AP violates own ban on using word “homophobia”

The Associated Press just violated its own recent ban of the word “homophobia.”

The AP used the word “homophobia” in the very first sentence of its new story on Ricky Martin going to the United Nations to speak at a conference on – wait for it – homophobia.

ap violates on ban on word homophobiaThat’s gonna leave a mark.

You might recall that we reported two weeks ago that the Associated Press had banned use of the word “homophobia,” arguing that the word suggested people who are anti-gay have a “mental disability.”

A number of us took issue with the AP’s oddly psychological interpretation of the word. Here’s my take:

A mental disability?

I don’t know anyone who uses the term “homophobia” to mean that someone is clinically insane, or mentally unstable, or whatever other pretzel AP would like to tie itself into over this word.  Having said that, even the law requires a “rational basis” for anti-gay political actors, so to call the fear of gays and our civil rights “irrational,” and based on an “uncontrollable fear,” strikes me as spot on.

It is funny that the AP violated its own ban a little more than two weeks after instituting it.

At a time when Russia, the UkraineUganda and other are instituting bans on everything gay, maybe this is a sign that the AP should give up while it’s behind.


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