For $79k a couple, you too can celebrate Friday’s Mayan apocalypse

I believe this is what Malcolm McLaren referred to as “cash from chaos” during the Sex Pistols years.

Then again, who can be too sure about the end of the world when there’s a party involved and money to be made?

I mean sure, the end of the world on the Mayan calendar is debated, and there’s not much to support the theory — and let’s face it, it’s not like the Mayans did too well predicting their own demise — but do you really want to take that risk?

Step one of apocalypse preparation is returning some of those holiday gifts to free up additional end-of-days capital because many hotel offers this doomsday require deep pockets (but what does money mean anyway when the world is ending?!).

mayan calendar

Mayan calendar via Shutterstock

For $79,000 per couple, the Rosewood Mayakoba in Riviera Maya offers “The Ultimate New Beginning” package, which includes a spiritual cleansing with a Mayan shaman priest along with a private helicopter ride to a tour of architectural sites led by an archaeologist. At the J.W. Marriott resort in Cancun, guests can visit the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza and indulge in Mayan-inspired spa treatments.

Stateside, hotels are also trying to cash in on the Mayan hype. For superstitious starting price of $666, The Keating in San Diego is selling the “End of the World” package complete with a last supper and fitness classes aimed at outrunning zombies. Christos Brooks, the Keating’s standards and operations director, drew the idea for the promotion from Britney Spears’s song “Till the World Ends.”

Honestly, do you really want to be doing a fitness class if the world is about to end?

If the world really were going to end on Friday, what would be on your list?  Mine would likely involve champagne and foie gras, but living in Paris at Christmastime, that’s kind of a given, Mayan rapture or not.

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  • I actually think this is a kind of fun promo. Ya, sure it’s targetted a well-off audience but I don’t think anyone going to these kind of things actually thinks it’s the end of the world. My friend runs an ecotorourism place in southern Belize and he’s running a similar (yet much cheaper) week. Maybe I’m totally being politically incorrect here, but I don’t have a problem with this .

  • olandp

    you mean an obsidian knife. Sharper, faster, and sacred. But then we are really talking about the Aztecs, In Mayan civilization the ruling class made the blood sacrifice by bleeding their tongues and genitals.

  • Asterix

    I didn’t know that the Maya had helicopters! Smart folks.

  • A reader in Colorado

    I could really use me some of that 79K right about now. But I wouldn’t be celebrating the end of the world with it.

  • It’s “Maya”, not “Mayan”

    Sorry, but I like to keep the record straight.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Hmm.. a Mayan shaman priest you say?

    Does he rip people’s hearts out with a flint knife or is he one of the wussy ones that is just pretending?

  • Fools and their money deserve to be parted.

  • Goodness! Only four more days to gay-convert the rest of the deceased Mormon population. I’d best get cracking!

  • Drew2u

    Courtesy of Ancestry(dot)com !

  • silas1898

    Marriott is the most over-rated and over-priced hotel chain on the planet.

  • The Marriot you say! Figures—a Mormon creation. Maybe Mitty and the Dutchess will give out free family genealogy lists and a reserved space on Kolob.

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