For GOP, fracking is more important than your health and safety

Frack You

Some things never change. Just because the GOP lost in the elections last month doesn’t mean they’re going to suddenly support science and side with the dirty unwashed masses who voted for Obama and Democrats.

No, the GOP is sticking to what they know best, which is whatever Big Energy (or anyone with money) tells them to say or support.

So forget about the earthquakes (there’s a scary lot of info on earthquakes here and here), pollution, and my personal favorite for those snowy winter nights, flammable water:

Your house’s foundation may be cracking, you may get sick and be stuck with huge doctor bills, but think about the profits jobs for Big Energy (and the jobs created for your doctor and the undertaker). Thank the GOP for remembering (as they always do) what matters most in America: corporate “people.”

The Hill:

Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

Actual tap water set aflame in fracking region.

A group of GOP House energy leaders advised Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to exercise caution in a possible study on the health impacts of natural-gas drilling.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering examining a potential link between hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and drinking water contamination.

The lawmakers sent a letter to Sebelius Friday stating that such a study could stymie job growth if not properly executed. They expressed concern in the letter that naturally occurring substances in groundwater could be improperly labeled as contaminants.

Yes, we wouldn’t the truth to about how harmful something is impact whether we move ahead with it.

This sounds an awful lot like that time the congressional Republicans forced the administration to bury a report on domestic terrorism that ended up being right.  The truth is never a good thing if it harms a powerful GOP constituency.

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