UK bus-driver abandons bus because of pro-gay ad on side

If they aren’t the biggest drama queens around, these anti-gays.

In the UK, a bus driver refused to get on his bus, and left passengers stranded, because an advertisement on the side of it read: “Some people are gay. Get over it!”

Some People Are Gay - Get Over It  bus campaign

Pro-gay bus campaign in the UK. Photo by Michael Coghlan.

The bus driver was a “Christian” who is terribly oppressed having to serve a public of different beliefs and values.

Earlier this year, an anti-gay Christian group tried to run a series of anti-gay ads claiming falsely that homosexuality can be cured.  It can’t.  And suggesting it can, when it can’t, only threatens to put more young kids’ lives at risk whether by their own hand, or by anti-gay bullies who take the Bible’s message of putting gays to death to heart.

Well, the Mayor of London put his foot down and banned the ads.  He said that London is “intolerant of intolerance.”  That’s the quote I always use when the haters try to say that we’re being intolerant of their hatred.

The problem with the anti-gay ads is that they’re a lie.  The head of the largest “ex-gay” group recently admitted that you can’t “cure” gay people.

LISA LING: The truth of the matter is that he, and people who are part of the Exodus movement – we spent a lot of time with them, got exclusive access into the Exodus movement – they say that you can’t completely turn it off, you can’t change your sexual orientation. But you can try to live a life according to what the Bible says, with help.

BARBARA WALTERS: You talked to a great many people, as you say all around the country.
Do you think it is possible to change your sexuality, is that what you’ve come to as a conclusion.

LISA LING: Even the head of Exodus says he doesn’t believe you can change your sexual orientation. He says that he constantly has to fight his attraction for men.

So yes, we’re intolerant of your lies, dear hateful right-wing Christian brethren.

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4 Responses to “UK bus-driver abandons bus because of pro-gay ad on side”

  1. Cool_Arrow says:

    If the Muslim bus driver gets off the bus in the middle of the route, The passengers better do the same . . . and fast!

  2. Adam Moreira says:

    That’s like a Muslim bus driver abandoning a bus with a pro-Israel ad on it – I hope that he also left his ID on the driver’s seat.

  3. Indigo says:

    That’s fine, he has a right not to have a job.

  4. Blogvader says:

    It’s a shame this person didn’t get run over in traffic after abandoning the bus. The world would be better for it.

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