Chastity Bears!

For that little girl who doesn’t quite have everything.  Now there are Chastity Bears!

No, not undersexed and overweight hairy gay men.  But rather, cute and fuzzy little white teddy bears that a girl can hug and cuddle with when she feels that special urge to kiss the hot stud down the street.

chastity bear pledge

I hesitate to say that there’s a sexist element to the Chastity Bears, or “Boyfriend Bears” as they’re really called (I think Andrew Sullivan has one of those), but something about this rubs me the wrong way.  This part especially:

Write a Letter to Your Future Husband
We wrote a letters to our future husbands and tucked them away in our Boyfriend Bear’s secret pocket. It is our hope that you will do the same when you are ready. Some things we included in our letters were our current interests, a school picture, favorite Bible verses, and promises to Him. We can’t wait to give our Boyfriend Bears to our husbands on our wedding day and read these special letters with him.

There’s something very “stand by your man” about all of this for a teenage (or younger) girl, or at least it strikes me that way.  Then again, I guess if you’re trying to keep girls chaste, you have to have a message that involves their future spouse, since that is who they’re waiting for.  (No word on what the lesbians are supposed to do, since the entire program deals with your “future husband” – maybe the teen lesbians can hug a Chastity Belt with hammers and flashlights hanging on it.)

Boyfriend Bears is actually the brainchild of a young girl.  And it’s admittedly sweet.  It just feels a bit 1950s off to me.  Here’s how her Web site describes the process of making a young girl a full-on Boyfriend Bear-aficionado:

boyfriend bears

First off, a little peer pressure-y.  How are girls supposed to not “make a commitment” and “receive a Boyfriend Bear” when everyone else in the group is doing it.  This is akin to the school prayer argument where kids who don’t want to pray are forced to stand out from the rest.

Then there’s this…

6:30PM PowerPoint begins.  8:15PM PowerPoint ends.

An hour and 45 minute long PowerPoint presentation?  Dear God, it’s Gitmo for teenage girls.

I don’t mean to mock something put together by teenage girls, but this just creeps me out a bit too much. I’m not one for cumbaya Christianity.

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