Sam Arora tries to schmooze the wrong Maryland voter

Sam Arora’s Got a Secret

You might remember Sam Arora.

Liberal Netroots youngster who worked for Hillary and got himself elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, with the help of all of his Democratic friends. Then turned around and stabbed them all in the back.

We’ve told you Sam Arora’s story in-depth before, but in a nutshell, he promised to support marriage equality in Maryland, and Sam Arora was an excited, vocal supporter. Then something happened over a strange three day period, and – poof! – Sam Arora is suddenly opposed to gay marriage.

Sam Arora

Hey girl, what’s your secret?

To this date, Sam Arora has never explained who, so oddly, he changed his mind on an issue he claimed to care so much about, and why he seems incapable of giving a simple, plausible explanation as to what happened?

Sam Arora Disses Gov. O’Malley and Bill Clinton

The governor Maryland reportedly called Sam Arora. Bill Clinton himself called. To no avail. For some reason, unknown to even his own constituents, Sam Arora decided to be come a homophobe and betray everyone who supported him.

So we don’t like Sam Arora much. And a group of our friends are going to make it their personal mission to make sure that pint-sized bigot Sam Arora never works in Democratic politics again (and after turning his back to Governor O’Malley and Bill Clinton, it’s hard to imagine he will).

Sam Arora Tries to Schmooze the Wrong Constituent

Anyway, one of our readers, Sue Cohen, was early voting in Maryland today (marriage equality is on the ballot). And who should she run into but Sam Arora. According to Sue, “it did not end well for him.” Here is Sue’s story.

Subject: My confrontation with Sam Aurora ( hint: it did not end well for him)

On line for early voting at the Bauer Rec Center in Rockville, who comes strolling down the line to offer info on… well who cares? I He spoke to me and I yelled at him: “Just STOP!” I put my hand up and said: “Oh no Sam. You pussed out on marriage equality — you can never say anything to me again!”

He started to back away and I finished with: “You are a one term delegate — go now!”

My daughter who was with me started laughing, as did the two men we were chatting with.  Sam quickly moved away and I loudly said: “What a coward that guy is — He takes money from the Marriage Equality people, pledges to vote for it then turns his back and votes “no” — Do not trust him!”

So not only did I vote a straight Democratic ticket, voted YES on Questions 4 & 6 , but called that bastard to account. A very good day.

Sue Cohen
Rockville MD

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