Caution: Beware of exploding Pyrex this holiday season

I admit to being a bit nervous about using Pyrex or similar cookware, and prefer to use ceramic or Le Creuset for precisely this reason.

Whether my fear is legitimate or not, there are more reports of problems with these dishes, so follow the instructions provided or available inside the link and be cautious.

Pyrex Warning

Pyrex Warning

Most people have no issues with these dishes but reading the safety instructions is a good idea.

At the advocacy agency, which posts reviews about popular goods and services, the two top brands of glass cookware in the U.S. — Pyrex and Anchor Hocking — have drawn nearly 1,600 reports combined, mostly accounts of unexpected breakage, since the site began in 1998.

“This is without a doubt the highest number of complaints about a single type of cookware or kitchen accessory,” said Jim Hood, founder and editor of the site, which has been reporting on the problem since 2005.

Sheer volume might account for some of the complaints, considering that glass bakeware is found in at least 80 percent of U.S. homes. World Kitchen, the maker of U.S. Pyrex, produces more than 44 million dishes a year, company officials say. Anchor Hocking makes more than 30 million pieces a year.

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