Dan Savage is finally legally wed in America!

UPDATE: Sign our e-card congratulating Dan and Terry on their (US) marriage, and leave a personal comment on the card as well.  I’ll make sure Dan and Terry see them.  Thanks, JOHN


Dan Savage always used to joke that he and his husband Terry, who got married in Canada years ago, were “husbands in Canada, boyfriends in America.”

Dan’s husband Terry Miller sent this photo, below, out on Instagram a few hours ago of them registering their legal marriage in Seattle this morning.  They were one of the first gay couples to register their marriage today, now that gay marriages are legal in Washington State.

It looks like Terry will finally need to update his Instagram tag that reads:

Husband in Canada, boyfriend in America, of Dan Savage.

Though it should now read:

Husband in Canada and Seattle, boyfriend in Washington, DC, of Dan Savage.

Here’s the photo, and below is video of Dan Savage talking at the event:

Photo instagramed by Dan Savage's husband Terry of their marriage registration in Seattle this morning. Note the MLK photo in the background.

Photo instagramed by Dan Savage’s husband Terry of their marriage registration in Seattle this morning. Note the MLK photo in the background.

Dan Savage famously got married in 2004 to a lesbian, in order to show how goofed up US marriage laws are.

According to the Seattle Times–and King County Executive Ron Sims and Lambda Legal’s Jamie Pedersen–I’m to “blame” for Sims and local gay rights groups finally getting off their asses and actually doing something about gay marriage. And how did I accomplish that? By showing up at the King County Administration Building last week and obtaining–obtaining, not just asking for, but actually getting–a marriage license. There it is, right on this page, in all of its sanctity-of-marriage glory. It’s got my name on it, and Ron Sims’ name, and King County’s seal.

I may be the only openly gay man in Washington State who has a legal marriage license. Unfortunately, it’s not a license to marry my boyfriend–the guy I’ve lived with for 10 years, the guy I started a family with, the guy I’m still crazy about–but a license to marry my coworker, Amy Jenniges. As much as I enjoy working with her, I’m not going to leave my boyfriend for Amy.

And here’s the video from the event:


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