into my yard , you come deal with it so my kids don’t get hurt. or maybe I should be like people like you and trust a government to take of me,(katrina) cause that always works out so well. oh wait that’s right you people over populate where you live so the rest of us have to, yeah no freedoms lost with that thinking.

  214. HΔSHi says:

    umm… no?

  215. anonymous 2 says:

    I agree with Anonymous. And if I may add… Banning Guns means that we give up our right to be free. The politicians are doing anything they can to convince us to give up our rights as American citizens. Even if it means using a tragedy to get us to agree with them. It’s sick and it’s wrong. And if we let them take our guns, then those children that died would have died for even less reason than no reason. Obama needs to just butt out of it. And Personally, I think he needs to be impeached.

  216. Says a liberal that is using the Connecticut shooting to meet the agenda of banning guns.

  217. sawto8th says:

    You are the one with the ‘agenda denial’ im afraid, myrddin. It is well known to people and has been for some time now that an armed America is the largest hurdle the globalists have to overcome to slam home the implementation of the U.S. into a one world government. Obamas dictatorial executive actions show that no matter what, it will get the gun ban rolling and your wish will eventually come true. An all out ban will be introduced in the near future after shootings continue using handguns, rifles and/or shotguns, which is inevitable. After that you will see even more drastic changes in this country as more and more rights are stripped from citizens who can no longer fight to take back the country because they were disarmed by the same people who took it over in the first place and changed all the rules until America becomes unrecognizable. The REAL danger here is government abusing power and tearing this country to pieces by design.

  218. GunsForever says:

    You liberals are hypocrites and ingorant! In 2008, there were 1.21 MILLION ABORTIONS in the U.S. or 3,322 ABORTIONS PER DAY. Apperantly, murder is completely tolerable. Oh wait….those aren’t babies or people, they’re fetuses right? Because they’re “fetuses, it’s okay to murder them. Can you sense my sarcasm yet? The school shootings our country has seen in the last several years is tragic, but it does not amount to how many humans you allow to be murdered each and every day!

    Banning firearms is not going to make America safer, it will only make it more dangerous for you and your families. Criminals will still be able to get firearms illegally ( remember, criminals don’t follow laws) while the rest of us will have nothing to protect our families and our homes. The criminals will know this, they will be the predetator and all of us will be the helpless prey with no way to defend ourselves. The media does no favor to support our rights to own firearms. The media does not show the stories of how the honest, law abiding citizen who actually saves the life of someone else because they were legally carrying a firearm. These stories do happen and they happen more frequently than you think. My point is, you people are so ignorant of what is to come if a complete ban on firearms ever happens. However, I strongly believe there will not be a ban on firearms. Maybe a ban on AR’s will happen, but not on firearms completely. And because you liberals don’t know anything about assult rifles, yet you are trying to get them banned….AR’s shouldn’t be banned just because they look “scary”. A shot gun with bird shot can do more damage than an AR you idiots! I shouldn’t have told you that, but maybe you should know what you’re talking about before you start trying to take away Americans’ rights. There are enough of us honest and law abiding gun owners who will never let this happen. Good luck! You will need it because it is a battle that you will not win!

  219. AK47DEM says:

    Ban yourself Myrddin. I’m a democrat and you aren’t touching my guns or magazines. The crap you want to pass will never make it through congress. You are the equivalent of a Republican wanting to ban gay marriage. You are a relic of the 90s.

  220. just curious says:

    all of you people are crazy!!!!!!!!!! again let me say crazy!!!!!!!!! do your research.if you ban guns completely the only thing you are going to do is take the guns out of law abiding citizens hands… criminals are criminals for one reason……they are CRIMINALS…they dont give a shit about the law…that’s why they are called criminals people duh…you people think gun crime is bad now? ban all guns in the U.S.A and see what happens… just ask the other countries that have done the same…that would be just like telling all the bad people come bash my head in and shoot me because i am a law abiding citizen and i can’t own a gun because my goverment says i can’t so i don’t because i obey the law…oh but wait you don’t because you are a criminal and you don’t give a shit about the law and now i am defenseless against you….take a look back in time in the history of the great U.S of A people…..when we all carried firearms there were alot less of this type of things going on…why???? because everyone was armed…everyone could defend themselves against criminals or atleast had a fighting chance…like Samuel Colt said “the peacemaker will make everyman equal”…come on everybody do you really think if you ban guns in america you are going to stop these nut jobs from getting a gun and killing people???? we made drugs illegal what good did that do? how hard is it for someone to go out in his or her town,city or area they live in and find drugs? crazy people do crazy things and chances are you or i are not going to be able to stop them.. so let me ask everyone this…if crazy people start mowing people down with cars, what are we to do? ban cars? if they start stabbing people with knives? if they start throwing computers out windows of tall buildings and killing people that too? what are we too do? where do we stop?

  221. Charles U. Farlie says:

    Wow! I really stumbled on a bullshit propaganda website!

  222. Jesus Pena Garcia says:

    your retarded if you think killiing those people was to “justifiy gun freedom”. think about what you just said? its sad that we dont have those people any more its sad that we dont give sych e-vals to people before they can get a weppon and its sad that you seem to make up things to “justify” whats going on around you. As for gun owners. im one and i only shoot for for target practise and if im really hungry. try chaseing down a deer with a stick and tell me how that turns out. And the target practise is to ensure that i can stop a threat before the threat stops me or any other living creature that deserves to live (hevin forbid). so grow up and think realalisticly , you make me sad with your way of thinking the world is supposed to be difrent! not like this!

  223. Oh my what a statement says:

    Your logic is very crooked. You say there have been 6 massacres in 2012, but how many single mushers happen everyday. Check your statistics on how frequently a high capacity rifle is used to commit a crime. It is very low. Do you have a misguided thought process thinking criminals will not be able to get guns? Think about that prospect, criminals don’t care about the law. That’s why they are criminals. Law abiding citizens are typically responsible and safe with guns.

    The first step to communism is disarmament.

  224. U MAD? says:

    Murderers will still find a way to kill people without a gun. Look at McVeigh He never fired a single shot and still killed a mass amount of people. Guns don’t kill people, people that disregard the value of human life do. I can set a loaded pistol on my desk for days and it wouldn’t go off (unless, you know, something falls and hit it just right to force it to go off but that’ll be my own damn fault for being stupid and setting a loaded pistol on my desk!). The fact of the matter is, guns don’t have a mind of their own so saying guns kill people without any outside force acting upon it is just lunacy.

    Do I think we need stronger gun control and education? YES! But to totally disarm law abiding citizens when we have criminals WHO DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW roaming the streets isn’t the answer. They’ll get their weapons as they have always gotten them: The so-called black market. I mean do you honestly think they will give up their weapons just because the government tells them to? Some might say we got the police to protect us. Well a lot of good they’re gonna do when you have the muzzle of a .45 pressed against your forehead and the phone you need to call them is on the other side of the room. If that were to happen, betcha gonna wish you had a gun to defend yourself.

  225. Sekemet says:

    Even those Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerous. Talk is Cheap. Action Speaks Louder than Words 7 Days A Week.

  226. Sekemet says:

    Stop the promotion of violence against anyone in the media, no war games, no horror movies, no removal of the so-called dictator with force to serve your own interests and promote peace, health and harmony if that is what you really wanted you would promote it on every level. Banning anything that is already in circulation just makes it more popular in the black market. Are we ready for War?

  227. duckman says:

    would it be conceivable that in view of our bill of rights being the way it is in usa that those opposed may simply excuse themselves, take up residence elsewhere where guns are prohibited,or,would abolishing the constitution really take our in-alienable human rights away. if i retire in a fema camp i hope i get nice one. hopefully not alot of americans will resist change because we will all be missing alot of friends and family. i actually believe that most of the “my cold dead fingers” types will lay down those guns when faced with enough authority. besides if america was ever really invaded “they” could pass-out the guns again of course just temporarily. as an ending thought dont blame god for not protecting us as He also has been prohibited in much of america because separation of state and religion. what a joke if your not proud to be an american i wish you would get out, america=our constitution = christian culture=quality of life.

  228. the truth says:

    so no one should stop them, just let them shoot up the whole school right? your logic is spot on lol.

  229. thetruth says:

    you all really think taking guns away from the people that follow the laws will keep them from those that do not? This is why the world thinks Americans are stupid. If some one want’s to do something bad, they are going to get the guns, leaving any one who goes by the rules with no choice but to die. You stupid people think laws stop people from doing what they are going to do. While we are at we should make drugs illegal cause it will fix all the problems that comes from using them, oh ya that’s right they are and all it does is make a multi billion dollar violent cut throat market from them, and people get them anyways while the government spends billions trying to stop it, in the meanwhile making things like prescribed drugs a lot harder for people that really need them to get. Drugs are bad, shooting up a school is bad, but the reality of it is the government trying to flex their might trying to stop it only makes it ten times worse. dumbasses.

  230. Armed ButNotDangerous says:

    Tyranny wasn’t my point but since you mentioned it, tyrants aren’t overthrown because they disarm under the guise of protection first.

  231. unclemike says:

    As soon as the number of tyrants overthrown comes close to the number of innocent children killed by guns in this country, then I’ll consider your point as approaching valid.

    Until then I guess a few thousand innocent dead people every year is just the price we have to pay for freedom, eh?

  232. Armed ButNotDangerous says:

    One would argue that you are playing semantics games. For hypocrisy’s sake, I’ll play too.

    Hunting = Deer Meat, Turkey Meat, Hog Meat, etc. = Food and yes, we
    “kill” it before we eat it.

    Defending Yourself = Avoiding Robbery, Rape or Death but don’t you worry, I
    will most assuredly fire a warning shot first. So perhaps the
    “killing” can be avoided altogether.

    Defending Yourself From Tyranny = Avoiding Tyranny, Human Suffering or Death

    Disarming America = Tyranny = Death

    How dare I go there? Well, since you can automatically associate gun use with
    “killing,” why not associate gun control with tyranny? As LtWilliams pointed out, disarming a nation’s populas is at the top of a tyrant’s
    checklist. Oh but wait, that point was moot since he “copied and pasted
    it.” Besides, that will never happen in America because the government is
    so honest and trustworthy, right?

    It pains me to know that people like yourself are so ignorant as to what is really
    going on here. For me personally, it’s not just about the right to bear arms. It’s
    about maintaining ALL of our rights under the constitution and not allowing the
    government to pick and choose which of them should and shouldn’t be protected.

  233. Rrr says:

    Do you seriously think taking guns will stop violence? Do you think criminals will turn in their weapons? Violent crime will increase like it did in other country’s when they banned guns.

  234. RightArmOfFreedom says:

    You are telling other people to go back to school? Maybe you should go back to school and learn who Americans are and what they have fought for in their history.You get to feel safe because of gun owners. Why would an armed robber be afraid to enter a house if he KNOWS they will not be able to defend themselves? Any bans are nothing but a punishment on law abiding citizens and reward for criminals. Look at the facts. More guns in population, less the crime rate. Every study done has shown it. Since assault rifle ban was lifted in 2004 and state concealed gun laws passed, those states have had 34% less murders.

  235. RightArmOfFreedom says:

    Ya We need to end this land of the free. We need increased censorship, more gov’t entitlements, and gov’t regulated wages for all people so we are all equal. We to get commerce as well. Grocery stores should just be lines where you pick up a certain amount of rations. Everyone gets the same amount of everything. There is also way too much religious influence on the gov’t today from too many different religions. We need to decide on one and outlaw the rest.

  236. FreedomFighter says:

    THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY GUNS ON THE STREETS. If guns are banned and confiscated, only violent criminals will be left with guns. Look at MEXICO you morons. The cartels run towns, even cities, WHY?! Because the people cant defend themselves with fucking knives and rocks! Thats why. Making something illegal only means its harder to get, THATS IT. Anything that is illegal, I can more likely than not get my hands on with some connections and money. If guns disapear from stores, they well be sold on a black market to criminals and violent people, not law abiding citizens. If some psycho wants to shoot up a school, he will still be able to get a gun, it will just cost more money and time. But if he really wants to he eventually will. Nothing can be banned 100%. There will always be guns on the streets, just like how there is drugs. FUCK THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. YOU BLIND SHEEP NEED TO FIGHT FOR OUR CONSTITUTION INSTEAD OF AGAINST IT.

  237. Gunowner says:

    Do you people honestly believe that the police or military can protect you in a time of crisis? Just ask the women raped in the superdome after hurricane katrina. If you support this don’t expect me to save you when it all goes down.

  238. Gary Rider says:

    If you people who want guns taken away will look at the history of nations who had no guns you will find this fact…………….slaughter of their people. China, Europe, etc. They can be our life force against a government gone mad!….And this bunch of liberals can lead to that. I`m keeping mine.

  239. abprosper says:

    Nice troll.

    DC vs Heller 2008 makes such a law unconstitutional as does US v. Miller 1934 and an attempt at such illegal and treasonous sorry.

    You could force a review by court stacking ala Roosevelt but that would basically bypass the checks and balances that make the country halfway function.

    Also such a law will provoke widespread opposition among the 100 million that own guns. If 10% of those people decided that such acts were illegitimate and they were willing to fight, well, go read some of the hard right blogs for how it might play. They aren’t going to wait around to get picked off one at a time so you can cold dead hands them. Given the number or truly awful rebellions we’ve had of late, I’d rather not have one here. Thanks.

  240. sane37 says:

    depends on how close they are.

  241. Ray Wade says:

    This is what happens when you disarm law abiding citizens and leave the military armed. I surly hope the people of this country never falls for that.

  242. Ray Wade says:

    You must really be brave. If a guy has a gun and I don’t I am going to beat feet and fast. Good luck on that.

  243. Ray Wade says:

    So why do you try? It is some kind of stress relief?

  244. Ray Wade says:

    “If it makes you feel safer, you’re and Idot”. To me that does not even make any sense. Tell you what, if you were in your home and some crazy sex manic come in with the intentions of raping and killing you then you would give one million dollars for a gun. Don’t say you would not because I know better. And on top of that if you had a gun you would kill the guy. I know this beyond a doubt.

  245. Ray Wade says:

    I doubt seriously that is going to happen. But if you are that scared then yes you probably do not need a gun. I am going to know what I am shooting at. Really not an argument.

  246. Ray Wade says:

    Have you ever had to kill a person for your government so called conflicts? Some of us do not take killing lightly because we have had to live with it for many years. I would do everything possible to keep from having to kill a person but if I had to I would not hesitate.

  247. Ray Wade says:

    Have you heard the recent 911 call where the lady was talking to the dispatcher and telling her that a crazy man was trying to knock out their patio sliding glass door. Did you hear the lady’s husband begging the guy to go away. Did you hear when the guy finally broke through the sliding glass door. And last did you hear when the husband shot him twice? The man had no choice in the matter. Now if he had not had a gun what would he have done? What would his paralyzed screaming wife have done? I guess die because they were dealing with a cray person on the other side of that door.

  248. Ray Wade says:

    You are one hundred percent correct. I will kill to defend myself. I will kill to defend my family and I will kill to feed myself and family if need be. So I do not see the point.

  249. Ray Wade says:

    We will keep you in our prayers.

  250. Ray Wade says:

    And I know beyond a doubt that those children are now in a lot better place than you are. You only look at the bad.

  251. Ray Wade says:

    That is an awful thing to say. No one is trying to blame the deaths of these children on you just like you should not blame it on a person who believes in the second amendment. When people believe in Jesus then guns do not enter into the factor because they have no intentions of harming any one. You talk about Jesus in your post. Might be a good thing to tell more people about him. That will do more good than any gun band will ever do.

  252. Ray Wade says:

    You state “if there aren’t any guns”. That is fine but you have as of yet provided us with an answer as just how you do that. How are you going to get rid of all the guns? Just and honest question.

  253. Ray Wade says:

    Please let me ask you a question and if you will answer it honestly. If we passed a law tomorrow banning all guns do you think the guns would go away? If you answer is no then what are law abiding citizen suppose to do to protect them selves? Our founders spoke many times stating that we as Americans might one day have to defend our selves against our on government. If this come to pass how would we be able to do that?
    Our Founders were very smart and they were a couple hundred years ahead of there times. As I have already stated in another post, we have a morality problem not a gun problem.

  254. Ray Wade says:

    I am a Vietnam vet. Do I now kill anything? No and I have a very good reason not to. But I still like to target practice. I am not a violent person because I have seen enough violence to do me three life times. But I do retain the right to bear arms and protect my family and myself. I am a Christian and would help any one and like Will Rogers, I have never seen a man I did not like.

  255. Ray Wade says:

    Face it we have guns and no amount of laws will change that. There is just no way to collect all of the guns. To pass more laws is useless and will only disarm law abiding citizens. Just not the answer.

  256. Ray Wade says:

    No people kill people. Why? Because we have removed prayer from schools, our homes and every were else. God showed his love for us through his son Jesus Christ. A lot of us have thrown this completely out the door. If the world would pay attention to god then there would be no need for guns any where. Sadly that is not the case so we have guns every where. You can not dictate good on people. We have a serious moral problem in the world not a gun problem.

  257. MuricanBorn says:

    “I am willing to die to protect my 2nd amendment rights. Are you willing to die trying to take those away?”

  258. Sevrons says:

    Are you KIDDING ME?! Do you realize that you’re disarming the populace if you ban guns. All it takes is 1 person with a gun to stop a crazed shooter.
    Have you all noticed that all of these shootings have happened in a GUN FREE ZONE.
    You don’t see hundreds of people in a gun expo.
    Outlawing guns doesn’t do anything for the criminal. A criminal is going to get a gun weather you outlaw it or not, they are going to break the law because they are criminals. Now, if EVERYONE carried a gun. This shit would stop, BECAUSE as soon as one person let loose a bullet, everybody would be on their feet, guns in the air. It’s horrifying to you, me, and criminals to have 30 guns pointed at you.
    Not only do guns provide self defense, but they provide a way to reform. If, heaven forbid, our government spirals down and robs the rights of the people, we can all go founding fathers, pick up arms, and fight a revolution. Guns not only protect me from the criminal, it protects me from the government.
    So, in conclusion, banning guns would do more harm than good, because criminals are going to get them anyway through black market, and the law-abiding people won’t have guns to defend themselves with.

    Waaay back in the day, when swords came out, everybody who had the means either made one, or bought one.
    They call guns a great equalizer, but that only applies if everybody has one, and criminals are, no matter what, going to get their hands on guns.
    Just look at banning drugs:
    “That ban went well didn’t it?” -Nobody ever on the topic of drugs.

    I am 14 years old. I am a freshman in highschool. I will be voting in 4 years.
    In my future, when I am on my own in the real world, I hope that the decisions that YOU guys make, the voters, won’t leave me bleeding to death in a gun free zone because I wasn’t allowed to own/carry a firearm.
    Thank you for reading that.

  259. root tee says:

    Thank God that i forgot my ASSAULT RIFLE at home as i plowed my SUV into the hundreds of unaware screaming children awaiting the morning bell to ring at the local elementary school. I would go back and get it, but i fear that would make me tardy for class :) TMI ??? STFU!!!!

  260. Arx0s says:

    Fucking idiot. I hope an armed rob breaks into your home. I really do. You’ll wish you had a gun then.

  261. Stupid people says:

    Wait..drugs are illegal? Yet one can get them anywhere like candy. So how will more antigun laws work? Soooo ignorant.

  262. you are an asshole says:

    fuck you

  263. Andrew Scott says:

    Over 56 MILLION people have been murdered by people who banned guns “for the safety of the public”. Why is it so hard to understand that?

  264. MrApple says:

    I agree!

  265. MrApple says:

    I’m keeping my eye on you.

  266. MrApple says:

    If they break in when they know your are there then they do not have your best interests at heart. Shoot to stop the threat, no matter how many rounds it takes.

  267. MrApple says:

    The best place to shoot people is in an area where you know the law abiding folks are unarmed. You sure would hate to start shooting a have someone start shooting back.

  268. MrApple says:


  269. MrApple says:

    Only the Mafia breaks into homes and kills people. You have a vivid imagination and seem to be caught up on the Hollywood version of violence.
    “One thing I told myself recently was to stop believing my own bullshit.” I haven’t read any better advice on the internet. I stopped believing your bullshit a couple of lines into your post.

  270. MrApple says:

    Good luck taking all the firearms in this nation.

  271. Love how all the gunuts base their entire life on worst case scenarios. “What if the intruder came in my house”…. “Ill be the one laughing when I’m sitting pretty in my fort full of canned beans, while everyone else is dying during Armageddon screaming, ‘I told you so'”….. “Ill bring my gun to the notaries office just in case….” What luncay, from complete lack of common sense. Look I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, but if you want my advice, go back to school, take a class, on something, anything to get your brain working again. Ill tell ya, most or our daily job makes us dumb. We forget how to think, and we get stuck in “safe” mode. The mundane takes over, and then its all about your Goddamn suburb, and all the gossip BS you hear when you see the same people at Starbucks or Walmart, spewing the same nonsense. You were smart once right? Go back to school, take an online class where you can monitor progress, anything. People who own guns, own them for the wrong reasons. You want to defend your family? Have everyone take a form of martial arts, and PS, THEIR IS NO FUCKING INTRUDER!!!! EVER!! I live in SF, where we have crime like everyone else, and home burglary does happen, but you know what happens to the burglar when he hears a noise? HE FRIKIN RUNS!!!! You don’t need to kill someone just because he was on drugs, and decided to steal your DVD player, which he will most likely drop if he hears you. Only the Mafia breaks into a house to kill the people living there, and its done ON PURPOSE to send a message to someone else, or for failure to pay a debt. One thing I told myself recently was to stop believing my own bullshit. Open your mind Neo!!! It ain’t as bad as it seems.

  272. Monk888 says:

    Read the Constitution, you imbeciles who want to ban all guns. You are all for “freedom” as long as you agree with the particular freedom. Freedom for everything, except for the things you are against, right? The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. That was written by the founding fathers of this country. That right is there for a reason, so that the government and other powers cannot impose their will on, and oppress the people. It will be a cold day in hell before you take away the guns of all Americans. Good luck with that…

  273. You fools says:

    there will be so much death and chaos if they do a gun liberals will be the first to go

  274. Charlesray says:

    This is an immensely naive article that offers no real solutions. How is banning guns going to effect the criminals who use unregistered and/or illegally obtained weapons any?

  275. jed slater says:

    Take our guns away and you will see 1000s of waco scenarios. Behind every blade of grass….

  276. sane37 says:

    You are being absurd. Really.

    The comment I made refered to private gun ownership. It did not mention nor imply the police, the military, nor did it reference well regulated militia as guaranteed by the constitution.

    What I’m saying is that the average person in this country does not need a gun to defend their cul-de-sac. The average gun owner who owns a gun for “home protection” will never need it for that purpose and, when confronted with a break in, will panic and not use it anyway.

    A machette is far more effective in a home than a gun, when sneaking through the dark to investigate an unusual sound. A prepare state of mind, a prepared body and pysche is better that one lulled into complacency by mere ownership of a gun.

    Most of the gun owners I know I could take before they could even get a shot off.

    The military has a use for rapid firing military grade weapons. They work in dangerous areas.

    Most of us don’t live in Detroit, so we’ll never have a home invasion or car jacking or break in in our lifetimes. “Coward” is what I hear when I hear someone say “Home protection”. I totally respect people who can just admit they just like guns and that’s why they have them.

  277. jason says:

    Cell phones also causes several thousand deaths a year they too need to be banned as does cars they kill a lot more than guns do, alcohol causes more deaths, this internet that we are using right now needs to be banned, people use it to learn how to make bombs and other deadly devices……so lets just ban everything that has any relevance to deaths and lets see what rights we have left.

  278. jason says:

    The person HOLDING the gun is the one that kills, but I must admit at one point my Glock was pretty wild and I got a little worried it was going to go on a rampage and start killing innocent people. It was sneaking out late at night going only god knows where, coming home with it’s magazine half empty, I could smell alcohol in it’s chamber. Then one night it came home with a ASSAULT RIFLE I knew at that minute something had to be done. I ask it “what the hell are you doing, don’t you know those things are bad they go on killing sprees all the time!!!!!” Well I’m glad to say after some rehab and locking it up in the safe it’s doing alot better, thought I was going to have to get rid of it.

  279. jason says:

    There are rapes, murder, intruder in EVERY state in the U.S….or do you live in a crime free state

  280. jason says:

    So what you’re saying is people don’t need weapons to defend….well then maybe the military needs to listen to you and they get rid of the guns in the military and they can talk their way out of every war…..or are you just a badass and can kick the shit out of any intruder that breaks into your home armed with a gun?

  281. jason says:

    The person HOLDING the gun is the one that kills, but I must admit at one point my Glock was pretty wild and I got a little worried it was going to go on a rampage and start killing innocent people. It was sneaking out late at night going only god knows where, coming home with it’s magazine half empty, I could smell alcohol in it’s chamber. Then one night it came home with a ASSAULT RIFLE I knew at that minute something had to be done. I ask it “what the hell are you doing, don’t you know those things are bad they go on killing sprees all the time!!!!!” Well I’m glad to say after some rehab and locking it up in the safe it’s doing alot better, thought I was going to have to get rid of it.

  282. jason says:

    Cell phones also causes several thousand deaths a year they too need to be banned as does cars they kill a lot more than guns do, alcohol causes more deaths, this internet that we are using right now needs to be banned, people use it to learn how to make bombs and other deadly devices……so lets just ban everything that has any relevance to deaths and lets see what rights we have left.

  283. GrandDaddy says:

    You can “ban” anything you like. You will never be man enough take my guns. You are a snivelling dickless commie puke with no concept of what it would be like to live without your government god telling you how to do it. If you decide to kill me to take my guns, expect it to cost you dearly. Do any of you idiots realize that you will CAUSE blood to run in the streets of America f you try to disarm us? You are out of your Glee Club league in this one – because your beloved gummint has no credibility, no moral high ground, and even with all the recent ammo purchases, nowhere near enough guns to win this fight. Go back to your sensitivity class and write a poem about it, sissy.

  284. Me says:

    Wow! You’re actually calling for one of our rights in the constitution to be taken away. What next – freedom of speech…women’s right to vote?

  285. Valakin says:

    I’m fairly tired of this debate all ready. I really wish we had a “what if” machine already. Actually, this does injustice to the term “debate.” Debates involve facts. Debates involve intelligence. NEITHER side has been using that for as long as I can remember.

    As a gun owner, I have zero problem with sensible regulation of firearms. What I, and seemingly every single respectable, reasonable, and intelligent gun owner have a problem with is nonsensical banning, which seems to be the case every single time. Every proposal I’ve ever read at the federal level comes across as pure conjecture and pure emotion or ideal rather than factual based evidence.

    If you research the history of gun massacres in the United States in the last since the mid 80’s, you’ll notice that they are done with handguns by an overwhelming majority. Rifles, shotguns, and simi-automatic rifles make up an extremely small number of the deaths. Does that mean they are good? NO! What it does show is that “Assault Weapons” (incorrect usage) are not the problem. The “fear” from the pro-gun side is that if such a measure passes, usually in the most vague and broad stroked form, against these so called weapons which make up an extremely small fraction (we’re talking less than 5% of ALL gun related deaths) then what happens next?

    Handguns are the most preferred tool. The PROBLEM is our education, health, and welfare systems in the United States. The problem is that we refuse to look at the changes in our society based upon these failing systems and address the root causes for so much violence.

    I’m all for gun reform as soon as it stops punishing me who doesn’t break the law and actually does something to change the future for the better. But since the assholes running this country couldn’t even provide health care for 9/11 first responders without bitching and fighting over it for years, I don’t in any rational or educated form think that they know a damn thing about what they are doing over gun control or that it will someone refute all lessons from history and logic by following their measures.

    These are the same people who couldn’t get or refused good intelligence on Iraq and let the entire Economy tank. Yes, I feel completely safer by them choosing measures that remove options for law abiding citizens to protect themselves while they also cut funding left and right to the Police they deem “good enough” to “protect” us, while they get personal private security and armored cars.

  286. its not guns, its society says:

    An armed guard at Columbine saved more lives from being lost. Its our society, plus big pharma! Over 90% of mass killings were perpetrated by someone on psychotropic drugs.

  287. TG says:

    Lets ban Doctors who prescibe the drugs these killers are on. Why is it no one is talking about this? The laws here in Florida are pretty strict when it comes to guns, but it seems someone under the age of 20 can get anti-depressents prescribed to them with very little follow up. They then go out commit some horrible crime, and the anti gun, anti-video, anti-movie, crowd pours out of the wood work. No one sees the pattern here? Why does the media not mention this? Am I off track here?

  288. unclemike says:

    Actually, the Dalai Lama specifically mentions that, if you are using a gun to defend yourself, that you do not aim at the head, as that would be fatal, but aim at some other part, such as the leg. So, not really accepting the use of “lethal” force.

    I see a slight difference between murder and murder in self-defense, but I think it’s a very thin line. Just like I think it’s wrong for society to kill someone who killed someone to show that killing someone is wrong.

    I’m not anti-gun, and I don’t think the 2nd amendment is wrong, I just want people to be honest about a gun’s primary purpose: to kill something/someone.

  289. So by your logic the elderly and disabled aren’t deserving of the right to effective self-defense?

  290. You seem to think that there is no difference between murdering someone, and killing someone because if you don’t they will kill you.

    Even the Dalai Lama is accepting of the use of lethal force for self-defense.

  291. With a knife: 15 children dead, dead, dead in China in 2010.

    With a homemade bomb: 20 children (and 148 adults) dead, dead, dead in Oklahoma City.

    Sorry, but the difference isn’t nearly as clear as you might initially think. Placing the blame on guns completely ignores the root cause of these tragedies — the sad state of mental illness treatment in this nation.

  292. AppleLowe says:

    No he did not. He injured 24 people which is horrific but NONE OF THEM DIED! That’s the problem with arguing that guns aren’t the problem when they clearly are. If Min Yongjun had been armed with a firearm then a lot of children would have died. He had a knife so his victims are injured bust still alive. In Canada after a horrific school shooting various gun control regulations were put into place. Did it end all school shootings? Of course not, but look at the statistics. After 14 dead then 4 dead when someone goes on a rampage in Canada the death toll is now 1. That’s not trying to stop panic by heroes standing up and adding to the mayhem it’s trying to make it harder for people to kill large numbers of people.

    Or tldr: guns don’t kill people they just make it easy to get a horrifically high body count when someone goes on a killing spree.

  293. anymouse says:

    Really, if a law to ban guns…. I will still carry. Just the same as the criminal’s and psycho’s who will disregard those laws too. It wont change a thing.

    What has happened is that hero’s are the new criminals.
    Five years ago in California a young man was carjacked outside of Mojave. He had a gun, loaded in his jacket pocket and pulled it out to defend himself. he shot one of the carjackers and both ran away from the scene and sped off. After calling the cops and reporting the two carjackers he was arrested because he told the cop the truth. The cops never even made an effort to track down the dangerous criminals that originally attacked him.

    I don’t care what people say about gun control. The right to bear arms is something fundamental about living in this great country. You are never going to make things perfect. There is always going to be those who will hurt other people “just because”. What will come of this if people give into the political “scare tactics” is the rise of a new breed of American that is willing to shit on the constitution, This will certainly drive us into civil war.

    How I know this is that it will be people like this young man and myself that will start it! Good luck on disarming yourself because that will make you easy to defeat.

    P.S. I choose to remain anonymous because I have better things to do than read endless e-mails from fat, lazy, welfare recipients who have nothing better to do than be on the internet all day pretending that people care what they think.

  294. Gargantuone says:

    At least 3 of the 6 massacres occurred in “gun free” zones.

  295. Ask the question in any country except the US “Would more guns make the country safer?” the answer is always going to be “What are you fucking nuts?”. What’s wrong with the US the country with the most guns in the world that the idiots who say “more guns=safer” are having their way?

  296. Don’t be stupid Ronnie Paul repealed that law, he likes kids dead.

  297. BaakPon says:

    I wanna just say this: I came here by accident saw the content and barfed….No really. Please learn some basic logic and ethics. Try to understand some of the basic building blocks of reality…you know…. how shit actually works…. you know… physics, philosophy, biology,etc… Look I am not a gun advocate. I am not a member of the nra( I am not a fan of clubs lol)but only a semi brain damaged uneducated scrub of a human being would have written this article.. The logical fallacies contained within is like a a perfect subset of all major logic fails in history…. gj dude… you have destroyed some of my hope for humanity.

  298. Gus Drivel says:

    There are aproximatly 2 Billion firearms floating around the earth, do you really think banning guns will help? You will never get them all. We need to be better prepared for people who go on a rampage, because i doubt the problem is going to go away.

  299. Zorgo says:

    Dear dumbasses,

    People kill people. Take the guns from the good people, and the bad people will still kill you. Every nation that has taken the guns away, has had an astronomical spike in violent crime and killings.

    Go scare little old ladies with your idiocy, and wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Whatever it takes to make you feel safe, but you can’t take my guns because people like me, protect people like you.

  300. Moderator3 says:

    A link to that story would be helpful.

  301. Actually, there are a few stories of a gun wielding American defending schools. I recently read a story about an Asst Principal doing just that, you just don’t hear about it.

  302. kenny says:

    guns are tools people kill people not guns they are a scapegoat right now a very convenient one guns liberated this country and gave you all your rights i fought for over 4 years overseas protecting each and everyone of you

  303. Randy Minnick says:

    “Laws that forbid the
    carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to
    commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the
    assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an
    unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

    ~Thomas Jefferson

  304. Anomynous says:

    People. Kill. People

    Take away guns, they use kitchen knives. Take away kitchen knives, they use fire. It’s no different if you take away guns so why waste your precious tax money on passing a useless and possibly pejorative bill?

    For example

    I suspect you want to lead this country in the same direction with shifting humanity’s crimes towards objects you can’t talk to unless you’re insane

    The root of the problems lie in morales and preparedness. Why did all those children die? Because they panicked. Schools only hold on average one code red drill per year maybe even one every 5 years. The school did not do its job and prepare its students and staff for something that could have been lessened.

    People must stop spoiling the hell out of their children and shielding them from the consequences of the world. That way, they will learn and be prepared for the consequences to come from the pains of life.

  305. Randy Minnick says:

    I will gladly
    surrender my firearms when you can assure me that every single gun in this
    nation (including and especially those belonging to criminals) are rounded up
    and I am no longer threatened by anyone with a gun. Since that is absolutely
    impossible to do, then you are deluded and deceived and my life will not be
    determined by loonies. You can’t have my guns.

    I will also need
    someone to tell me why they have more wisdom than Thomas Jefferson one of our
    founding fathers who gave us a free country and by whose principles we stayed
    free. He said this: “Laws that
    forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor
    determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and
    better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent
    homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an
    armed man.”

    indesputible and empirical fact is that the highest violent crime rates occur
    in the countries, regions, states, counties, and cities that have the strictist
    gun controls. To omit this from the equation and make decisions allow only
    emotions to determine matters is a violation of both reason and sanity. Loonies
    will not be allowed to determine whether I live or die.

    If the guns are
    gone, only the government and criminals (most of them are already working as the
    government) will have guns. If you think that’s desireable (that the government
    can be trusted) you are not just deceived, you’re mentally deficient. Loonies
    will not be allowed to determine whether I live or die.

    Bill Clinton
    wanted to put a police officer in every school. Why didn’t we do that? By the
    way, rocks kill people; knives kill more people than guns; cars kill far more
    people than guns; cigarettes kill more people than guns; doctors kill more
    people than guns. What say we ban all of these? That’s lunacy? Ah, now you’re
    catching on.

  306. InsaneJay says:

    Amazing.! I left a comment on here and spoke the truth about this matter, yet I come back today to see if there were any more posts. Wheres my post I did?? My post was removed??!?! For telling the truth about the American people and their stupidity. I guess freedom of speech is getting banned now too.

  307. Jim Holmes says:

    How do we shoot the coyotes and foxes that go after our farm animals? How do we shoot the muskrats who do tens of thousands of dollars in damage to our farm to market roads as they tunnel under them in the sloughs and ponds?
    Banning all firearms in response to nutcases who shoot people is as stupid as banning cars because 99% of bank robbers use them

  308. NNN789 says:

    So your saying it is not ok to use a firearm against some who enters your home with the intent to harm you or your family?

  309. InsaneJay says:

    @ Don’t Shoot me;
    Your a moron if you think that the “gun” make the chose to point at you and fire at you. Guns DO NOT KILL PEOPLE. A gun is a tool and has become abused by idiots in this world. A gun will not and has not killed anyone. the idiot holding it and pulling the trigger is what kills. So to place a ban on the “gun” itself is a stupid idea and will only lead to more porblems later on. Stronger screening and a full medical review should be done for 6 months before anyone should be allowed to own a gun. That would weed out the morons whom kill people, nit the gun.

  310. unclemike says:

    Well, thanks for cutting-and-pasting your talking points, but your comment doesn’t really address my point. I’ll type slowly so you can try again: guns are made specifically for killing, and people who try to obfuscate that by mentioning “hunters” or “target practice” weapons applications are playing semantics games and splitting hairs.

    Sorry if I used too many polysyllabic words.

    Also, too: “gun control” and “not allowed to own any guns at all” are two entirely different things.

  311. LtWilliams says:

    Preventing teachers and children from having someone protect them by having liberal gun free zones =killing.
    In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control.
    – From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million
    dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded
    up and exterminated.

    In 1911, Turkey established gun control.
    – From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to
    defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Germany established gun control in 1938.
    – From 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies,
    homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were
    unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    China established gun control in 1935.
    – From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents,
    unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    Guatemala established gun control in 1964.
    – From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to
    defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Uganda established gun control in 1970.
    – From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to
    defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    Cambodia established gun control in 1956.
    – From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people,
    unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and

    That places total victims who lost their lives because
    of gun control at approximately 56 million in the last

  312. jazson says:

    I never seen a guns sprout arms and legs; shooting people by itself. Maybe we should put the gun itself in jail then. Lock that gun up in a cell, preferably with water so it will rust. That will show that gun.

  313. jazson says:

    So we should blame everything on something else instead of the people themselves that commit the crime, brilliant. If a criminal wants to kill someone. They will do it with or without a gun and trust me they will find a gun “illegally” if they want to. Probably because they are criminals. Should I draw you a picture to help with your little brains?

  314. jazson says:

    Sweet. I hope all guns get banned for regular people. Then I’ll be able to rob anyone with an illegal gun and know that they don’t have a gun to defend themselves with. Would be awesome for people like me.

  315. Smith says:

    I thought the blood of Jesus was on all of our hands for original sin and active sinning?
    Furthermore, weren’t the Romans just instruments of god seeing as it was all a part of his plan anyway?

    On topic:
    A question for you guys to ponder…what kind of knife would you suggest I buy to defend my family from the gun wielding maniacs who break into houses with the intent to rob and kill? Ive never found one that could do the job. To stop these maniacs from existing would you guys suggest that they go from house to house confiscating guns? Because anything short of that wont work with your model.(good luck with that)
    Lets say hypothetically they do that and manage to get all the guns we have in our homes now. Whats going to stop the machinists and gunsmiths in America from creating more? Laws? Ever heard of Al Capone, or Alcohol prohibition?

    Home defense aside what do we do if the Federal Government puts in power someone we would consider truly tyrannical? Say to the magnitude of Hitler or Castro or Chairman Mao? What then? We go quietly into that still night?

    The plain and horrific truth is the massacres we are experience arent the root problem, its a symptom of a defunct decadent society.

    I suppose we are too weak and hedonistic to fight off Hitler MK. 2 or Neo Castro anyway. GO ahead and take the guns, were done for with or without them.

    The founding fathers fought the revolution for less that the infringements we have levied against us yearly by the government, they would have burned the constitution if they could have foreseen the mess this country has gotten itself into by allowing the incremental degeneration of our society and erosion of our freedoms. Who are we to think we are cut from their ilk. We as a nation arent worthy of freedom.

  316. Bob says:

    How would banning guns actually stop this from happening? It wouldn’t, plain and simple except for if he couldn’t have got his hands on a gun he might have just made a bomb (which can easily be made with things found in your average home), and instead of 20 children dead you would have 100. It’s also not all that hard to kill someone with a knife, in fact it only takes one quick swipe across the throat and you will bleed out in about 45 seconds, which you can’t hear. The last major school shooting in Texas, if you want to call major had 2 fatalities, before the vice principle of the school ran to his car grabbed his firearm and intervened stopping the incident from going any further. Yet if we banned guns the kid who more than likely illegally obtained his firearm would have killed more innocent people.

    Also for the record, guns do not kill people. The idiots behind the guns kill people.

  317. App TN says:

    I suppose we should ban cars because more people, particularly children are killed in car wrecks each year than by guns. And while we’re at it, let’s ban cell phones because people still text while driving, even though it’s illegal. and let’s ban alcohol because the majority of car accidents are alcohol related. wait, we tried that once didn’t we, and it worked so well. and let’s ban pools because so many children die of drowning each year. rather than try to ban any inanimate objects, which are clearly responsible for all bad that happens, let’s try to figure out how to protect our kids in school. no one has a problem with armed guards guards protecting bags of money. why then are they so against armed guards protecting kids in school? is money more valuable than the lives of our children?

  318. Live free or Die says:

    I bet there won’t be any school shooting in those schools, and if there were to be, the SOB would die before he met his objective.

  319. Live free or die says:

    I can’t believe how many ignorant people don’t blame to murderous bastards who commit these crimes against our children, rather than blaming an inanimate object. I guess people don’t get killed in England. Do you think law abiding citizens are running around killing our kids?

  320. A.K. says:

    umm, there are people who die every day everywhere. guns are obviously an issue in the US, looking at the past few years of gun crimes, it’s an epidemic!

  321. A.K. says:

    Guns Kill People. Have there been enough shootings in the US to PASS an anti-gun ban?! This ban would benefit not only school children but everyone who is scared for their lives on a daily basis. Think about children in at-risk areas, people who live with gun shootings on a daily basis, etc! Please take the poll on our website to help bangunsinus!

  322. steve says:

    There is a petition requesting the administration to initiate the process outlined in article 5 of the constitution to repeal the 2nd ammendment at

  323. civil says:

    If there is a fatal car accident should we remove all cars from the roads? If a horse bucks a rider who then dies, do we rid the world of all horses? If a child dies from a peanut allergy, do we take peanuts off the shelves in every store? No to all. Why then does anyone who isn’t a do-gooder straight up anti-gun whacko think a single shooting incident is reason to remove all guns from everyone everywhere? We’ve heard it many times, and it remains true. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The real and sad truth is, because those same do gooders got in the middle of another mess they had no business in, We quit locking mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves and others up in mental institutions because we didn’t want to offend anyone. As a result, there are thousands of unfit people roaming the streets without a clue as to where they are, what they should be doing, and wondering whether or not they should walk into a school and shoot 25 other people to death.Removing the guns will do nothing but change the method these mentally unfit people will use to kill other people. We need to give up on this irrational idea of political correctness, put our testicles back on, and making some wise decisions regarding the proper methods of keeping dangerously ill people out of the general population. Sorry if that offends your sensibilities, but it is a necessary step to protect our school children and the population in general. You anti-gun nuts are missing the boat completely.

  324. Red Fox says:

    MOLON LABE. we have drawn our line in the sand.

    I Pledge to never disarm, and in particular, to never surrender my military pattern, semi-automatic rifles (and full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them), regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts.
    I also pledge to pass on those military pattern rifles to my children and my children’s children, as well as the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition to needed to use them, regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts. As Founding Father Tench Coxe said, while attempting to allay the fears of critics of the proposed Constitution:

    The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom?

    Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American… [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people. – Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

    And that “power of the sword” – those “terrible implements of the soldier,” includes the people’s battle rifles and carbines – their M1As, their FN-LARs, their HK 91s, their Grandfathers’ M1 Garand, their AK 47s, their ARs and M4s, etc. – all of the weapons listed as being targeted for Feinstein’s new and improved “Assault Weapons Ban.”

    The whole point of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military capacity of the American people – to preserve the ability of the people, who are the militia, to provide for their own security as individuals, as neighborhoods, towns, counties, and states, during any emergency, man-made or natural; to preserve the military capacity of the American people to resist tyranny and violations of their rights by oath breakers within government; and to preserve the military capacity of the people to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, including those oath breaking domestic enemies within government. It is not about hunting, and at its core, the Second Amendment is not really even about self-defense against private criminals. It is about self-defense against public criminals – against tyrants, usurpers, and foreign invaders Above all other firearms currently available to the American citizen, modern military pattern, semi-automatic rifles provide that military capacity.

    Protecting the keeping and bearing of such arms of military utility is the heart and soul of the Second Amendment. Thus, any attempt to ban their possession, sale, purchase, or transfer, is an attempt to disarm the American people.

    Nor will I surrender my accurate, scoped, bolt action rifles, which are also great force multipliers of military utility in the roles of sniper and marksman. Invaders, tyrants and usurpers fear the sniper and marksman for good reason, and millions of American hunters have the well practiced field-craft and marksmanship skills to serve in those rolls most effectively. We must preserve their means of doing so, including preserving our .50 caliber sniper rifles, our .338 Lapua’s, our .300 Win Mags, and other powerful, long-range capable calibers.

    Nor will I surrender my semi-automatic pistols with full capacity magazines, which provide me with the capacity to effectively defend against close range, sudden attack.

    I will not disarm, regardless of what law is passed by the oath breakers in Congress, or signed into law by the oath breaker in the White House, and I WILL pass on to my children every terrible implement of the soldier currently in my possession.

    Further, I will ask my children to also pledge to never surrender those family arms and equipment, regardless of what illegitimate, Bill of Rights violating law is passed by the oath breakers in Washington DC, and regardless of whatever any oath breaking judge may rule.

    Further, I pledge to refuse compliance with any and all laws that attempt to strip me and my children of those arms, the full capacity magazines needed to load and fire them, or the parts and ammunition needed to keep them firing. I will use nullification, civil disobedience, and active resistance against all such laws. I will nullify, disobey, and resist as an individual, and I will work with my neighbors to nullify, disobey, and resist as towns, counties, and states. We will not disarm, we will not comply, and we will resist.

    Further, I pledge to refuse to vote for, and to actively work to purge from office any elected official, of any party, who violates their oath of office by supporting, endorsing, or voting for any law, action, or decree that attempts to disarm me, my children, or my children’s children of any of the above noted arms. I pledge to root the oath breakers out, in a scorched earth policy. I will not buy into the “lesser of two evils” con game, and regardless of what party an oath breaking politician is in, and regardless of the outcome of elections, that oath breaker will not get my vote, ever again, once they betray my trust and violate their oath by voting for an assault weapons ban or any other attempt to curtail my right to bear arms.

    Finally, I pledge to defend myself, my neighbors, my town, county, and state, against any attempt to forcibly disarm them pursuant to any “assault weapons ban” or any other illegitimate “law” passed by oath breakers within Congress, or pursuant to any illegitimate order, action, or decree by the oath breaker within the White House. We will not disarm. We will resist. And if given no other choice but to fight or to submit to abject tyranny, we will fight, just as our forefathers in the American Revolution fought against the tyrants, usurpers, and oath breakers of their day.

    If we are presented with the “choice” of submission to tyranny or fighting in defense of our natural rights, we will fight, as our forefathers fought, when the British Empire attempted to disarm them and confiscate the military pattern arms, ammunition, and supplies of their time. We will make the same choice as Patrick Henry made, when he rejected “peace” purchased at the price of chains and slavery, and said “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” I too choose liberty or death.

    I hereby reaffirm my oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor in defense of the principles of liberty enunciated in our Declaration of Independence, for which our forefathers spilled their blood. We will not let the Republic fall without a fight.

  325. Red Fox says:

    8% of all gun crimes are commited with assault style rifles legally bought by gun owners. it doesnt matter how many rounds a gun has, or if its semi automatic or not. you can be just as deadly with a deer rifle. less than 1% of the population are killed by guns. deer, automobile accidents and medical malpractice kill more people than guns. SSRI drugs lead to 63,000 suicides by children and adults, some as young as six. gee never mind giving kids prescription drugs that cause violent psycotic behavior. lets blame the gun………… NEVERMIND THAT EVERY SCHOOL SHOOTING THEY WERE ON SSRI DRUGS. i hope you know what your asking for. not only does disarming a population always lead to mass genocide. or DEMOCIDE rather, but if you think millions of Americans are buying all these guns, hi cap mags and ammo like crazy, with price being no object to them, ive seen walls of semi autos and assault rifles empty more than once in one day! if you progressives think Americans are just going to turn them in your living in a fantasyland. they will refuse to give in, your bans wont work, and since you are secretly authoritarians under the guise of liberalism, you will try to have government use the threat of violence and the use of force for your political takeover, which will spark civil war. good luck with that. lets see you try and take on 250 million Americans see how much moral authority you get when THEY are trying to protect the constitution. and you are not.

  326. Tyler Hart says:

    i think the reality of this is simple, to those of you who say we should ban all firearms or even specific ones its a feelgood gesture, as it doesnt address the root problems. lets see the logical facts
    1. everyone under the sun currently on this planet would agree criminals do not follow the law (if you believe otherwise you are in my opinion nuts)
    2. banning firearms will not stop murders, killings, and other firearm related injuries/threats/ect

    3. the greatest mass murders in history have and will alway be governments, if you take every person who died as a result of gun homicide (sure include children, adults, suicides, accidental deaths, any other random accident, hell add archery, knives, blunt force accidents, murder with blunt force objects, people beat to death) and they will never even hope to compare to the number who died to nazi germany, or those who died under mao, or the russian massacres under stallin, or the countless currently ongoing genocides in africa.
    people you need to understand we are no different than our ancestors and regardless of if you believe in evolution or creationism ( or ..whatever else) we are no different than the first humans on this planet.

    You take complacency in normal life as though nothing changes

    you believe that somehow magically we’re protected by a government who has our interests in mind
    would you be shocked by evidence that countered such a claim? i mean our government openly admitted to testing the affects of radiation on our own people wthout there conscent obviously, (after WW2, google it if your not to afraid or filled with blind hubris)
    the second amendment while very useful in population control (deer, raccoons, ect) affects our crops a tremendous amount, without hunters crop yields would suffer tremendously and that is no understatement

    the second amendment also saves lives, more lives than are lost many times over and i can personally attest to this. (the rate of gun murders was i believe 9 or 10 thousand a year, but the number of times a gun was used in protection of a life was somewhere in the range of four hundred some odd thousand im not at my home pc otherwise id link the statistics)
    the real purpose of the second amendment is to protect us from the most destructive of forces, corruption. there can be no doubt, be you pro gun or pro gun ban that theres corruption in the government today, you should also note that whats seen is usually (as most cases) the tip of the ice burg. I would so like to note that in terms of population to gun ownership i read (per 2011 data) that the records were around 45-47% of the population owns a gun and while that number has actually increased its important to remember you dont tread on others, especially when the majority know the purpose of the 2nd ammendment, you dont piss on 156million people and expect rainbows and sunshine, the gun ban zones are what killed these people the vast majority happen in gun ban zones (never heard of one at a police station-a place with gun ban zones….why?) i end this with a hope that perhaps one of you will gleam some benefical knowledge in reading this, thank you for your time.

  327. justicejoe says:

    Ban all guns? Ha, what a joke. Even if you accomplished the impossible task of confiscating all the guns in America (did you catch the word impossible?) you will not stop killings or mass murder. There’s a much larger agenda when it comes to disarming Americans. Our government is more concerned with that agenda than they are concerned with the lost lives of those children. Gun control nazi’s are simply using those children and their poor families as a soap box to stand on and spew their lies. His whole thing makes me sick. As for the article, stomping on the rights of gay Americans and our failed drug war also makes me sick. They’re just different examples of our corrupt government, our bias media outlets, and our uneducated majority, all together ruining our democracy and our Country. A negative impulsive reaction to ban guns won’t solve the problem. It will only open the door to compromise more of our freedoms that were secured by armed Americans who paid for those freedoms with their lives. I think if some of you pro gun ban people would educate yourselves just a little bit about what gun bans accomplish, you would be embarrassed to endorse that idea…..You might even be ashamed of yourself, anf rightfully so.

  328. Grace says:

    It is time to ban All guns. People who support guns, would you be saying the same, if your children or the love one were the victims of last week’s tragedy? It would be too late for you to regret!!!!!

  329. bad m0j0 says:

    Please sign my petition at I am asking the government to revoke the NRA’s tax exempt status.

    They are the part of the problem. Getting rid of them would go a long way towards a solution.


  330. unclemike says:

    Do Canadians live in the same world as we? Somehow, and, gosh, I have no idea how, they’ve been able to keep their deaths by firearm stats waaaay below ours.

  331. Marine45 says:

    If Obama and Congress does manage to pull off a total gun ban… I can guarentee you that there will be millions that WILL NOT comply with such a law!!!

  332. uraloser says:

    Homos spread aids. Should we do away with them?

  333. jennifer says:

    Your a sick person, period.

  334. john says:

    Maybe you did not hear. In china (near same day) a madman stabbed over 20 students with a knife.
    Nobody there has a gun… Sothe children were defenseless. But from the sounds of it, you get off on this stuff.

  335. Daniel says:

    We live in a dog eat dog world. Sadly killing is how you deal with it.

  336. Daniel says:

    If Jesus really was the son of god he wouldn’t have died like everybody else. Romans +1 – Jesus 0

  337. Daniel says:

    You are looking only at one incident. Knives have killed more people in the history of man then any type of gun ever will.