Sign our e-card congratulating Dan Savage on his marriage to boyfriend-no-more Terry

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I wrote this morning about my friend Dan Savage finally getting to legally wed his boyfriend-no-more Terry Miller in Washington State this morning. In the November 6 election, marriage was legalized for gay couples.

I’ve decided to set up an e-card for Dan and Terry, so folks can join us in congratulating them. Dan has been a tireless advocate for LGBT rights, and a tireless progressive overall. He’s also been a great friend to his blog and to me.

So, I’ve set up an e-card┬ácongratulating Dan and Terry, and already have warned Dan that it’s coming :) I’ve set it up so you can sign it, but also leave a personal message if you like.

I know in the past, it’s always been the personal notes that folks add to these things that are the most interesting, meaningful and poignant. So if the spirit moves you, please visit our e-card and leave a note for Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller.

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  • Wasn’t he already married?

  • smarchio

    Tried to sign but cannot due to salsa script error?

  • MyrddinWilt

    Best wishes

    Did little Ricky send a card?

  • UncleBucky

    Boy oh boy! Legal marital bliss…. and legal marital arguments at the same time! Yay!

    Actually, I only wish the former, not the latter!

    I lift my drink to you guys, Dan and Terry!

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