GOP already putting out “why Romney lost” spin

All the Koch’s Money and All the Koch’s Men…

Ruh roh.

From Zeke Miller and Ben Smith at Buzzfeed:

A conservative operative deeply involved with the web of outside groups spending heavily on Romney’s behalf expressed frustration recently at the failure of the flood of money being spent to move the dial.

“You keep throwing money at the problem and it just doesn’t resolve,” he said a few weeks ago of the ongoing efforts to damage the president of the United States with expensive ad campaigns.
After the storm, the same operative remarked, “Obama is just the luckiest man that ever lived.”

Blame Sandy, not Romey

And the Romney campaign is now blaming Hurricane Sandy for breaking his momentum.

Per Sabrina Siddiqui at the Huffington Post, citing CBS:

For eight straight days, polls showed him picking up support. The campaign’s internal polling, which is using different turnout models than most public polls, had him on solid ground in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa. He had a slight lead or was tied in Ohio, New Hampshire and Wisconsin and was in striking distance in Pennsylvania, a state Republicans hadn’t won since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Those leads in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa still hold in the internal polls, campaign sources say, but Romney’s movement flattened out or, as the campaign likes to say, “paused.” Nevada is now off the table, and those neck-and-neck swing states are even tighter.

Romney’s momentum rose after the first presidential debate gave him his first significant bounce this cycle. But there has been little evidence in national and swing state polls conducted since then that the Republican presidential nominee has sustained that momentum, despite the Romney campaign’s claims to the contrary.

As a sign of how bad things are looking for Romney, GOP strategist Ana Navarro was just on CNN, “defending” Romney, and when asked by the host for a one word answer as to who would win on Tuesday, the Democrat on the panel said “Obama,” while said replied that she was only go to say that Romney would win Florida.


As for Romney’s surge, that stopped and reversed itself weeks ago. And as I noted a few weeks ago, while Romney’s polls improved nationally after the first debate, in the swing states his numbers didn’t really change that much.  He never had enough of a real surge to pull it off.

And that probably explains why Paul Ryan is already looking for a post-election job.

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