Does the left unfairly hate Domino’s?

Domino’s reached out to us about Chris’ story yesterday about the company’s former founder, Tom Monaghan, suing the government in order to stop Obamacare’s requirement that employers’ health care plans include contraception coverage and coverage for abortion.

Domino’s was concerned that Chris expressed ire about them, when Monaghan is no longer a part of the company, and they are not a party to the anti-Obamacare suits.  Here’s what Domino’s wrote us, then a few words from me.

I am reaching out asking for a clarification/revision of your story on your Tom Monaghan Lawsuit story, which ran this morning, written by author Chris in Paris… (

Your story indicates and implies that Domino’s is involved in this lawsuit.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tom Monaghan sold Domino’s Pizza in 1998 and today has NO active affiliation with our company. His views are not our views, nor are his actions in any way related to our actions. Domino’s Pizza has made no public statements about health care, as we are still waiting to see how the final rules will affect our network of small business owners.

Domino’s is not a political company; it is not a religious company – we are a pizza company.

Please let me know how you plan to proceed with a clarification and/or revision of this story, so the facts are not misconstrued.  Thanks and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Chris made clear in his story that Monaghan was no longer CEO of Domino’s, and that Domino’s was not a party to the suit.  Yet Chris is still ticked at the company, and asked whether Monaghan’s suit would hurt Dominos, and it’s a fair question.

The thing is, a lot of people are still ticked at Domino’s for the Monaghan years.  I know I am.  I still avoid Domino’s when possible, even though I “know” Monaghan is gone.   (And most of us didn’t even know about the Romney/Bain connection – they owned the company after Monaghan, though they’re now gone too.)

Like Coors, years after it faced a gay backlash, Domino’s was run by a lot of right-wing jerks during much of its existence, and the company is now trying to figure out how to get rid of some serious baggage.  And like Coors, Dominos, Cracker Barrel, Chick-fil-A all give me a bad taste in my mouth, even though the first two have gotten rid of their far-right heritage.

Are liberals being unfair to Domino’s, or Coors or Cracker Barrel?  Once bad people sell a company, is it time for us to let bygones be bygones?  If Monaghan continues being a jerk, is it time to stop holding Domino’s response for his ongoing actions?

I’m not sure what the answer is. A part of me feels that all of these companies need to atone, and keep atoning, for their past sins, since their former owners made a bundle there, and are still wreaking havoc nationwide with the money they earned. Another part of me understands that it must be frustrating for Domino’s to keep having to deal with the Monaghan problem (again, who knew they had a Bain problem too?)

I’m curious what you guys think?  Is it time to let Domino’s move on?

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