What is this “bitter pill” Obama wants his supporters to swallow on domestic cuts?

I have a question for President Obama. What is this “bitter pill” — or whatever words you did use in your recent speech to activists — that you expect us to swallow? Please, be specific. We — many of whom put you where you are today — deserve to be told now how you plan to disappoint.

Sir? You owe us at least this much.

Obama’s bitter pill

Now for the background. I included this item as an update to an earlier post — the one with Cornel West’s assessment of Barack Obama 2013 — but I don’t want this to get buried.

Sam Stein at the HuffPost has an article with some interesting quotes from a conference call Obama and staff recently held with “30,000 of his top campaign activists.” In the article, Stein writes (my emphasis):


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The president, speaking from a White House phone, cautioned listeners to expect disappointments during his second term. As he has in the past, Obama warned that he was prepared to swallow some bitter pills during the negotiations, including some that would agitate the base.

“As we move forward there are going to be new wrinkles and new frustrations, we can’t predict them yet,” he said. “We are going to have some triumphs and some successes, but there are going to be some tough days, starting with some of these negotiations around the fiscal cliff that you probably read about, making sure that our tax system is fair. So we are going to need you guys to stay active. We need you to stick with us and stay on this.”

He wants us to stick with him. Will he stick with us? Color me dubious; the taste in my mouth is already bitter.

I think he’s going to sell us out, but maybe that’s just me — because I’ve been watching.

Gird up, guys ‘n’ gals. Those of you who won the last fight, this is the next one. The “fiscal cliff” is really an austerity bomb, and the Grand Bargain is a Grand Betrayal of all that Democrats believe and fought for, not just you, but those who went before, who created the world they’ve been taking apart — both parties — for the last 30 years.

What do we want?

What we want from our president is simple:

(1) No extension of the Bush–Obama Tax Cuts for incomes above $250,000 (or lower; no sneaking that already high number even higher).

(2) No reduction to safety net benefits — Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. If possible, improvement of those benefits. (There are several bills in the Senate to actually-strengthen Social Security (not pretend-strengthen it). One is Mark Begich’s bill, which I strongly endorse.

Don’t count on the man you elected — it’s going to be up to us. Read how you can help protect Social Security here — it includes simple actions you can take. Read how you can help promote Sen. Begich’s bill here — again, just a few simple steps.


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  • Butch1

    She actually got the 5% and was Federally recognized. She should have been in those debates. It was the republicans and democrats who kept her out since they run the debates. My state ( Washington ) had both of them on the ballot.

  • ezpz

    I voted for Jill Stein. She was on the ballot in my state, whereas Rocky Anderson was a write in. I don’t think either one got five percent of the national vote, which I believe is what a third party needs in order to be federally recognized in the next election.

  • I don’t think he knows. Negotiations have just begun. I know I’m posting at the wrong site to say this: But at this point I still trust him to hold the line on things like entitlement benefits to the neediest. Honestly, has he really disappointed yet on that point? Firebaggers are forever saying he’s on the verge of selling us out — and then, when he doesn’t, that part goes unremarked-on.

  • Butch1

    I think it was around the same time when Obama turned into a republican after the election and revealed his true nature as well as Pelosi and Reid. When I saw just how spineless this party had turned into or that they actually were working with the republicans all along and had been bought out by the lobbyists for the corporations running this government, I decided that we had been had. It was true that the 1% rich were ruling Congress. Every one of them are millionaires. They are not going to write laws that will hurt other millionaires or Wall Street. They were making tons of money from insider trading deals and they weren’t about to stop it. I don’t know if they still are doing that now but they were. The super rich on Wall Street still are; they run the show and no one is going to stop them. They bought Congress, the Presidency and who knows how much of the Supreme Court. We, ( 99% er’s ) are not being represented by Congress anymore. Over 70% want this war to end and Congress and the President will not listen. Over 70% do not want Congress to touch Social Security or Medicare ( both parties ) but Congress and this President are hell bent on slashing it. That is why we know they are NOT listening to their constituents but to their Corporate Bosses who want them to slash SS and Medicare. They make money on these wars and that is why we will stay there until we can. There are Big Businesses working over in Afghanistan and they have contracts. These are worth billions of dollars. That’s what it’s all about when it is added up. We need to get the power back in the people’s hands again. I think it will have to be a grass roots effort to get the third parties more focus.

    I voted for Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party this time around. My second choice would have been Jill Stein.

  • Daniel Francis

    It seems that everyone has forgotten that nearly half the country is republican. That hasn’t changed.
    And if we go over the fiscal cliff and the GOP decides to live with it, you still get big austerity cuts to social programs. SO it’s going to happen one way or another unless John Boehner became a moderate yesterday.

  • htfd

    Besides the regular progressive and faux progressive (one that thinks that Obama is a progressive) news letters, I also read a lot of right side of coin material. Gives you a pretty good picture of what is really going on. You know that old adage, if it sounds to good to be true – it isn’t. Sometimes I feel like the worst skeptic, but rarely am I fooled down the road when the truth seeps out. When dealing with anything Obama watch both hands and both sides of his mouth because the actions on one side are covering up for actions on the other side.

  • ezpz

    For me, it happened soon after the 2008 election, which in retrospect, was probably a bit late to have come to my senses. This past election, I did NOT vote for any Ds as well as zero Rs. It was third party all the way (Green when the option was there), and when there was no third party option, there was no vote or a write in. I’m so done with the two headed one party system.

  • Butch1

    I stopped being a democrat when THEY stopped being Democrats. ;-)

  • ezpz

    Thanks. It’s good to see that there are people who are informed. I wish more would know what’s going on. I mean what’s REALLY going on beneath the superficial ‘blue team good/red team bad’ mantra that is chanted and blogged about ad nauseum. The main reason I continue to comment is that maybe, just maybe, one person may learn something s/he did not know before, and that person will pass it on, etc., etc., etc….

    Knowledge is power. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

  • htfd

    Do you know that the reasons why we pulled out of Iraq, besides non immunity for US military actions? Iraq refused to go along with Indefinite Detention. This is the same thing that’s holding up the Afghan’s taking over control of Bagram Prison. It seems that Indefinite Detention isn’t permitted by either countries Constitution….just like it’s not permitted by the US Constitution unless you have an Obama to UN-Constitutionally sign it into law on New Years Eve 2011.

  • htfd

    News: The teabaggers are mostly seniors and they don’t want the cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid either. As to the neocons, well you elected one to be your president.

  • htfd

    Question: In 2007 we all thought Obama based on his campaign was the hope of change right? Did that happen? Did he live up to what he preached? So what makes you think that Romney would be worst than Obama based on his campaign statements? I voted Green because I saw the evil twins for what they were…all evil, just one lied better than the other. Guess which one?

  • htfd

    It wasn’t Libels that didn’t vote it was a lot of the former Progressive Democrats who changed to Independents because of Obama that didn’t vote after all if the progressive you vote for turns out to be a Republican in Democrats disguise why vote them back in office.

    Like all good people of fairness, not in my back yard. That’s just what makes this country so great. Don’t tax me, tax the next guy and I have enough money to lobby it through. You are right about just throwing money at SS. As important as upping the cap and means testing, is keeping the governments hands out of the till. Along with a realistic amount, a quarter of a million after deduction tax break is not middle class income. Of course if you want the economy that you benefit so well from to keep deteriorating, than keep poverty rates growing rather than redirect them downward.

  • ezpz

    “…We just lost a big chunk of our freedom that night and most of the country didn’t even know…”

    And much of the country STILL doesn’t know, while many who do know are spinning to defend it because after all, it was a democrat who signed it into law. They’re supposed to be the good guys. Ha! What a bad, bad joke!

  • htfd

    In case Obama doesn’t realize it WE HAVE BEEN ON THE BITTER PILL SINCE he became President. His base is/has dwindled to an all time low. Many people have left the Democrat party and become Independents. He is a lame duck president, he didn’t win by that many votes, no mandate this time no matter how many times the Democrats say he is and he won because of fear factor politics, as the lesser of two evils. MoveON may see it differently, but the rest of us do. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a short period of time people will be slapping their heads saying “I could have had a V-8…actually Green Party president.

    So when he presents his grand betrayal he will have a lot of opposition. If Congress thought that they had flack over the bailout of the banks back in 2007, it will be nothing compared to what they will get over any changes in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. No cuts disguised as age limit increase or changes in COLA or out right cuts in amounts over multi-years. Obama can wheel and deal, but it’s Congress that makes the bills that get signed into laws. It will be Congress that will be put through the wringer, being reminded with ever voice that Obama’s a lame duck and they aren’t. When the elderly show up at there Congress person’s local offices and it hits the news locally it will have impact. It will become the elder Occupy. Somehow I don’t picture the cane, walker, wheelchair and scooter brigade being pepper sprayed or clubbed by the police. This is a bi-partisan issue. Picture assisted living busing their people to Representative or Congressperson office with pans to bang in hand.

  • josephebacon

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Jill Stein because I know that the “Grand Bargain” is a done deal to kill Social Security.

  • Butch1

    Thanks. I hope people will awake to the fact that you keep electing these people and you will continue to get the same rich people making the same laws against us. Occupy Wall Street was on to them and it scared the hell out of Congress and Wall Street. It scared Congress so bad that they came together for once and in two weeks came up with the NDAA which the President ( who said he would veto it ) signed on December 31st as the Waterford Ball was dropping in Times Square bringing in the New Year when everyone else had their mind on other things. We just lost a big chunk of our freedom that night and most of the country didn’t even know. Now Congress or the President can call the Occupiers a “terrorist” group if they get too strong and they can be indefinitely detained until the end of the “war on terror” if the President so chooses. They were that scared of the 99% of the rest of us. ;-)

  • ezpz

    Oh yeah, drill, baby drill, kill, baby kill, drone, baby drone, cut, baby cut…too many to list.

  • A reader in Colorado

    LOL, after reading this again, it is.

  • A reader in Colorado

    Yup. You remember, during the election, that almost everyone here was swooning over the Clinton Obama austerity, drill baby drill speeches?

  • A reader in Colorado

    To paraphrase Krugman, the only goal of austerity is to destroy. That is its sole function, its sole aim, and that is what it accomplishes to the exclusion of any other function.

    We need to be rebuilding the social safety net. Obama is talking about further destroying the social safety net. That is his “bitter pill”. That he wishes to destroy.

    So what President Obama is doing is dickering with the GOP over relative destruction.

    Any cuts to overall spending can do no good during a demand depression, but what Obama is claiming as a victory is GOP Junior Auxillary League positioning. That to be not as crushingly devastating in his abandoning the American people as the GOP is to be a hero.

    That to actively destroy but only somewhat less is to be good.

    What we need to be doing is not even being discussed – to cut defense spending and then transferring that spending to additional social spending. To make sure that EVERYONE who wants a job doing something productive can have one, at a wage that allows them to live.

    The deficit will fix itself only to the extent that there are Americans who can pay taxes to fix it.

  • ezpz

    Is this an attempt at snark?

  • ezpz

    Ditto, as you know.

  • No problem. Most folks around here are Obama apologists. The last straw for me was his ‘kill list’ and the authorization to use drones on civilians.

    I can’t support a war criminal.

  • ezpz

    Question for GP:

    What do you mean when you say:

    “…Those of you who won the last fight, this is the next one….”?

    Please tell me that getting him reelected is not the ‘last fight’ you’re referring to.
    Because I hardly call that a win.

  • ezpz

    Oh, sorry, then, if I came across a bit huffy and reactive. I guess I didn’t quite get it.
    Please accept my apology.

  • Exactly my point, ezpz.

  • ezpz

    Why? He’s no better, populist rhetoric notwithstanding. In fact, he may even be worse in some areas like his love of drones and targeted assassinations, not to mention that he escalated the ‘smart’ war in Afghanistan.

    Oh, and he takes credit for ending the war in Iraq. Well, guess what? He actually wanted to keep the troops there longer – longer than the the SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) that Bush signed off on. The reason he [0bama] didn’t keep them there was because the new Iraqi govt refused to give immunity from prosecution to the soldiers – something 0 wanted.

    But it sure did make for a good campaign slogan: As part of his laundry list of ‘accomplishments’ and a guaranteed applause line, he repeated the one about how he ended the war in Iraq quite often.

  • I don’t know why anybody is surprised. Obama has stated his support for the Simpson-Bowles non-report repeatedly ever since it failed to be approved by the Cat Food Committee as a whole (the GOPers refused to budge on the tax increases and the Dems were mighty unhappy with the fact the commission went WAY beyond its original mission, which was not supposed to go anywhere near SS/Medicare).

    That report calls for Medicare eligibility to be raised to 67 (or higher) and for the chained-CPI to be used for SS cost-of-living increases. It also includes increases in Medicare co-pays and premiums for the optional parts.

    If we needed proof, there was the leaked strategy memo from a few weeks ago that listed all kinds of cuts the Obama administration would be seeking in the ‘Grand Bargain’ (which I prefer to call the ‘Royal Shafting’) negotiations.

    Everybody’s been talking about how this past election will substantially change the direction of gov’t because it was a repudiation of GOP wingnut-ism. Actually no — because what it didn’t repudiate was Dem safety-net slashing, bankster coddling, and bi-partisan reach-arounds so the GOP can get 95% of what it wants anyway.

  • ezpz


  • I believe they should keep the payroll tax and lift the limit, but obviously Demos oppose that because they, like Repubs, consider it a tax hike.

  • Rachel is a major tool—no surprise there.

  • Golly G-willyakers Gosh almighty Pollyanna.

  • same here

  • Thank you!

  • I expect Obummer to behave just as he did in his last four years—-betray the base to fortify Wall Street and Banks. I did not vote for him, much to the degeneration of Obot enthusiasts can can barely restrain I “told you so.”

  • Wouldn’t it be nice if our president had the balls to talk to teabaggers and neocons like this?

  • A reader in Colorado

    I’m waiting for the Democratic pre-compromise proposal trial balloon about what they will give Republicans.

  • jomicur

    We’ve been giving the guy chances for four years now. When does that pay off for us? Or to put it in more vulgar terms, how many times can a guy promise he won’t cum in your mouth then do it anyway before you catch on?

  • ezpz

    What an excellent and well informed comment! Thank you!

    And thank you too for your clarity and for having the courage of your convictions.

    Yes, our so called election process needs to be overhauled and reformed to become more inclusive than the two one party system that we now have.

    Also, the obscene amount of money spent on ‘buying’ the election needs to stop.

    It’s just not working except for the one percent.

    That’s why, for me, there was no ‘lesser evil’ any more than one can be a little pregnant. Evil is evil. My conscience did not allow me to vote for either of the evils, and voting for 0bama would have made me complicit in his executive overreach and his self claim of the right to be judge, jury, and executioner. Literally. The right to murder anyone at any time for any reason, anywhere in the world. The right to kill innocent people halfway across the world with his drones because those brown people might be the bad guys. That’s just two of many reasons that my conscience would not allow it. Like you, I also like to be able to sleep at night. Unfortunately, now that he was reelected, there are more reasons to keep me up at night.

  • Ford Prefect

    Yep. If the Rachel Maddow show can celebrate Barack Obama’s enthusiastic support for the slaughter in Gaza, I’m sure they’ll be praising BO’s efforts at gutting the standard of living as “a tough-minded rebuke to GOP spin that Obama is a socialist. Take that, you GOP spin meisters!”


  • cambridgemac

    If we all work really hard to push Congress and have a lot of luck, there will be no cuts to the social safety net and no tax gift to the 1 per cent. We need to strengthen and expand Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable income – and make Medicare available to all. These measures will increase demand boost the economy, reduce the deficit, and reduce waste. At that point, Obama will have a bitter pill to swallow – that million dollar a year Wall Street job he is counting on may not be available to him any longer. Gee.

    As for the rest of us, we already have swallowed the bitter pill that corporate America stole all the pensions in the 80s and 90s and then, once they blew up the financial system in 2006, were rewarded with a 3 trillion dollar bailout. So, no more bitter pills for us. It’s your turn, Obama.

  • Butch1

    I, like you voted third party at least I could sleep at night making the wise choice for me. I couldn’t vote for the “lesser of two evils” anymore. The people weren’t ready to break away from this very flawed two-party system that has bought the election system and made it so the other parties couldn’t even get on the same stage with them for a fair debate. Obviously, the people didn’t get to hear them and all the Pre-selected questions were given to the only two candidates on the stage. ( how boring ) Even the Town Hall format was a set up. Their questions were pre-selected and Candy Crowley picked which ones were going to be the “safe” questions and they were given to the candidates before the debate so they would not be surprised with a question and not have an answer. This did not happen when the League of Women’s Voters handled the debates. That was when we saw the last third party candidate on the stage by the way. No one had the questions in advance and they were all on the stump. The democrats and republicans didn’t like to be surprised like that and complained. It’s a long story but eventually the League finally had enough of the Dems and Repubs and quit.

    The dems and repubs have been running the show ever since and that is why you will never see a third party candidate on the same stage with them. Jill Stein of the Green Party was on the ballot in over forty states and should have been qualified to enter those debates but was kept out of them and was even arrested when she tried to enter one of them with a ticket to get in!! We really need to break this hold on our election process and get it back to more than just this “two-party” system. It isn’t supposed to be that way and all the younger stenographers who think they are journalists think it is only a “two-party” system.

  • Naja pallida

    I’m afraid these are not going to be “bitter pills”, but instead are going to be giant suppositories. You get what you vote for. Always remember, to solve most of our fiscal problems, all the Democratic party has to do is nothing. We may be visiting the Grand Canyon, but the only way we go over is if someone decides to hack away at the social safety net, and/or allow the military budget to continue to bloat, and/or allow the rich to continue to get away without paying for their part in a functioning society. These bitter suppositories are the cliff. And Obama all but told us well before the election that we’re going to have to insert them anyway.

  • lynchie

    It is all about employers not wanting to pay the payroll tax and Wall street wanting a shot at losing any SS money we have. The last big next egg untouched by those bastards.

  • ezpz

    I’m afraid it’s already too late.

    When we first heard of the Grand Bargain that Obama was itching for a couple of years ago, THAT was the time to put the pressure on, and I do mean pressure, like getting the message across loud and clear that if he even THOUGHT about pursuing that course of action, there would be hell to pay. We would either not show up on election day or we would support a third party candidate. (I did the latter.)

    Alas, there were (still are) too many bots who, like abused lovers, thought that some smooth, sweet talking populist rhetoric would make everything okay. And if the bots could just make sure he got elected, which they did, then surely they could put the pressure on him, and certainly he would not call them retards or dirty fucking hippies THIS time, but instead he would hear and heed them.

    To all those who believe/d that, can I interest you in some snake oil? I have a lot left over from 2008 when I was one of those starry eyed supporters.

    And I know that not all who voted for him are bots; many are the lesser evil nose holding types. It really doesn’t matter why. A vote is a vote. And he got reelected. Period.

  • Butch1

    I’m afraid he started drinking the kool-aid again and lost his sense of reasoning. Once Obama starts slashing away at Social Security, Medicare / Medicaid and wait for it, Veteran’s Benefits, along with that liar, Pelosi, you may see him awake from his love fest and get with it again becoming an advocate for liberals getting on Obama’s case. By then it will be too late, of course.

  • Butch1

    Of course, it will have to do with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. He has lied to us before and you can count on him stabbing us in the back again.

  • gratuitous

    No, no, NO! You’ve got it allll wrong, GP! Don’t start getting all discouraged and stuff. Nothing’s happened, yet. You’re just being a Debbie Downer. Sure, you can take a sober look at the last 3½ years and draw some conclusions, if you’re into that whole the-past-is-prologue thing. But gee whiz, give the guy another chance, cancha?
    Of course, once it’s happened and the Grand Bargain has again dicked over the people who put Obama and the Democrats in the driver’s seat, then it will be too late, and that’s what he campaigned on, and you can’t seriously complain now, and why didn’t you say something earlier (Oh, you did? Well, then it was too early, and now you’ve missed the Goldilocks Moment when it would have been ju-u-u-ust right), and oh, I suppose you’d rather have President Romney, and you know what, you’re just a dirty fucking hippie living in your ivory tower off in la-la land, put down the bong.
    Coming soon to a “progressive” website near you.

  • Cindy Savage

    “Bitter pill”? You better believe it. The “pill” was prepared in 2010 when millions of liberals failed to vote and allowed the Tea Party to set the conversation. We are still speaking in their terms. While the liberals point to their election of Obama as “rejection” of rightwing ideology, the GOP strategists know they just have to wait to midterms when they can count on another wave of liberal apathy. They already know that the statehouses are stacked with rightwingers who have already diluted the liberal vote. Grover Norquist is right, the president just signs the bills that originate in the House. LBJ knew how to twist arms and bully votes-Obama? Meh…What is “the fiscal cliff”? Nothing but a huge opportunity for privatization. I guess we are going to have to experience the Chilean experience with privatized retirement accounts-our press never bothered to report on it. As for Medicare, Medicare has to be completely overhauled if it’s going to survive-something that won’t happen as long as 1 party thinks it needs to be abolished and 1 party thinks “all is well” just as long as we throw more money at the program. The same is true for SS…..do I think it needs to be privatized? No…do I think we need to do means testing? You bet. The ironic thing is, for the people who think all SS needs is more money thrown at it….people like me, who contribute the maximum amount to the SSA every year, I will also draw the maximum amount paid out every year once I retire and, because actuarial tables show people like me live the longest, I will draw far more out of the system than I ever paid into it and far more than most poor people draw out of the system. But I shouldn’t be “means tested”….Really? You raise my cap and you just raise my payout….

  • PDQ

    @ “As he has in the past, Obama warned that he was prepared to swallow some bitter pills during the negotiations,”

    So just as he did with “negotiations” in his first term, he’s going to bring a squirt gun to a shoot out. Color me “Surprised”

  • ezpz

    Well, by voting for 0bama, as the saying goes ‘you asked for it, you got it.’
    Michael Moore has lost all credibility by supporting 0bama. I happily unsubscribed from his mailing list.
    Now, after the fact, you’re all gonna complain?

    Sorry, too little too late…

  • ezpz

    “…Obama warned that he was prepared to swallow some bitter pills …”


    What “bitter pills” is *he* prepared to swallow, pray tell?

    Will *he* and the rest of the corrupt ‘elected’ officials put their pensions on the table?

    Will they put their life long health care for themselves and their families on the table? The best health care taxpayer money can buy. It doesn’t cost THEM a thing.

    Will a pay cut for THEM be on the table?

    What about less vacation days and more actual working days? Y’know, doing the peoples’ work — the same people who put them there, the same people who pay for all their goodies.

    If he wants to talk about swallowing some bitter pills, let him and them lead by example and start swallowing THEIR OWN benefits, which are paid for by us.

    Until then, spare me the sacrifices that you are NOT making.

  • KathyP

    Another problem with Obama’s “bitter pills” like Obamacare requiring citizens to purchase insufficient insurance from predatory health insurance corporations is that citizens have to keep swallowing them. In the 2010 midterm elections, voters’s disgust with Obamacare caused them to either stay at home or vote in droves for Republicans in our state government. Michigan ended up with a fully Republican government. The subsequent “bitter pills” have been endless, from cuts to education, increases in taxes for seniors, cuts in vital programs for the poor, etc. all for tax cuts for corporations. Only ALEC could make this stuff up, and now it’s the bitter reality for Michigan citizens. We gained a few Democrats in 2012, but not enough to overcome the Republican domination.

    If Obama delivers more “bitter pills” in the form of cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., there will be hell to pay in the 2014 midterms. I, for one, have not rejoiced in Obama’s reelection, nor am I celebrating the apparent ascendancy of the Democratic Party. Obama has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory before, and I predict that he’ll do it again.

    Thanks so much for your actions suggestions. I have been acting on each and every one of them.

  • If we actually focused on the loopholes that cause so many American corporations to pay no taxes, imagine how little of the social net we would have to tamper with, if any of it?

    Citizens for Tax Justice revealed that there are 26 major corporations, including GE, Verizon and Boeing that still contribute nothing to our economy. Where is the outrage over that? Obviously many other corporations pay nothing either, but these were the most egregious examples.

    Plus, we never consider cuts to the military at all, let alone cutting waste there.

    I realize the fact that corporations ultimately control both the media and the political establishment, which is why we never really hear about this, but at least we are more likely to try and effect change with the current White House resident, than if we had put Romney in office.

    I am hopeful that with the addition of both Senators Warren and Baldwin, as well as the infusion of energy progressives have brought to the table after Election 2012, things will start to change. At least, incrementally.

    Until then, posts like this one are important. We just have to get people to read them.


  • nicho

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I swallowed a bitter pill when I voted for Obama. Michael Moore has excellent advice:

    1. DRIVE THE RICH RIGHT OFF THEIR FISCAL CLIFF. The “fiscal cliff” is a ruse, an invention by the Right and the rich, to try and keep their huge tax breaks. On December 31, let ALL the tax cuts expire. Then, on January 1, put forth a bill that restores the tax cuts for 98% of the public. I dare the Republicans to vote against that! They can’t and they won’t. As for the spending cuts, the 2011 agreement states that, for every domestic program dollar the Republicans want to cut, a Pentagon dollar must also be cut. See, you are a genius! No way will the Right vote against the masters of war. And if by some chance they do, you can immediately put forth legislation to restore all the programs we, the majority, approve of. And for God’s sake, man – declare Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid untouchable. They’re not bankrupt or anywhere near it. If the rich paid the same percentage of Social Security tax on their entire income – the same exact rate everyone else pays – then there will suddenly be enough money in Social Security to last til at least the year 2080!

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