UK Catholic bigot/bishop uses Christmas sermon to bash gay marriage

Merry Christmas to you too, Catholic Archbigot of England and Wales, Vincent Nichols.  You’d think a Catholic, let alone a Catholic leader, might find something better to do with his time on Christmas day, than bash gays and gay marriage.  Say, I don’t know, maybe talk about love, and joy, and hope.

But you’d be asking for too much.  The Pope did the same thing – he used Christmas to bash the gays too. (Because we care what a former Nazi, running an enterprise that serially aids and abets the rape of children, has to say about morality.)

From the Guardian:

The head of the Roman Catholic church in England and Wales issued his strongest attack yet on the government’s plans to introduce same-sex marriage, lambasting them as “shambolic” and accusing the prime minister of “shallow thinking”.

In the most divisive of a host of Christmas Day comments from religious leaders, the archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, questioned the democratic credentials of the plans, which could see the first gay weddings take place in 2014.

Gay Parents

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How about the Democratic credentials of the Catholic church? How many Catholics, outside of Nigeria, agree with the church’s out of date mandates on sexuality?  Not 50%, that’s for sure, and certainly not in America.  Yet for some reason, the Catholic leadership still keeps trying to enforce its will on not just Catholics who don’t agree with it, but, like the Mormons so often do in the US, on the rest of us who aren’t even Catholic.  Forcing non-Catholics to live by Catholic religious edicts: How democratic is that?

Of course, let’s play the archbishop’s game for a moment, shall we?  He wants to pretend that he’s all Mr. Democracy, even though he comes from a church that is anything but democratic, but let’s look at public opinion in the UK on the issue of gay marriage.  Three-fifths of the population is in favor of it.

From a separate Guardian article:

More than three in five voters support David Cameron’s wish to introduce gay marriage, according to a poll conducted for the Guardian.


And of course, the larger issue here is why we should listen at all, on moral issues, to a church that has yet to come clean on the serial rape of children – committed, aided, and abetted by its own leadership, worldwide, for decades?

The Catholic leadership is free to shove a sliver in our eyes when it pulls the very bloody plank out of its own.

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