CNBC’s Rick Santelli goes bonkers over the fiscal cliff

I know, Rick Santelli is an idiot, but he is good theater – in that, watching a conservative train-wreck, kind of way.

The sad thing is, listening to all the other traders cheering Santelli off camera. Do they not understand what kind of spoiled, immature children he and they look like to the rest of normal America?

It (the market) doesn’t give you a glimpse into our future or our kid’s future. The fact we have 100 trillion dollars of underfunded liabilities it isn’t pricing whether that is going to work. …..

The Fed doesn’t have a clue, neither does the president, neither does Congress .. and absolutely neither does Tim Geithner, who gives a speech about the debt ceiling. I’d like to see if he could count to a million, much less 16.4 trillion!”

Apparently, Santelli still thinks this is high school. Which goes a long way towards explaining his rhetorical style.


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