Cops arrest woman who stole Christmas decorations from front lawns

Who steals Christmas decorations from someone’s front yard?

I’m admittedly not much of a Christmas person, but still, this is nasty. And in light of the number of guns people have in their homes, doing this could have ended poorly for everyone as an earlier article about these thefts mentioned. Here she is about to steal a Christmas wreath from someone’s front door:

Here she is, walking up to steal a wreath off a door - this video got her captured.

Here she is, walking up to steal a wreath off a door – this video got her captured.

It’s good to see that the spirits of the victims remain high, even after someone walked away with a bunch of their Christmas decorations.

What this does show is that having a security camera at home can be helpful. Much like the strange case of the FexEx driver who casually tossed a delicate TV over a fence and was caught, having a camera can solve mysteries like this quickly. This time last year, FedEx quickly responded to that particular viral video and used it for internal training purposes.

At least they got her.

House with Christmas decorations

House with Christmas decorations via Shutterstock.

Dana Brock, 43, was arrested Wednesday morning at her boyfriend’s home in the 100 block of Rim Rock Road in Aledo.

She sold some of the stolen Christmas decorations to other unsuspecting homeowners, Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.

On Tuesday, NBC 5, as well as other local media outlets, published a story on the Christmas Grinch along with photos and video obtained from a residential surveillance system that caught the thief in the act.


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