3 y.o. boy ticked off he got books for Christmas (video)

As the dad points out, the boy was only three and this was his first real Christmas, in that he was finally understanding the concept.

People got a little nasty, apparently, in the comments on YouTube (it probably didn’t help that Gawker called the three year old boy a “tiny a**hole”). Here’s what dad wrote in response to the bad comments (the video is below):

After opening a whole bunch of toys, my son 3 year old came across a present with books….keep in mind that this was kinda like his first “real” Christmas….and again he’s was only three years old!….let me repeat. ONLY THREE YEARS OLD… And that he could just about understand and get the concept of the whole gift getting thing. I guess much to the blame of me, the media, and every commercial out there on TV he was more under the perception that you only get “toys” for christmas. To him Books are the fun time we spend reading (no less than three) every night before he goes to bed.

Let me make something clear again. HE REALLY DOES LOVE BOOKS! But I’m guessing he was “overwhelmed” after opening way too many gifts (my fault I went overboard that year) and I think he felt “tricked upon” when he opened the books…..plus the fact that we were laughing at his reaction kinda egged him on to say the Poo statement….. He really is one of the sweetest kids I know and to see this reaction (if you know him yourself) IS cute.

I have deleted a lot of very undeserved negative comments that have been posted….I understand now that without a good understanding of the back history one could make a poor assumption of him….but now i hope you know that he was ONLY THREE YEARS OLD PEOPLE and that he only thought your supposed to get toys for christmas….partly because of how commercialized this holiday has become…..we have since taught him differently…………..but just for kicks were gonna wrap books again for him and see what happens….

Here’s what the boy said when he received a book for Christmas (along with a Wii) the video:

Books? Books for Christmas? What the heck is that? I don’t get books. That’s not toys. That’s books. I don’t get books for Christmas… poo!

So the next year, undaunted, the parents got more books – this time things went decidedly better:

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  • We believe in teachable moments too. So on Halloween we handed out cigi buts to the kiddies to remind them of the dangers of lung cancer.

  • And I really mean it this time! You go John. The new look is just great.

  • Powkat

    If the dad didn’t want people to comment on his son’s behavior, why did he post on YouTube? I agree that it’s not out of line for a 3 year old – it’s what we in the education field call a ‘teachable moment’ – but the kid didn’t make it public, his dad did.

  • Bluestocking

    I know as well as anyone that most three-year-olds don’t yet have the intellectual capacity to enjoy books much (apart from picture books perhaps) or to consider much beyond their own immediate interests…but at the same time, also knowing very well that the increasing decline in the numbers of people in this country who read for pleasure is also contributing heavily to the decline in the numbers of knowledgeable and informed citizens, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed in his reaction and hope he changes his mind as he gets older (then again, I’m speaking as a confirmed and unrepentant bookworm who has learned most of what I know through what I’ve read on my own initiative rather than what I was instructed to read by my teachers).

  • Island In The Sky

    I miss the old Americablog…the previous look of the site was simply better.

  • milli2

    His reaction really wasn’t that bad. He didn’t have a tantrum or scream or anything. Three year olds are inherently selfish creatures – its natural, the brain hasn’t developed enough for them to be able to think of anyone’s needs but their own. If he was told “toys” for Christmas, “toys” is what he will expect.

  • What I am is what I am or what you are or what.

  • LOL

  • kingstonbears

    And once again I thank the almighty gawd that I’m gay and childless.

  • OtterQueen

    Don’t YOU don’t want to think anymore or what?

  • Jim Olson

    This is why I have cats.

  • God Almighty—-a baby Republican brat!

  • downer troll

  • Naja pallida

    “… finally understanding the concept.” Or, not at all. But that certainly isn’t his fault. At three, a child’s level of self-entitlement stems entirely from their parents. Or maybe, I just have a low tolerance for spoiled, whiny children. :)

  • CaProgressive

    When this website underwent its cosmetic changes, it got more cosmetic… wow…. Don’t you don’t want to think anymore or what?

  • I’m sorry, but it has to be done–


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