CNBC’s Rick Santelli goes bonkers over the fiscal cliff

I know, Rick Santelli is an idiot, but he is good theater – in that, watching a conservative train-wreck, kind of way.

The sad thing is, listening to all the other traders cheering Santelli off camera. Do they not understand what kind of spoiled, immature children he and they look like to the rest of normal America?

It (the market) doesn’t give you a glimpse into our future or our kid’s future. The fact we have 100 trillion dollars of underfunded liabilities it isn’t pricing whether that is going to work. …..

The Fed doesn’t have a clue, neither does the president, neither does Congress .. and absolutely neither does Tim Geithner, who gives a speech about the debt ceiling. I’d like to see if he could count to a million, much less 16.4 trillion!”

Apparently, Santelli still thinks this is high school. Which goes a long way towards explaining his rhetorical style.


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  • Houndentenor

    All true. What was most troubling was hearing people I worked for on Wall St say one thing in meetings and the exact opposite on CNBC. They didn’t see the mortgage meltdown coming (the few reporters who dared ask questions were silenced) and they don’t know what they are talking about now either. Other than Suze Orman (who did see problems coming) I never watch any of the morons on CNBC.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello arcadesprojec,

    Your last line “Is that not….inconsistent?” I would like to substitute incontinent for inconsistent. Actually I would prefer Stantelli in another continent to this one. My preference is a continent on Jupiter or Saturn. Somewhere one gasbag would be in the company of another gasbag.

  • patb2009

    no problem, tax wall street, that will close the deficit in a heartbeat

  • cole3244

    this is an example of the type of people the govt protected after they destroyed the economy with their shell game of raping the public, wall st is nothing more than gambling with the insiders having no danger of losing, these takers are just criminals being protected by wash as if they were in witness protection when they are no more than mobsters paying off the police (aka congress) to look the other way as they commit more crimes while congress passes laws that make it possible for them to continue their illegal activities.
    wall st buys govt protection just as organized crime buys local protection in communities all over america, while the average citizen (aka giver) keeps going down the black hole to economic disaster.

  • benb

    Exactly. Look who tanked the Economy, threw millions of people out of their houses and so many out of their jobs—Wall Street. Our kids have much, much less to fear from the National Debt than they do from all the hidden risk in the investment community.

  • Butch1

    His “style” is: interrupt the other person and yell over them so the audience cannot hear what points they are trying to make. Then, poke your finger into the camera for emphasis. Then, interrupt again the minute the other person tries to start talking again and start shouting over them again until they have to stop. What an ass this person is.

  • hola

    After watching this idiot, I understood what ‘spitting mad’ meant. Not only is he narcissistic, he’s inane.

  • Brick is shouting again.

  • And who invented what is now estimated to be more than a quadrillion dollars in derivatives and securities, far dwarfing even the entire U.S. national debt?

    The plutocratic rentier class.

    Anyway, CNBC is nothing but a financially-themed burlesque show. Complete with geek tricks and singing whores.

  • arcadesproject

    I recall when Stantelli went bonkers over the contracts of the thieves, frauds and liars who caused the the great crash, when someone suggested that their pay ought to be cut. . He was, however, quite complacent about nullifying the contracts of auto workers. How could this be? Is that not….inconsistent?

  • GammaGabbie

    I would at least agree that the GOP majority congress is clueless. They need to get over their 50’s racist Ideology and get with the program. You can’t have it all.. compromise is in order… period. But this congress; driven by the inept uneducated “Tea Party” seems to think it’s all about THEM… they’ll be the ones to drive us into oblivion; not our president.

  • Looks like someone is trying to get another big payout for fake outrage which will lead to another fake movement, i.e. tea party.

  • guest1

    The president, fed, and congress dont have a clue. Sounds right to me!

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